Cherry Dew Drops

Cherry Cola Pop Fizz Cards

Hello Ladies,
Karen here and this is a bit of a change from my regular style. (It’s a bit messy!)  My first idea was to create bubbles of fizzing cola. Using two different sizes of Dew Drops in three colors really added lovely dimension and a sense of movement. Then I realized how to create a cute bunch of cherries with Dew Drops and knew this was the perfect opportunity to create cherry cola. (if you happen to have a sentiment stamp that says, “Life is a bowl of cherries” I think Dew Drops would create perfect cherries to embellish it.)

Forest Brown Mini Dew Drops

Winter Retreat Dew Drops

River Bed Tear Drops


1.  Spray brown mist onto watercolor paper. Unscrew the top of the bottle and use the nozzle to flick or drip a variety of larger specks.

2.  Stamp a sentiment and heat emboss with black embossing powder.

3. Use brown ink to stamp concentric rings. Next, apply a strip with the embossed sentiment to the right side of the card.


4.  Use red ink to stamp cans of soda. Carefully, cut the cans out and add subtle shading details with colored pencils.

TIP -To create added dimension:
Apply grey shading along the outside edges of the sides of the can.
To accentuate the cylinder shape, the shading should be darkest on the edges and gradually get lighter. The can should remain whitest in the middle.
(Left can- no shading, middle can- top & bottom shaded, right can- edges shaded)

5. Attach the can of tipped soda to the bottom of the card with foam tape and add a grey shadow under the can.

6. Use various shades of brown Dew Drops to create the fizzy soda bubbles.

More Inspiration..

Alternatively, create a cluster of cherries by drawing a stem with a black marker.
Then adhere a red Dew Drop to create the fruit and green Tear Drops to create the leaves.

watercolor paper
colored pencils
ink pads (red, brown, black)
cola & sentiment rubber stamp
black embossing powder
heat gun
brown spray mist
black marker
liquid adhesive
card base

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