Bunny Frame

Hello! I am on the blog today with Robin’s Nest Dew Drops. I hope you like this fun project.

I started out with the wood frame, leftovers from Valentine’s Day, then dug through my stash of Gecko Galz images to find just the right image of bunnies. I love this image and it works great with the frame.

I then painted the frame in light green that was mixed from a darker green and white. I let this dry then made a glaze with the darker green and water brushing it over the light green and wiping it back with a paper towel.

While this was drying, I used the plastic from the frame front and cut out my bunny image to fit the heart-opening. Then using some washi tape that was the perfect color of green, added two stripes along the bottom of the frame.

Then, using the green/yellow mix of Dew Drops called Spring Blooms, I worked out a pattern and glued them to the top and bottom of the heart.

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A Party Dress

Hello, welcome to another blog post. Today I am sharing a cute journal page with your favorite party dress! It is so elegant and yet so simple to make and can you believe the dress is made from doilies?
I really enjoyed this project and I am sure you will too! Follow the steps below to see how I made it.
Dew Drops used:


Other supplies needed:
  • 2 – 6″ doilies
  • 5 1/2 ” x 8″ piece of scrapbook paper
  • 2″ ribbon
  • 3″ rick rack
  • 9″ craft or jewelry wire
  • pliers and wire cutter
  • gesso
  • acrylic paints
  • washi tape
  • embellishment glue
  • glue gun and stick
  • black pigment ink
  • rubber stamp


Fold doilies in half and then in half again.


Take one of the doilies and fold in half again.
Secure the edges on both doilies with hot glue.
Trim the top doily as indicated.
Glue the top piece to the bottom piece.
Add a piece ribbon where they join.
Glue on rick rack for straps.


Form hanger with the craft wire.
Secure the scrapbook paper in your journal (optional) and apply a thin coat of gesso. Add some texture with a rubber stamp and waterproof ink.
When dry, add your favorite acrylic paint and allow to dry. Splatter with silver paint and allow it to dry. Shade the edges with black ink
Now its time to put it all together!
Use glue to stick the dress and hanger in place.
Add a piece of washi tape to the base of the page. and decorate waistband with white Dew Drops. Decorate the page with Dew Drops.
You’re finished!
Thanks for stopping by! You can share your creations with us on our Facebook page. We would love to see them! For more inspiration have a look around the blog. There are a variety of tutorials for many levels using Dew Drops. You can also visit my blog at www.papermachepatch.com.
You can find Dew Drops online at The Robin’s Nest.


Happy Crafting!

Create a glittering Shamrock Card with Dew Drops

Hello all,

I made this card with a Silhouette Cameo that I picked up second hand.  I had been wanting to check out an electronic cutter and thought this would be a good way to give it a try.  So far, I am really happy with my purchase. This “luck” cut out was perfect for this fun Shamrock card.

The Robin’s Nest


Other Supplies:
  • Tsukienko Memento Ink – Tuxedo Black
  • Imagine Craft Sheer Shimmer Craft Spray – Sparkle
  • Green and Black Card-stock
  • String


Here is the Silhouette Cameo that I purchased 2nd hand.  I downloaded the software and purchased a die image.  I then placed card stock onto a matte and loaded it into the machine.  Lastly, I sent the image to the Cameo to print.  So fun!


1) Add shading around “Luck” cut out with black ink.


2) Adhere piece of glitter card-stock to square black card base and then adhere Luck cut out.


3) Adhere dew drops over Clover portion of Luck cut out.


4) Use black pen to scratch edge around Luck cut out.


5) Tie string across top of card.


Well, here’s to trying something new.  Hope you enjoyed this project.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How to Make a Quick Shamrock Card

Hi Gals, it’s Karen here today. If you need the luck of the Irish, then follow along and I will show you how to make the cutest little shamrocks. I made a card with them but once you see how simple it is, then you can embellish anything for St. Patrick’s Day. All you need are green Tear Drops!



1.  Cut a piece of pattern paper 1.5×5″

2.  Create 3 shamrocks with green tear drops.  To form a shamrock, first draw the stem with a green marker.  Then adhere 3 green tear drops to form the leaves.  Attach 3 shamrocks in a row on the patterned paper and set aside to dry.

3. Use a dotty embossing folder to add texture to the lower half of a green card base. Adhere the paper with shamrocks to the top section of the card.

4.  Use liquid glue to adhere round green Dew Drops to the center of small flowers.

5.  Attach a row of flowers along the top and lower edge of the rectangle.

Other Supplies:

  • dotty embossing folder
  • small flowers
  • green marker
  • patterned paper
  • green card base
  • liquid adhesive
Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!
If you would like to see more of Karen’s fun projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.

HOW TO Make a Fall Tree Art Journal Canvas Cover (Part 1)

Have you seen the Dew Drop Canvases?  They are wonderful.  This post is part one of a two part posting on making an art journal using one of the canvases and dew drops.

The ingredients for this portion of the project are:

Creative Dew Drop Canvas
Diamond Dew Drops Sunset Diamond Dew Drops
Mini Dew Drops  Light Vanilla and Neon Yellow
Arteza Metallic Fabric Paint – light gold, pearl orange and pearl rose
E6000 1oz glue


This is so easy and fun to make!

1.  Cover your work surface for painting and paint the canvas with metallic fabric paint.  I painted one at a time and let each dry thoroughly before applying the next layer.

2.  Let your canvas dry overnight.  Check the instructions on your paints for any steps needed to ensure the paint is color fast.

3.  Apply dew drops as desired with the fine tip applicator with E6000 glue.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

Pick a canvas you like and a size that you like.  In two weeks on  March 21, 2020 we will be posting how to make an art journal using our prepared canvas.

Enjoy and be well!

~ Victoria

Rock with Artsy Rock Dew Drop Canvas

Hey guys!
I Nur Meharuma Chowdhury from Craft Fable is back with my another new fable .Today I am going to narrate a fable of Robin’s nest’s new product Artsy Dew Rock . Let’s rock with this new dew drop canvas.

First of all, again I want to inform you that “Creative Dew Drop Canvas” includes pre-printed canvas, Dew Drops, and a color picture of what how you could create your masterpiece.  Mount to a frame or glue to a hard surface.  A great mixed media treasure.  Available in small (5” x 7”), medium (12” x 12”), large (18” x 24”), and extra-large (24” x 36”).

Let’s start. Keep eye on the following procedures:

1. first of all , I put some texture paste on the canvas using Brick stencil which gives the canvas a brick texture.


2. Then I have distressed ink on canvas. I have used green,blue and coffee ink.




3. Now I will spray golden spray ink to the canvas using brick stencil to make a fabulous background for the canvas.


4. Let’s outline the lines with a black marker pen.


5. It’s time for dew drops! Let’s decorate the canvas with dew drops.




Here are some close ups of the total canvas:




Used Materials:

10. golden spray
11. inkpad (shade of blue, green, coffee brown)
That’s of all! Hope you all have enjoyed.
Be crafty.Be healthy. Be happy.

Whiteboard table for notes with Dew Drops by Angie Scrapchild

Hola saleros@s!!

Hello “saleros@s”!!

Podemos reutilizar nuestras tablas de palet, cortando un trozo y creando un bonito home decor que nos sirva de macetero, llavero y pizarra para anotar cosas.
We can reuse our pallet boards, cutting a piece and creating a nice home décor that serves as a pot, keychain and slate to write things down.

Materiales que vamos a utilizar :

Materials that we are going to use:
tabla, pintura pizarra, dew drops, pistola silicona, pomo de puerta, adornos.
table, slate painting, dew drops, silicone gun, door knob, ornaments.

En la nueva tienda on line de Dew drop love encontraremos:

The Robin´s Nest on line store will find:
River Bed Tear Drops
Forrest Fun Tear Drops
Dark Vanilla Dew Drops

Espero que os guste!!. 


I hope you like it!

Vamos con el paso a paso!

Come on with step by step!









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How to Make Card Box

Hello Crafty Friends 🙂
Monika here.
Recently, I showed you a wedding anniversary card.
Today I will show you a box that I created for the set.
A few photos for details.
The order of work in the card:
1)  Glue the background to the base box.
2) I added two layers of rectangular paper on the distance cubes.
3) I added a flower and leaves.
4) Complete the whole with dew drops.
5) At the end I glued the sides of the box.
Box is ready 🙂
Robin’s Nest Products I used
Hope you guys will find this inspiring and try this out yourself!
And don’t forget to keep craftivating your dreams!
Hugs Monika

How to make a Fun Cookbook Layout

Happy Monday!  Shelly with you today sharing the newest addition to my “Family Favorites” cookbook scrapbook.

I love using paper piecings (hand made or pre-made) on my layouts and Dew Drops give that extra texture, dimension and sparkle.

*Note:  At the end of this post I announce the winner of my Dew Drop RAK from my last post!!

Supply List:

8 x 8 White Textured Cardstock (Base)
Diamond Dew Drops
Original Dew Drops
Stand Mixer Paper Piecing from Paper Wizard
“What’s Cookin” Paper Collection – Photo Play


Machine Stitching

Make it!

  • Ink the edges of your paper piecing (use same color for subtle dimension, or black/brown for a more defined look)
  • Assemble piecing
  • Embellish with your Dew Drops and Diamond Dew Drops – – I like using odd number of Dew Drops in my groups with an odd number of groupings – ie I have used 3 clusters of 3 Dew Drops on this piece
  • Recipe is printed on plain white cardstock using Albertsthal Tyewriter Font in 10pt ( recipe size is 4.75 x 4)

Dew Drops & Diamond Drops make this recipe layout EVERYTHING!  Show me YOUR recipe

And finally…. Congrats to ScrapEnabler (Debbie L) for winning my Dew Drop RAK!!