Dog canvas with dew drops by Angie Scrapchild

Hola saleros@s!!

Hello “saleros@s”!!

Qué cantidad de cosas podemos decorar con los canvas y dewdrops que tenemos en The Robin´s Nest y en
How many things we can decorate with the canvas and dewdrops that we have in The Robin’s Nest and in

Materiales que vamos a utilizar :
Materials that we are going to use:
lienzo, dewdrops, tear drops, pistola de silicona, gell plate, pinturas acrílicas, sellos, stencil.

canvas, dewdrops, tear drops, silicone gun, gell plate, acrylic paints, seals, stencil.

En la nueva tienda on line de Dew drop love encontraremos:
The Robin´s Nest on line store will find:
Espero que os guste!!. 
I hope you like it!
Vamos con el paso a paso!
Come on with step by step!

Preparamos la base del canvas con la gell plate o como queramos usando pinturas, sellos y stencils.
Repasamos con rotulador negro la silueta del perrito.
We prepare the base of the canvas with the gell plate or however we want using paints, stamps and stencils.
We review the silhouette of the puppy with a black marker.

Preparamos nuestros sellos dándoles color y creando una frase motivadora.
We prepare our stamps by giving them color and creating a motivating phrase.

Comenzamos a colocar nuestros dew drops.
We started placing our dew drops.

Colocamos los sellos en 3d y salpicamos con pintura blanca por todo el canvas.
Place the seals in 3d and splash with white paint all over the canvas.

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I love to see your interpretations!!. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.
Además en el Blog Chattering Robins encontraréis cantidad de inspiraciones para vuestros proyectos!.
In addition to the Blog Chattering Robins you will find a number of inspirations for your projects!.
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