How to Make Cute Bugs with Dew Drops

Hi Gals, Karen with you today to share how I made cute little bugs with Dew Drops. These little bugs can make any cute spring project even cuter. A few lines or dots can transform a plain tear drop into a bee or a ladybug. Grab your black permanent marker and get ready to add some simple details. Check out my garden for some other creepy critters too.  Let’s get buzzy!

Red Tear Drops

Yellow Tear Drops

Black Dew Drops

Raindrops Tear Drops

Olive Mini Dew Drops


1. Use black ink to stamp a row of flowers along the lower edge of white card stock. Color the flowers as desired.

2. Trim and adhere to green glitter card stock leaving a narrow border and then attach to a card base.

3. Adhere an appropriate sentiment to the upper right corner.



4. Create a bee: Use a permanent black marker to add stripes to a yellow tear drop. Add 2 clear tear drops to create wings and 1 black round dew drop to create the head. Adhere them with clear drying liquid adhesive.  (TIP: Rotate the bee’s body to make bees facing both left & right)


5. Create a ladybug: Use a permanent black marker to add spots to 2 red tear drops. Attach them and add a single black dew drop for the head.

6. Adhere a row of small green dew drops to create a crawling caterpillar. To create a spider, adhere 2 black dew drops to create the spider’s body.  Finally, use a thin tip black marker to draw antenna, eyes, or feet as needed on the background paper.

Other Supplies:
daisy stamp / black ink pad
markers / colored pencils / watercolor paint / paint brush
thin tip permanent black marker
green glitter card stock & card base (6×6″)
liquid adhesive

Don’t forget to share your RN creations with us too!
Come back soon!


If you would like to see more of Karen’s unique projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.
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