Make a Dew Drop embellished Pendant, encased in resin.

Hello all,


Take collage to a miniature level by encasing collage materials and dew drops in UV Clear Resin.  This technique creates a great effect of depth and texture to the finished piece.  Check out the step by step instructions shown below.


The Robins Nest Supplies:

Goldenberry Dew Drops

Kelly Green Dew Drops

Pool Dew Drops

Other Materials:

  • UV Clear Resin
  • UV Light
  • Paper scraps
  • Paper/fabric flowers
  • Lazer gem stars
  • Bead Landing Found Object.


1) Use scrap piece of mixed media paper for the background of the pendant.  Cut in a circle and adhere.

2) Lay down a few remnantx book print pieces over background and cover with another layer of resin.


3) Set the resin under a UV light per manufacturer’s instructions.

4) For the next layer add paper/fabric flowers and dew drops.

5) Cover with another layer of resin, adding a start prior to the resin being set.


6) Place under the UV light again (follow manufacturer’s instructions)


7) Now is it ready for a chain.


I really liked working with quick setting UV Resin for this project (rather then the standard air dry).  It made working with layer much easier.  I hope you enjoyed seeing another way to use dew drops, they are very fun and versatile.

Happy day!



A Company(s) that I am affiliated with or Design for may have provided me with product to create this project.  The opinions I share are solely my own.

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