Art Journal Bubbles with Dew Drops

For a complete video tutorial on this project, visit my You Tube Channel.

Tissue with type
Image of sunken ship
Acrylic Paint:  Antique White, Hydrangea Pink, Brown Sugar and Pumpkin
Ranger:  Distress Collage Media Matte, Distress Oxide in speckled egg, Distress Ink in chipped sapphire and faded Jeans
Mediterranean Sea Salt
White Acrylic paint mister
Faber Castell Gelato in White
Stencils for mini dots
Liquid adhesive
Paint brushes
Credit card
Sentiment printed on card stock
1.  Select an art journal page of the size you like and cover with distress collage medium in matte.
2.  Add torn tissue to the background.  I used tissue with words (barely visible now).
3.  Paint tissue with antique white acrylic paint to push the type into the background.
4.  Add colors to the background – in this case to simulate an ocean I used faded jeans distress ink, chipped sapphire distress ink, and the more opaque egg shell distress oxide.  I worked adding up multiple layers and finally gave it a spritz of additional water to reactivate all the colors and sprinkled with Mediterranean Sea Salt to give a mottled look.
Tip:  Let the salt dry thoroughly prior to brushing off and it will absorb the most paint!
5. Add the white mini dots through a stencil with a white Gelato.
6.  I mixed a sand color using brown sugar and antique white paint
7.  Apply to the lower edge of the journal to simulate sand.
8.  Apply the focal image using liquid adhesive and let dry.
9.  Mix pumpkin and hydrangea pink paint to create coral.  I applied both
with a paint brush and with the edge of a credit card.
10.  Mist with the acrylic white mister for an opaque film.
11.  Dry thoroughly and add your printed sentiment with liquid adhesive.
12.  Adhere the water drop, dew drops to simulate bubbles from an unknown place.
13.  Sign and date and your art journal is done.
Have a great time with this project!  It is really fun to create your vision of the ocean and adding the mystery bubbles!
~ Victoria
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