How to Make Cute Mini Strawberry & Bee Embellishments

It’s Karen here…to show you how I transformed Tear Drops into cute strawberries & bees.  All you need is a fine tip permanent marker and Tear Drops.  I used them to embellish a double page scrapbook layout and I can’t wait to see how they could be used on cards.  Please share your creations with us on The Crafty Nest Facebook Page.

             Red Tear Drops                             Black Dew Drops


                                        Yellow Tear Drops                    Yellow Dew Drops                                           

1. Matte 6 photos with black card stock leaving a narrow border.  Matte the focal photo with a white scalloped edge border. Add a scalloped edge frame to a 4×4″ photo.
2. Position the photos in an overlapping row with gentle angles. Add a large embellishment cluster in the left corner.

(TIP: Before I adhere anything to the background paper, I stage the layout without adhesive.  When a large section of the background paper is going to be covered by photos, I remove the pattern paper that will be behind them.  This allows you to make good use of your supplies.  I rescued two large sections of paper to be used for other projects by carefully marking with a pencil the outline of the section that could be cut away with a craft knife.  I wound up making some flags from the excess paper which were used as embellishments.  This would not have been possible if I had adhered everything to pattern paper when I first began to plan the layout.)

(after – attached the pattern paper to white cardstock for added stability)

(4×10″ paper section for another project)

3. Use a permanent black marker to draw seeds onto red tear drops.

4. Use green card stock and a paper punch to cut some small flowers. Fold small daisy flowers in half to create a leafy cluster. Adhere to the top of each strawberry.
5. Adhere Yellow Round Dew Drops to the centers of small white paper flowers. Adhere, small clusters with strawberries, leaves, and white flowers.

6. Create bees: Use a permanent black marker to add stripes to yellow Tear Drops to create bee bodies. Add 2 clear Tear Drops to form the wings. Add a round black Dew Drop for the bee’s head.

7. Adhere the bees to the layout. Odd numbers of embellishments are more pleasing to the eye. (example: 1, 3, 5)

A Closer Look:


Other Supplies:
7 photos (4×6″)
patterned paper
thin permanent black marker
small white paper flowers
green & black card stock
leafy branch paper punch / mini daisy paper punch
liquid adhesive
scalloped edge frames

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If you would like to see more of Karen’s unique projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.
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