Let’s Do Some Candy

Srabonti Sandha here from Tale of Quilling. Today I have created a project with the Artsy Dewdrop Ornament canvas but was thinking upside down! Don’t know how I saw a candy there but my eyes got sparkled! 😍 So I decided to add some candy colors just for sharing that same feelings with you!

Let’s go for the detailed process:

1. First you have to Take the Artsy Ornament canvas and rotate it upside down. Can you see the black and white candy-like thingy there?


2. Pick some colors from the acrylic color box if you want your candy colorful.

3. With the help of a paint brush, color the canvas circle wise just like the picture. I have chosen the pink one for my candy.
 4. You know, I love Quilling and I’m definitely going to put some easy Quilling here. They are my Mini quilling candy.
5. Have you noticed your color just overlapped the design? Just hang in there, relax! Do you have a Gel pen in your pencil bag? I bet you have! So, Let’s get it done!
5. Now it’s time to paint around the quilling coils so that these may look like mini candies.
6. And finally add some dew drops for the sparkles. I know you don’t wanna miss that! 😉
See? It’s a piece of cake! I believe you are satisfied with the final outcome just like I did!
You’ll find all the dew drops  here which I have used for this project.

Some closeups here:

I hope you like this project. Thanks for stopping by. If you like my work, you can find me on-
facebook: Tale of Quilling
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