Artsy Tropical

Hello crafty fellows!

This is Meharuma again from Craft fable . Today I have come up with a new dewdrop idea using Artsy tropical dewdrop canvas from Robin’s nest .

Materials I used:
Artsy tropical dewdrop canvas ,
oil pastel,
acrylic colors



lavendar orchid diamond dewdrops ,
Jade diamond dewdrops,
lemonade dewdrops,
limoncello mini dewdrops ,
sun yellow dewdrops,
amber diamond dewdrops .

Let’s go for the procedure.

Let’s color the outlines using oil pastels


Use blue acrylic for the background


Let’s use lavendar-orchid-diamond-dew-drops


Use Jade diamond dewdrops & lemonade dewdrops for leaves


Give sun effect using limoncello mini dewdrops , sun yellow dewdrops & amber diamond dewdrops


Let’s go for some close shots….

Do you like it?

Please try it with your dewdrops and dewdrop canvas. I am sure you will have fun!

That’s all for today.


Quilling Bunny Card with Dew Drops

Hello Robins!

Srabonti Sandha here from Tale of Quilling. Today I have created a small Quilling card using dew drops from Robins nest. I was highly inspired by the essence of forest and its creatures. Here is my little bunny into the woods, giving you a warm invitation to explore the wilderness! Let’s explore!

Quick Video of my work process:

Some Photographs:






I hope you like this card. Thanks for stopping by. If you like my work, you can find me on-
facebook: Tale of Quilling

Whimsical Fall Canvas

Hello Crafty People!

I’m so sad that summer is coming to a close, but the colors of fall in Maine are astounding. I was able to enjoy the foliage a bit recently while driving to a meeting a loooong way away from home.

Today’s project is a small canvas reminder of the vibrant colors of the season.

Dew Drops by Robin’s Nest

6×6 Canvas, acrylic paints (multiple shades of orange, blue, green and brown)
Adhesive and gold pigment spritz, sealer

1. Paint the background of the 6×6 canvas with acrylic paints, let dry.
2. Paint the bare trees.
3. Glue due drops into place.
4. Spritz the project with metallic gold spritzer. Let dry.
5. Seal with any spray sealant in the finish of your choice.  I like Satin or glossy.
The gold spritz looks amazing over everything  and brings it all together. I love how it beaded up on top of the dew drops!
Thanks for stopping by the blog today, please jump around and see a few other fabulous projects for inspiration and the versatility of Dew Drops by Robin’s Nest.
Craft on!

How to Make Simple Minnie Mouse Embellishments with Dew Drops

Hello Crafty Ladies,
Make your own unique Disney inspired embellishments with Black Dew Drops. Two small round above a large Dew Drop is a simple way to make the iconic Mickey/Minnie Mouse silhouette that is instantly recognizable. This is an economical way to add Disney charm to your layouts without the expense of buying costly stickers or die cut embellishments.


1.  Adhere a piece of scalloped edge white card stock to a piece of black 12×12″ card stock.

TIP: You may notice that I removed a large bit of paper from the center of the scalloped sheet. It happened to be a double sided paper with a pretty pattern and since that area would be covered up, I could remove it and stretch my supplies further. Next, I carefully marked the area lightly with a pencil which could be removed. Then I used a craft knife to rescue that section of paper for use in a future project.

2. Cut a sheet of polka dot paper 10×10″. Next, create a frame by applying black glitter Washi Tape half overlapping the edge and then fold the remaining half to the back.  Repeat on all four sides or for an alternative, simply matte the polka dot paper with black glitter card stock leaving a narrow edge.

3. Crop the photos and then matte the main focal photo with coordinating card stock. Attach the two photos clustered together near the right lower edge.

4. Carefully trim around, the remaining head-shots. Adhere them to the layout. By tucking them behind other photos, it appears that the subject is peeking out.

TIP:  When you select a photo to fussy cut find an image with the least amount of fine details.
To prevent undue frustration, avoid profiles and those photos with intricate strands of hair.
My subject was wearing a hood which made it an ideal choice since there was no detailed hair
or delicate ears to carefully trim around.

5. Cut 3 circles (1.5″ & 3″) from black card stock and adhere them together to create a simple mouse silhouette. Add the subject’s initial letter to the center of the embellishment. Next, create 3 bows by using a needle and thread to gather a piece of tulle. Cinch it securely to form a small bow and adhere a gem to the center.

6. Attach some black Dew Drops to a sheet of glue dots. Assemble the tiny mouse silhouette using 1 large round and 2 small round Dew Drops. Adhere them to the layout randomly at slight varying angles to create a confetti like appearance.

TIP: To avoid disappointment, practice the placement of the Dew Drops before applying the glue dots. Also, take a photo of the layout so that you can refer to it when gluing the Dew Drops into the mouse head formation.

7. Add 3 additional medium circle embellishments to complete the layout.

A Look at the Details…

Other Supplies:
4 photos (4×6″)
pattern paper / scallop edge paper /card stock (black & white)
black glitter card stock, circle punch, chipboard alphabet
pink tulle, needle & thread
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stop by her blog Art & Soul.

Greeting Card

Hello Crafty Friends ❤


Zerin here.

Today I will show you how to make an easy

Greeting card using dewdrops from The Robin’s Nest 
Have a look✨


Let’s go for the process👇

Took a card, paper cuts & some ephemeras from Eno Greetings Cardkit.

Arrange  the ephemeras according to your choice.

Add some dewdrops on the card for a gorgeous look!

I also added a clay frame.
Lastly, added a hello sentiment to the card.

It’s all done.

Shop link for canvas & dewdrops :

I hope you enjoyed today’s project and thank you so much for visiting our blog!

Dew Drops on Christmas Art Journal Layout

 Hello everyone!

Fairuz Fabiha here from Craftivation! Today I’ll be sharing with you a simple Christmas art journal layout.


1. At first I took my 7*7 ring bound art journal as the base.

2. Added a torn piece of green checkered pattern paper.

3. Added the santa image as the focal point.

4. Added two strips of sentiments.

5. Embellished the layout with some flowers and my favorite green and red Robin’s Nest Dewdrops.

Used Robin’s Nest Dewdrops-


Closeup photos-

I hope you enjoyed today’s project and thank you so much for visiting our blog!

Be Merry! Slimline Card

Hello, my artsy friends, Kelly Parker on the blog today! Hope you are all ready for the holidays, they are right around the corner.  Today, I am on the blog with Robin’s Nest Dew Drops and a slimline card.

I used a rubber stamp of lights on my card stamping it multiple times down the front of the card. I then used two colors of Distress Inks in green to go over the front. I let this dry and sorted out the teardrop dewdrops in assorted colors called Gum Drops to look like Christmas lights, these were applied to the lights on the card with glue. I stamped the Be Merry along the bottom of the card and add white dots with acrylic paint.

One Christmas card down, many more to go! When do you start your Christmas cards?


Thanks for stopping by and have a merry holiday!

Butterfly Dew Drops

Hello and welcome to another tutorial. Today I will show you how to make this fabulous journal page.


The supplies you need are:



Step One: Place stencil over paper securing it with tape.

Step two: spread the gel medium of the stencil and set aside to dry.
Step three: spray with ink sprays and allow to dry.


Step four: add a shodow around the edges using a sponge and black ink.


Step five: add buttefly sticker and Dew Drops.


You are all done!



Thanks for stopping by! You can share your creations with us on our Facebook page. We would love to see them! For more inspiration have a look around the blog. There are a variety of tutorials for many levels using Dew Drops. You can also visit my blog at

You can find Dew Drops online at The Robin’s Nest.

Happy Crafting!








How to create a quick and easy card with minimal supplies

Hello and welcome!  Shelly with you sharing a card that comes together quickly and easily with supplies you already have in your craft stash!


Tips for creating quick and easy cards that WOW!


  • Use a coordinated paper collection that includes die cuts and stickers (I am using Paprika from Photo Play)
  • Use foam tape and dots to add dimension and depth to your card
  • Carry your design to the inside of card
  • ALWAYS add Dew Drops as your finishing touch for drama and sparkle ( I have use Original Dew Drops and Mini Dew Drops on this card)
  • Optional – machine stitching is always a fun detail


Thanks for stopping by the blog today – have a creative week!





Create a Dew Drop Idea for Fall

 Hello all,

Lori here, with a new Dew Drop project for fall.  I found a wood shaped Owl at the Dollar Store and thought it would make for a great Dew Drop Project.  Check out the step by steps below for all the details.

The Robin’s Nest Products:

Black/White/Silver Dew Drops

Fall Foliage Tear Drops

Large Clear Dew Drops

Classified Mini Dew Drops

Other Supplies:

Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paint

Deco Art Clear Matte Varnish

Collage Materials

Wood Shaped Owl

Faber Castell Artist PITT pens


1) Adhere collage materials to wood shaped owl.

2) Trim off excess collage materials.

3) Apply light coat of white gesso.

4) Add color to collage with Acrylic Paint.

5) Paint eye area with black acrylic paint.

6) Adhere Black (Black/White/Silver) Dew Drops and Black (Classified) Mini-Dew Drops to eye space.

7) Adhere Orange (Fall Foliage) Tear Drops to nose area.

8) Adhere Large Clear Dew Drops to eye area.

9) Add Brown (Fall Foliage) Tear Dew Drops to the talons

10) Apply paint splatters with acrylic paint.

11) Add Brown (Fall Foliage) Tear Drop to ears of Owl.

12) Add shading to Owl with Artist PITT pens.


Lori Warren