Create a Clothes Pin Angel with Dew Drops Wings

 Hello all,

Lori here, with a new holiday project for you.   I enjoy combining the old with the new and this project is a perfect example of this.  I used a vintage clothes pin along with wood angel wings and Dew Drops to create a beautiful little angel.  It’s a fun way to incorporate Dew Drops into your holiday crafting.

The Robins Nest:

Piano Tear Drops

Classified Mini Dew Drops


Other Supplies:

Vintage Clothes Pin

Wood Angel wings and head

DecoArt Dazzling Metallic Acrylic Paint – White Pearl

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint – Vintage Pink

Faber-Castelle PITT Artist Pens – Black, White

Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive



1) I started with vintage clothes pins and wood angel wings and head (these were purchased at my local create reuse center).

2) Adhere lace around body of clothes pin.

3) Adhere wood wings and head to clothes pin.

4) Bend wire to a Halo shape and adhere to clothes pin.

5) Plan out how you will arrange the Dew Drops onto the angel wings (do not adhere yet).

6) Paint wings with Metallic Pearl paint.

7) Adhere Dew Drops to wings.

8) Paint over Dew Drops with Metallic Pearl paint.

9) Paint/draw the face.

10) Done!

I hope you enjoyed this project and found inspiration to use Dew Drops on your next Holiday project.

Happy Day,


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LadyBug on a Stone!

Hi there!

Srabonti Sandha here from Tale of Quilling. Today I’m going to share my newest project for this month- A quilling Ladybug on a painted stone. I have altered this stone with colors and added dew drops coz I wanted this beauty as it’s more lively form! Only a bit of dewdrops can carry such freshness and Sparkle at the same time!
So here is my tiny piece of creation.


Lady bug on a stone leaf

Here is my work process video-

Some photographs-




I hope you like my project. Thanks for stopping by. You can find me on-
facebook: Tale of Quilling
Stay safe and healthy!! 🥰

Trick or Treat

Hello, I have another spooky tutorial for you today!


Here is the supply list:


  • Goldenberry Dew Drops
  • Tag
  • Stencil
  • Golden Soft Gel Gloss
  • purple ink spray
  • black ink spray
  • purple paint
  • Mod Podge Sparkle
  • orange cardstock
  • craft wire and cutting tools
  • foam dots
  • black ink pad and sponge
  • embellishment
  • charcoal pencil


Step one: secure the stencil over the tag and apply the gel medium. Set aside to dry.
Step two: spray with ink sprays, wiping off the excess. Allow to dry.
Step three: Add a coat of purple acrylic paint to the tag. When dry cover in Mod Podge Sparkle and allow to dry.
Step four: draw and cut out a spider using the orange cardstock. Outline with ink and charcoal. Cut four pieces of wire, about 2″ each, and wrap another piece around the middle.  These will be the legs.
Step five: glue them in place under the spider and add two gold Dew Drops for the eyes.
Step 6: stick the spider in place using foam dots.
Step seven: add more Dew Drops to decorate the web.
Step eight: add “trick or treat” embellishment to complete the tag.
That’s it!

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Happy Crafting!








Gazing Ball

Happy Monday, Crafty People!
Today’s project is a trash to treasure gazing ball.
I love to recycle and reuse! This was made from 2 different vanity light globes.
Dew Drops by Robin’s Nest
2 glass vanity globes
spray paint, 1 metallic and one regular color
E-6000 Adhesive and regular craft glue
1. Spray paint the glass globes. The “ball” top should be metallic.
2. Decorate the base with Dew Drops by Robin’s Nest.
3. Adhere the gazing ball top to the base with strong adhesive made for glass.
That’s it! So easy, and I just love it!
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. Please hop around and explore the many gorgeous projects created with Dew Drops.
Craft on!


How to Make a Frame with Dew Drops

Hi There,
It’s Karen here today… to share how I embellished a frame for a little boy’s scrapbook layout. I created the frame using Black Diamond Dew Drops placed in a row to highlight the featured pocket card.  I used Silver Dew Drops as faux brads so they appear to be attaching the ribbon flags and also to embellish the little car’s hubcaps.  Let’s take a look!

Other Supplies:  plaid paper, black card stock, twill ribbon, liquid adhesive, black ink pad,
black embossing powder, heat gun, rubber stamps (car theme)


1. Matte 3 photos with coordinating card stock leaving a narrow border.

2.  Adhere a 4″ strip of brick background to the top of some ledger paper.  Add a 1″ border paper strip along the lower edge of the layout to make a street.

3.  Stamp and heat emboss some car themed embellishments with black embossing powder.

4. Select a 4×5″ pocket card and adhere the stamped edge to the top and bottom edge of the frame. Next, adhere black diamond Dew Drops in a line to form the edges of the frame.

5.  Arrange the photos and pocket card in an overlapping cluster and adhere.

6.  Cut 3 strips of ribbon and cut a notch out of one end to create a flag. Attach a cluster of 3 flags to the central photo. Carefully fussy cut some individual bricks and the stamped car image and adhere.

7.   Attach the bricks randomly on the background to create realistic dimension.

8. For the finishing touch, add Silver Dew Drops to appear as faux brads securing the ribbon flags, as well as, embellishing the little car’s hubcaps and along the top edge of the frame of the pocket card.

A Closer Look:





The Robin’s Nest Shop

If you would like to see more of Karen’s inspiring projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.

Thanks for visiting!

Come back soon!

Dew Drops Shaker on Vellum Card

Hello Crafty Friends ❤


Zerin here.

Today I will show you how to make a beautiful

Vellum Card using dewdrops from The Robin’s Nest 
Have a look✨
Let’s go for the process👇

Took a blank card base and a piece of printed vellum.

Attached the vellum paper on the card.

Made a shaker using dewdrops!

Attached the dewdrops shaker on the card!

Added a sentiment on a vellum paper and attached
On the card.
Lastly added some more dewdrops for the
Final look!✨
Hope you enjoyed today project!  Thanks for visiting the blog❤

Dew Drops on a Scrapbook Layout

 Hello everyone!

Fairuz Fabiha here from Craftivation! Today I’ll be sharing with you a simple scrapbook layout, where I’ve used Robin’s Nest Dewdrops to embellish it.


1. I started with a 12*12 white page as the base of the layout and layered one of its side with a black pattern paper.

2. Added embossed and stenciled textures.

3. Decorated the layout with floral elements, chipboards, and photo.

4. Embellished the layout with some dewdrops.

Used Robin’s Nest Dewdrops-


Hope you enjoyed today’s project. Thank you so much for visiting the blog! xx

Shiny Butterfly Collage

Hello, today I am on the blog with Robin’s Nest using their dew drops in a collage project. Summer is winding down but there are still a few butterflies around here.
To create this collage, I started by attaching a napkin with common plastic wrap to a canvas panel. To attach a napkin to almost any surface, on an ironing board or towel cover with a piece of paper larger than your piece that will be covered with the napkin, lay the canvas panel or cardstock down cut off the plastic wrap to slightly overlap the panel. Then lay the napkin over that then lay another piece of printer paper over the sandwich and iron for a few seconds, keep the iron moving. This will melt the plastic wrap and adhere the napkin to any surface.

I used a Butterfly from Clear Scraps and used silver embossing powder on it to cover the surface, I covered it twice to get good coverage and shine. I then added Robin’s Nest dewdrops to the butterfly and to the canvas panel in several colors to match the flowers. I glued the butterfly down to the canvas and added the words along with drilling holes and adding the wire.

Thanks for stopping by! Kelly Parker

Baby cot with Dew Drops by Angie Scrapchild

Hola saleros@s!!

Hello “saleros@s”!!

En esta ocasión vamos a crear una preciosa cuna para bebé, que decoraremos con dew drops.
This time we will create a beautiful baby cot, which we will decorate with dew drops.

Materiales que vamos a utilizar :

Materials that we are going to use:

papel decorado, tijeras, patrón de cuna, pegamento, cinta doble cara, pistola de silicona, dewdrops.
decorated paper, scissors, crib pattern, glue, double-sided tape, silicone gun, dewdrops.

En la tienda on line de Dew drop love encontraremos:

The Robin´s Nest on line store will find:

Espero que os guste!!. 

I hope you like it!

Vamos con el paso a paso!
Come on with step by step!

Recortamos el patrón en el papel decorado y comenzamos a montarlo.

We trim the pattern on the decorated paper and start assembling it.

Una vez creados nuestros volantes para los laterales, una mini almohada y una colcha a juego del papel decorado, procedemos a decorar con nuestros dew drops.

Once we have created our side ruffles, a mini pillow and a matching quilt of the decorated paper, we proceed to decorate with our dew drops.

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How to make an exploding box

Hello Crafty Friends 🙂
Monika here.

Today I’m going to show you how to make an exploding birthday box.


A few photos for details.




The order of work on the card:
1) I glued the background to the base.


2) I glued a small box in the middle.


3) I added decorative squares


4) I glued two girls, greetings and a card with a birthday date.


5) Made a paper cake.


6) Finally, I glued flowers and leaves.


7) Complete the whole with dew drops.


Card is ready 🙂


Robin’s Nest Products I used
Hope you guys will find this inspiring and try this out yourself!
And don’t forget to keep craftivating your dreams!
Hugs Monika