Trick or Treat

Hello, I have another spooky tutorial for you today!


Here is the supply list:


  • Goldenberry Dew Drops
  • Tag
  • Stencil
  • Golden Soft Gel Gloss
  • purple ink spray
  • black ink spray
  • purple paint
  • Mod Podge Sparkle
  • orange cardstock
  • craft wire and cutting tools
  • foam dots
  • black ink pad and sponge
  • embellishment
  • charcoal pencil


Step one: secure the stencil over the tag and apply the gel medium. Set aside to dry.
Step two: spray with ink sprays, wiping off the excess. Allow to dry.
Step three: Add a coat of purple acrylic paint to the tag. When dry cover in Mod Podge Sparkle and allow to dry.
Step four: draw and cut out a spider using the orange cardstock. Outline with ink and charcoal. Cut four pieces of wire, about 2″ each, and wrap another piece around the middle.  These will be the legs.
Step five: glue them in place under the spider and add two gold Dew Drops for the eyes.
Step 6: stick the spider in place using foam dots.
Step seven: add more Dew Drops to decorate the web.
Step eight: add “trick or treat” embellishment to complete the tag.
That’s it!

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You can find Dew Drops online at The Robin’s Nest.

Happy Crafting!








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