How to Embellish a Wooden Christmas Sign

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Karen here…to bring you some Christmas inspiration and show you how to easily embellish a plain wooden sign. Unfinished home decor shapes are a great inexpensive gift idea that you can get the kids involved in helping you complete.   Add as many Dew Drops as you dare indulge to create breath taking sparkle. You will definitely “wow” the grandparents or other lucky recipients.  Please share your projects with us on the Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Page.
Other Supplies: wooden hanging decoration
acrylic paint (white, green, brown, red, silver)
paint brush / clear liquid adhesive

1. Cover your work surface to protect it from any paint splatters.  Paint the wooden sign with a base coat of white acrylic paint.

2. When thoroughly dry, lightly sketch any guidelines that will help you paint the details. Paint each letter a different color.

3. Now the fun begins; plan your design by temporarily placing the Dew Drops until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Consider possibly outlining, filling in, or creating a unique pattern. Even a random mixture of colors and shapes can be very beautiful.

(TIP:  Before you move any Dew Drops, take some photos to avoid the frustration of being unable to recreate the design from memory.  Additionally, taking photos is helpful when you are having trouble deciding between different arrangements or colors which allows you to compare between two designs.)

(alternate arrangement of Diamond Dew Drops)

4.  Use 5 Diamond Dew Drops to form a star shape. Finally, adhere the Dew Drops with clear drying liquid adhesive. 

A Closer Look:

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