How to Set Up an Easy Craft Table for a Children’s Party

Hello and welcome! Shelly with you today sharing how to create an easy and fun craft table for a kid’s party!


I recently hosted a craft table for a party of 8 year olds (11 of them!).  It was crazy, chaotic and a total blast!  Make it easy on yourself, “kit” your projects and provide Dew Drops – perfect for any craft project and easy for little hands and fingers to pick up and apply!
The party was Barbie themed, but it is also close to Christmas, so I did a combination Barbie/Christmas ornament craft.
Let’s start by looking at my table set up:




  • Flat wood ornaments (Amazon)
  • Twine for hanging
  • Paint (to make a base color)
  • Dew Drops of all shapes/sizes
  • sequins
  • Die Cuts
  • Colored Markers
  • Clear Drying Glue (buy 1oz bottles from Dollar Store – 1 bottle for every 2-3 kids!)
  • Cheap Paper Plates
  • Cup Cake Liners
  • Clear Treat Bags


  • Stencils
  • Inks
  • Pom Poms
  • Glitter Glue


  • Flat wood ornaments purchased from Amazon were given a base color of pink or white.
  • The birthday party had a Barbie theme – so I wanted to incorporate a Barbie themed Christmas ornament and created some custom Barbie die cuts to use


  • Wood ornaments were then put into clear treat bags (1 each of pink / white) along with two tied loops of twine for hanging.
  • *designer’s note – the clear treat bag made it easy to distribute ornament “kit” and gave the kids a bag to tote their finished ornaments home.
  • A six foot table covered with a plastic table cloth accommodated 12 crafters – no chairs – keep them standing and focused!
  • I placed 6 paper plates on each side of table with the ornament kit bags.
  • I then poured different colors and shapes of  Dew Drops into cupcake liners and placed a Dew Drop filled cupcake liner on each plate.
  • Additional cupcake liners with sequins and buttons were placed in the center of the table


  • There is no wrong or right – let them do as little or as much as they want
  • and let them be as messy as they want – ART IS MESSY!
Without any direction at all, kids used the different Dew Drops in creative ways!

and don’t be afraid to be part of the party!


Thanks for stopping by today!
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