10 minute card with dewdrop!

Hello crafty buddies!


Srabonti Sandha here from Tale of quilling with my newest card idea.

Lately I have been thinking about executing some feel-good card ideas, like they are suitable for any situations. Those can be given to family, friends, well wishers or whoever you want. And surprisingly it will take only 10 minutes to make it happen! Cool! Isn’t it? So why waste time!! let’s get going….

Materials you need:

1.  Pattern card stock / card paper
2.  Sticker with sentiment
3. Foam tape
4. Dew drops
5. Glue


1. At the beginning,  take the card and the peaceful sticker. Take a foam tape and attach a small piece at the back of the sticker.

2.Place the sticker on the top of the card. Foam tape creates a popup look here.

3. Take some pink dewdrops and glue them  on the pink border as you like.

4. Now take some water dewdrops or purple dewdrops and glue them with the pink drops respectively.


5. I’m sure you have created something extraordinary just like that! Congratulations! Now you have your very quick creative card in your hand!
I hope you like this project.  Best wishes from me.  Lots of love and hugs for you 🥰🥰🌼
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