How to Make a Sweet Birthday Greeting with Creative Dew Drop Canvas

Hello and welcome! Shelly with you today sharing a Birthday Greeting made with the Creative Dew Drop Canvas “Dew Cake


Let’s jump right in…..







  • I started my canvas by adding dots to the design with my Sharpies to add my first layer of color
  • Layer on your water colors
  • Add different sizes of Dew Drops



To finish, I trimmed the canvas and distressed the edges.


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How to Easily Embellish an Embossed Design

Hey Girls,
It’s Karen…and I’d love to show you how easy it is to embellish an embossed design with Dew Drops. I embossed a floral texture onto pattern paper which doubled the depth and improved the wow factor. By simply adding Dew Drops to the center of flowers, it is easy to create stunning feminine cards for any occasion. Grab a cup of coffee and follow me!


1. Select a patterned paper with a floral design and use a die cutting machine to add an embossed texture.
2. Use a black permanent marker to enhance part of the design. Matte the aperture with a piece of white paper to contrast with the black greeting.

3. Attach the embossed paper to a black square card base.
4. Adhere pearl Dew Drops to the center of paper flowers. When they are dry, use the pads of your fingers to gently bend the petals up to add more realistic dimension.  Attach the flowers vertically down the right side of the card.
5. Create a frame around the opening of the aperture with pearl Dew Drops.
6. Finally, adhere silver Dew Drops to the center of the black flowers.
Other Supplies:
black card base
die cutting machine
floral embossing folder
pink floral paper
black permanent marker
liquid adhesive


If you would like to see more of Karen’s lovely creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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Tree Canvas with Becky

Hello Crafty People!
Welcome to the Robin’s Nest Blog
Today’s video uses minimal supplies to create a magical tree on canvas.


Metallic blue pigment (ArtQuest)
Brown Marker (Zig)
Alcohol inks: Sunshine Yellow, Butterscotch, Pesto and Stream (Ranger Ink)
Felt pouncing tool (Ranger Ink-Tim Holtz)
Paint brush, water and a trimming tool
1. Wet the blue metallic pigment with water and brush onto background.
2. Color the tree trunk and branches with brown marker.
3. Place a fresh piece of felt onto the pouncing tool, load with Sunshine Yellow and Butterscotch alcohol inks in a semi circle/oval shape.  Pounce the color all over the tree leaves area.
4. Begin with a fresh piece of white felt, load the same way with Pesto and Stream alcohol ink and pounce over the tree leaves area until you get the desired result.  Add more yellow if desired.
*Not included on the video: Because the blue metallic pigment may smudge, spray seal with clear coat in your desired finish, gloss or matte.
Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you’re inspired to do some creating today.
See you next time!
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How to make a card with embroidery.

Hello Crafty Friends 🙂

Monika here.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a card with embroidery.

A photo for details.


The order of work on the card:
1) I prepare the embroidery and stick a paper frame.


2) We cut off the excess canvas.


3)  We glue the background to the base of the card.
We glue the previously prepared embroidery with a frame.


4) Complete the whole with dew drops.

Card is ready 🙂


Robin’s Nest Products I used
Hope you guys will find this inspiring and try this out yourself!
And don’t forget to keep craftivating your dreams!
Hugs Monika

How to make a Happy Birthday Cake Canvas Card Topper

Did you know there are 35 Dew Drop Art Canvases that can be found in the shop in a variety of sizes?


I am using the Dew Cake a stylized birthday cake for my card topper today.  It is super relaxing to decorate the canvas and you’ll love how they can be personalized to your style and your recipient’s style using colorful dew drops in a variety of shapes and sizes.


So for my sunny birthday cake, I used the following ingredients (no pun intended):

Dew Cake Canvas

Acrylic Paints in Orange, Neon Yellow and Watermelon from Arteza

Gel Plate

Natural Sea Sponge to paint

Glossy Accents

Pitt Pen by Faber Castel

Dew Drops in Pink and Clear – lots of sizes and shapes here.



1.  Mask the cake with a piece of paper

2.  Roll selected paint colors onto your gel plate and make a print on your canvas


3.  Refresh the cake outlines and border outlines by going over them with a Pitt pen.

4.  Add sponge painting after removing the mask to suit your look


5.  Cover with Drops, I adhered mine with glossy accents and capitalized on the white canvas to use Glossy Accents to simulate shiny frosting!


6.  Let dry and make any touch ups.

7.  Cut to the size you would like for your card.

8.  Mount on to a card and you’ve got a great, personalized card that is handmade by you!  You could stop here or add border embellishments as I did on the final card.  I also wanted to show you that to keep the canvas flat on the card with liquid adhesive, you should clamp to dry.



Thanks for joining me on this fun project!  See you again on the first Saturday in March!

~ Victoria

Paper Airplane canvas with Dew Drops by Angie Scrapchild

Hola saleros@s!!

Hello “saleros@s”!!

Quién quiere volver a la infancia?, construimos aviones de papel, y vemos quien lo lanza más lejos?Who wants to go back to childhood, we build paper planes, and we see who throws it further?

Materiales que vamos a utilizar :

Materials that we are going to use:

canvas, dewdrops, tintas, stencils, rotulador, pistola de silicona

canvas, dewdrops, inks, stencils, pen, silicon gun

En la tienda on line de Dew drop love encontraremos:


The Robin´s Nest on line store will find:

Espero que os guste!!. 
I hope you like it!!
Vamos con el paso a paso!
Come on with step by step!


Manchamos con las tintas todo el canvas.
We stain the entire canvas with the inks.
Añadimos el stencil por distintas zonas.
We add the stencil in different areas.

Repasamos el dibujo del canvas con el rotulador.
Let’s go over the canvas drawing with the pen.

Añadimos nuestros preciosos dewdrops aportando volumen y color.

We add our precious dewdrops providing volume and color.

Añadimos algunos dibujos con el rotulador.
We added some drawings with the pen.

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How to Create a Quick and Easy Valentine Scrapbook Page

Hello and welcome! Shelly with you sharing a romantic layout with embellishment clusters, featuring Dew Drops.


What I used:


  • Original Dew Drops
  • Mini Dew Drops
  • Photo Play “Be Mine” Patterned Paper and Card Stock Stickers
  • Color Cast Designs Chunky Acrylic Hearts (white)
  • Cardstock Circles punch from calendar pages (XOXO & Pink Floral)


Make It:


  • I started with cardstock sticker frames and laid / layered them on my cardstock base.  Added striped cardstock on top with torn edge and then added my photos matted with white card stock
  • I slipped a cardstock sticker border under the torn edge of my patterned paper




  • Finished layout by creating (3) embellishment cluster focal points usingstickers, acrylic hearts, sequins and Dew Drops



Thanks for stopping by – have a creative week!




How to Embellish with Dew Drops for Valentine’s Day

Hey Friends,
Karen here with you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a quick and easy last minute way to embellish with Dew Drops.  I took a cute store bought MDF decoration and made it extra special by adding some Dew Drops to the design.  Make sure you scroll down to the end of the post to see a 2nd bonus project.


Red & White Diamond Drops (Ace of Diamonds)

Red Tear Drops (Forbidden Love)

White Dew Drops

Assemble 2 Tear Drops and 1 Diamond Dew Drop together to form a heart. Outline elements within the printed design using Dew Drops such as the outline of the heart. Finally, add a random scattering of small round white Dew Drops. When you are satisfied with the placement, take a photo of the arrangement so that you can recreate the design exactly as you had it. Use liquid adhesive or glue dots to attach the Dew Drops.

Other Supplies:
Valentine’s Day Hanging Sign
liquid adhesive




If you would like to see more of Karen’s beautiful creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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Dinosaur Canvas Scene

Hello Crafty People!

Thanks so much for watching the live today, if you missed it, you can watch it here. 


Dinosaur Canvas – Robin’s Nest

Alcohol Markers – Spectrum Noir LG3, DG2, IG2, TN3, GB2, CG3, TB1, CG4, Blender
Raised Felt Dye Pad – Ranger Adirondack Clover and Lettuce
Foliage Stamp
1. Color the dinosaurs using Alcohol Markers LG3, DG2, GB2, TN3, CG3, IG2, AND CG4.
2. Color the background using Alcohol Markers TN3, GB2, AND IG2. The sky is TB1.
3. Stamp around bottom edges with the foliage stamp using Clover and Lettuce inks.
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, enjoy the many inspirational crafty ideas here.
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How to make a card for the First Communion.

Hello Crafty Friends 🙂

Monika here.
Today I will show you how to make a card for the First Communion.

A few details.

The order of work on the card:
1) I glued the background to the base.
2) Then I added a smaller square.

3) I glued the grapes with Dew Drops.

4) I glued the goblet with grapes and the inscription.

5) I added leaves and a flower.

I finished the card with Dew Drops.
Card is ready 🙂
Robin’s Nest Products I used
Hope you guys will find this inspiring and try this out yourself!
And don’t forget to keep craftivating your dreams!
Hugs Monika