How to Create an Encouraging Canvas for your Desk with Dew Drops: Bee Happy

Happy June 5th!  I cannot believe we are already in June.  Can you????  I was looking for something to brighten my desk, so I created this Bee Happy Canvas.  It sits on my desk and the messages can be changed up depending on what I need to see.  Isn’t that fun?
Lots of ingredients, use what you have.

Stencil Honey Comb


Pitt Pen – Black

Paint Brush (chipping)

Stayz On Ink – Saddle Brown

Stamps Seth Apter

iZink Pearly – Butter Haze

Wow! Embossing Pad Clear Ultra Slow Drying

Emerald Creek Seth Apter Baked Texture Vintage Bees Wax

Cardboard to Back Canvas

Matte Media (adhesive throughout)

Washi Tape (to hold canvas and stencil)


1.  Stamp Canvas with permanent ink.

2.  Attach canvas to surface (cover or use a mat so you don’t damage your surface), and place the stencil as desired.  Add paint with a brush being careful to cover lightly so the paint doesn’t bleed under your stencil.

3.  Move your stencil if needed, retape and finish painting.

4.  Next you will want to bring out the original bee design from behind your layers using a permanent ink pen.  I used a Faber Castel black Pitt Pen to go over the outline.  You can always refer to the original design on the Robins Nest web site!  You can leave your canvas taped down when you do this or you may prefer having it loose when you work.



5. I mounted the canvas on book board at this time and let it dry, because I wanted it to free stand on my desktop (optional step depending on how you’ll use your canvas).


6.  I am loving shiny surfaces.  So, I added Seth Apters Baked Textures in Vintage Beeswax.  You do this by stamping over your design with the WOW!  Embossing pad and pouring the baked texture over it.  Heat with a heat gun. I love it because unless it is my imagination it also smells a little bees waxy!  This is another optional step!  The other thing that I like here is that you can’t over bake the texture like you can with embossing powder.  You go longer than you think you should and it is the best!
7. Next add your mini dew drops in colors and places as desired.  I did the bee’s body this time.  I attached the dew drops with matte medium, but you could just as easily use glossy accents.
8.  Next add your clip to be able to add messages of your choice (again this is optional, depending on how you want to use your canvas)
I hope you really enjoyed this happy little project.  I had a lot of fun making it and have a year around bright spot on my desk for when I am working the “day job”.
I hope to see your projects on social media, be sure to use the hash tag #dewdroplove and we will see your fabulous creations!
Happy June and Bee Happy,
~ Victoria
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