How to Create a Paper Airplane Canvas and Bonus Father’s Day Cards!



Happy Saturday!  I want to show you a project today that I made.  I was having so much fun doing it, I actually forgot to take photos?  Yikes!!!!!  I will walk you through it with written instructions and then, since that was a bad way to do things, I created two Father’s Day cards and will walk you through with step by step instructions.  It’s just how fun the creative canvases and dew drops are!  I sometimes get carried away creating.

Ingredients for creative canvas Paper Airplane:

Dew Paper Airplane Canvas

Mini Dew Drops – I chose a rainbow!  RedOrangeYellowBlueGreen, and Violet/Purple

Watercolor paint

Crackle medium


Paint with watercolor around the paper airplane, immediately add a light glaze of crackle media as desired, and let dry.

Add Mini Dew Drops starting at the base of the paper airplane, in red, orange, yellow, blue, green and violet.  Alternating in the series. Let adhesive dry for 24 hours and then you have a wonderful canvas!

Now on to Father’s Day Cards!  I made two this year using Gelli Print Bases, which I cut up part way through, which might upset some of you!  Just remember it’s only paper. 🙂

So, let’s talk ingredients.  I used a gel plate and printed on watercolor paper that was 5 inches by 7 inches.


Ingredient List:
Watercolor paper
5 inch by 5 inch card blank
Acrylic Paint White, Brown and Navy
Texture paste in gray
iZink ICE – blue
Permanent Ink in Blue and Black
Liquid and dry adhesive
Stabilo All Pencil – Blue
Stamps for background and focal point
Dew Drops in blue
Cut a card blank from paper at 5 inches by 10 inches and fold to measure 5 inches by 5 inches
Create a background monoprint using a Gelli Plate or paint to paper.  I used Navy, Brown and White on a Gelli Plate in layers.

My Gelli Plate prints are 5 inches by 7 inches. I prefer to work big and cut things down.


Next stamp your pages randomly with your selected stamps.  I used a Tim Holtz stamp and a Seth Apter  stamp and black ink.  I felt like things were a little dark so I next stamped with white acrylic paint using one of my favorite stamping tools:
That’s right a toilet paper roll for making circles.  I used white acrylic paint. After letting that layer dry, I added more stamping using a packing insert.  Pull your cardboard insulation packing apart; it is interesting.
While this layer is drying, prepare your focal images.  I used sail boat stamps that I have had in my stash forever.
Again for stamping I used permanent ink that is not water soluble.  This is because I will lightly watercolor over one of the samples.
Next I added some texture paste through two stencils (from Stencil Girls).  Let this dry completely before moving on.  My next layers is some iZINK Ice in a deep blue.  This is a transparent glaze.  I scraped it on using a credit card on various spots on each print.  This should dry overnight.
Cut out your focal images and color with water colors if desired.  I did on one card and not on the other just to show the two different looks!
Now is the hard part.  You will cut your prints into 4 3/4 inch squares.  Yes, I know it’s hard.  Save the pieces you trim  off and you can use them in collage.  I show mine in one card on Instagram.  My “handle” over there is victoriawarrenmearsart.  Check out how I used a little of the scrap paper!
Once you have your squares, mount your focal point.  At this point I also add adhesive backing using the kind with a peel off layer.
Take a close look at all those details.  I added a little extra iZINK ICE at this point to make some waves to tie the image in.  I also used the Stabilo All pencil to add markings to blend in the edges.
Now comes the fun!  Adding, Dew Drops with liquid adhesive. I used Indigo Diamond Dew Drops and the blue Mini Dew Drops from the Belgium Chocolate Mix.  Be sure to use a clear drying liquid adhesive.
So, once everything is dry, mount your art onto the card blanks and there you are!  Two wonderful cards!

Happy Father’s Day!

~ Victoria

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