How to Embellish a Beautiful Mermaid with Dew Drops

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It’s Karen here and I wanted to share how I embellished a mermaid with Dew Drops. My motivation was my niece’s up coming 4th birthday. She adores mermaids & anything related to swimming. So when I found this wooden mermaid, I knew it would be a perfect addition to help celebrate her birthday. By embellishing the mermaid’s tail with Dew Drops, I created jeweled scales which gave the project a lovely texture. The beautiful colors & sheen was created by applying the transparent Dew Drops over metallic paint which intensified the colors. Let’s dive in!

    Bubbles Mini Dew Drops                 Water Dew Drops

Lily Pad Dew Drops                    Purple Mini Dew Drops


1. Apply white texture paste to the number. Create gentle waves of texture paste to mimic the ocean using a popsicle stick. Set aside to dry thoroughly.

2. Paint the texture paste with shades of aqua blue & green metallic paint. Set aside to dry.

3. Paint the wooden mermaid with watercolor paint. Use a white gel pen to color her eyes and apply glitter glue to highlight select elements of the design.

(TIP: A set of markers came with the kit and could be used to color the wood.)

4.  Select Dew Drops to match the colors the mermaid’s tail was painted.  Place the Dew Drops onto the mermaid’s tail coordinating with the color underneath. Carefully, begin gluing the Dew Drops into position. Set the mermaid aside to thoroughly dry.

5. Next, adhere the mermaid to the large number with liquid adhesive.

6. Adhere a piece of glitter tulle to the back of the opening of the #4. This will increase the surface area which you can attach embellishments to and will provide an extra sparkle.
7. Create your underwater scene with fish, shells, & assorted sea life. Apply a transparent medium to give the sea creatures a shiny & wet appearance. When you are satisfied, adhere the elements into position.

8.  Stamp bubbles onto transparency, apply embossing powder, and heat set.  Carefully cut out the bubbles and add them in between the elements.  To create the appearance of more depth, adhere some of the bubbles underneath the aquatic elements, attach some on top, and have some bubbles overlap the edge.

9. To complete the underwater scene, use liquid adhesive to adhere a scattering of round Dew Drops to appear as bubbles in the turbulent water.

A Closer Look:

Other Supplies:

wooden number & mermaid
white texture paste / translucent medium (Glossy Accents)
blue & green acrylic paint / watercolor paint set / paint brushes
white gel pen / purple glitter glue
embellishments: sea shells, fish & assorted sea life
transparency, embossing powder, heat gun
purple glitter / tulle / liquid adhesive


If you would like to see more of Karen’s amazing creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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