How to Create a Jewelry Mandela using Dew Drops

Today, we are going to create a Mandela necklace using paper, Dew Drops, jewelry findings and a ribbon chain.  It is a super easy idea that would make a great gift for a special friend or to wear yourself.


2 inch circle punched from heavy paper that was pre-painted with acrylic paint – alternately you could work on a 2 inch flat wooden disc.

Metallic Dew Drops (regular (Mardi Gras) and mini size (Classified Mini Dew Drops))

Posca Pen – white acrylic paint pen.

Pitt Pen – Black Bold

Uniball Gel Pen – Silver

Clear drying liquid adhesive

Jewelry Findings

Ribbon or chain for hanging


Assemble all your ingredients and think about the design you will use (Pinterest has lots of great examples).

Punch a two inch circle from heavy watercolor paper

Lay out your design on the circle.  My top tip here is when you get it how you like take a photo with your camera, so you have a record of your preferred design.

Starting at the center adhere Dew Drops to the paper with liquid adhesive, referring to your photo as needed.  Continue until all Dew Drops are in place.  Let dry

Add accents with the Posca Pen and let dry.

Add accents with Black Pitt Pen and let dry

Finally, add silver accents if desired.

Add jewelry finding to make necklace focal

Finally add ribbon or chain to the focal and you have a super cute necklace for gift giving.

Hope you are keeping cool if it’s summer where you are.  Have fun with this project and if posting on social media use #dewdroplove so we can see all of your lovely creations.

~ Victoria

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