Watercolor and Dew Drops

I have been playing with watercolor a lot lately. Its unpredictability is both nerve-wracking and rewarding and I have found the simplest of marks make the most beautiful designs. Take for instance this project; I began with three splotches of paint and look at what it became!
You too can easily learn to do this. Simply follow the tutorial below.

Robins Nest products used:

Goldenberry Dew Drops 

Other supplies used:

watercolor paper
Ecoline Brush Pens (any watercolor ink or paints will work)
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Deep Green
  • Deep Yellow
  • Green
watercolor brushes
craft mat or palette
paper towel
waterproof pen such as Micron
the adhesive (I used Nuvo Embellishment Glue)
black ink pad and sponge
quote or sentiment

Step 1

Place a little watercolor ink on a craft mat by scribbling. Using a very wet brush pick up some watercolor paint/ink and create 3 splotches on your paper.

Step 2

Use a paper towel or soft cloth to remove any excess. Allow to dry.

Step 3

Fill in the sky and the grass area with your watercolor paint. Allow to dry.

Step 4

Use a pencil to draw the branches and tree trunk. If you are comfortable drawing with the pen you can skip this step.

Step 5

Now go over with your pen.

Step 6

Place dabs of glue where you will place your Dew Drops. This is a very intuitive process.

Step 7

Now stick your Dew Drops in place.

Step 8

Use a sponge and black ink to go around the edges of the paper to add a shadow paying particular attention to the base and add a quote if you like.


That’s it!
Here are some more photos for you to enjoy.
Thanks for stopping by! You can share your creations with us on our Facebook page. We would love to see them! For more inspiration have a look around the blog. There are a variety of tutorials for many levels using Dew Drops. You can also visit my blog at www.papermachepatch.com.
You can find Dew Drops online at The Robin’s Nest.
Happy Crafting!

Felt Goblin with Dew Drops by Angie Scrapchild

Hola saleros@s!!

Hello “saleros@s”!!

Materiales que vamos a utilizar :

Materials that we are going to use:
fieltro, sisal, dewdrops, teardrops, cartulina con brillantina, pistola de silicona.
felt, sisal, dewdrops, teardrops, cardboard with glitter, silicone gun.

En la nueva tienda on line de Dew drop love encontraremos:

The Robin´s Nest on line store will find:
Love in Italy Mini Dewdrops
Love Birds Tear Drops
Glitter Chipboard

Espero que os guste!!. 

I hope you like it!




Vamos con el paso a paso!
Come on with step by step!









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In addition to the Blog Chattering Robins you will find a number of inspirations for your projects!.

How to Create Beautiful & Fun Art with the New “Creative Dew Drop Canvas”

Hello and welcome to the blog.  Shelly with you today sharing a project from The Robin’s Nest hot new product line – Creative Dew Drop Canvas!

What is the Creative Dew Drop Canvas?  A whole new re-imagining of my favorite craft embellishment!

“Creative Dew Drop Canvas.  Includes a pre-printed canvas, Dew Drops, and a color picture of  how  you could create your masterpiece.  Mount to a frame or glue to a hard surface.  A great mixed media treasure.  Available in small (5” x 7”), medium (12” x 12”), large (18” x 24”), and extra-large (24” x 36”)”

I am using the Artsy Bee Love canvas kit today.

Let’s get started!


Artsy Bee Love Creative Dew Drop Canvas Kit
Sharpie Fine Point Markers
Acrylic Paint
Optional:  Mini Cup Cake paper liners to hold Dew Drops & Paint
Optional:  Sewing Machine



  • Trace over printed design with fine tip Sharpie
  • Highlight design with ink or paints


  • Use inks, sprays and machine stitching on canvas


Now it’s time to start to embellish with Dew Drops – as little or as many as YOU want

Deigner Tip:  Pour Dew Drops into mini cup cake liners while in use – easy access, and then easy to pour unused drops back into bottle!

Embellie Gellie from ScraPerfect makes Dew Drop placement a cinch!

The possibilities are ENDLESS with these fun designs!  Use as few or as many Dew Drops as you like to create a one of a kind mixed media masterpiece!

Thanks for stopping by today – have a creative week!



Give Them a Permanent Conversation Heart with Dew Drops

It’s hard to believe it’s time to begin thinking about what to do for Valentine’s Day.  I have a wonderful idea, that requires a little planning and a bit of patience to execute, to share with you today.  This project will take and hour to prepare and 24 hours to complete.


Dew Drops, I particularly love how the mix of black white and red came out
Prima extra fine glitter
Heart shaped mold – I selected one from Wilton brand
Plastic cups with graded measurements 8oz disposable plastic cups for paint and epoxy mixing
Wooden mixing sticks
Art n’ Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin – 16 ounce kit
Reynolds non-stick foil
Torch or heat gun


1.  Prepare everything you need on your work table.  I recommend covering your table with butcher paper in case of spills.  The epoxy hardens everywhere!

2.  In separate cups put equal amounts of epoxy resin and hardener.  I used six ounces of each.

3.  Mix resin and hardener as directed with a wooden mixing stick in a third plastic cup. Once the resin is thoroughly mixed you will have about 40 minutes to work with it before it begins hardening.

4.  Pour resin mixture into prepared forms


5. Add dew drops in your favorite color and add glitter as desired.

6.  Heat with torch or heat gun to remove bubbles

7.  Cover with foil and leave to dry in a flat place for 24 hours, this allows the resin to cure and harden.  After 24 hours you can unmold your hearts!  If you wish you can add rub ons on the back in your favorite words, or just keep them plain and display them!

Hope you have a great time making this little token of Valentine love!

~ Victoria