Rainbow Chalkboard


Mary Ellen here from Creative Time With ME! I have a super cute mini chalkboard to share with y’all!
  1. Began by placing painters tape over the chalkboard
  2. Applying white acrylic paint to the chalkboard
  3. Once paint dried remove painters tape
  4. Bring out The Robin’s Nest Dew Drops in rainbow colors
  5. Use washi tape to map out where the Dew Drops will go
  6. Then use glue to adhere the Dew Drops onto the chalkboard
  7. When the glue dries you can find the perfect spot for the Dew Drops

This is a video tutorial on how I created this chalkboard!

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Mary Ellen


Rainy clouds with Dew Drops by Angie Scrapchild

Hola saleros@s!!

Hello “saleros@s”!!

Hoy ha amanecido un lluvioso día, y qué mejor que darle color y alegría?

Today has dawned a rainy day, and what better than to give it color and joy?

Materiales que vamos a utilizar :

Materials that we are going to use:

canvas, dewdrops, stencils, sellos de silicona, tintas, pistola de silicona, rotuladores, gesso.

canvas, dewdrops, stencils, silicon stamps, inks, silicon gun, pens, gesso.

En la tienda on line de Dew drop love encontraremos:


The Robin´s Nest on line store will find:

Espero que os guste!!. 

I hope you like it

Vamos con el paso a paso!
Come on with step by step!

Repasamos el dibujo con rotulador.

Let’s go over the pen drawing.

Manchamos el canvas con los gelatos.

We stain the canvas with the gelatos.
Añadimos stencils con tintas y con gesso.
We add stencils with inks and gesso.

Comenzamos a decorar con nuestros bonitos dewdrops.
We start decorating with our beautiful dewdrops.


Realizamos algunos dibujos con nuestro rotulador.

We made some drawings with our pen.

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Además en el Blog Chattering Robins encontraréis cantidad de inspiraciones para vuestros proyectos!.
In addition to the Blog Chattering Robins you will find a number of inspirations for your projects!.

Make a Seahorse with Dew Drops


Hi everyone, and happy Saturday!  Victoria here with a fun and easy project using a variety of colors and shapes of dew drops.



Paper Mache sea horse (from Bare Naked Crafts)

White Gesso

Acrylic Paint Lumiere by Jacquard – Halo Pink Gold and Metallic Russet

Acrylic Paint Prima Art Alchemy Sparks – Raven Black

Liquid Adhesive

Dew Drops in red, orange, yellow, and gold








Prepare your paper mache sea horse by painting it with white gesso prior to adding the layers of acrylic paint.  Let dry completely between layers so that the paper mache doesn’t break down.

Add dew drops, changing shapes as you go, with liquid adhesive and let dry thoroughly.  (Don’t worry if it looks like a hot mess at first.  It will dry beautifully!)



Continue to add dew drops and embellish as you wish.


Thanks for being with me to do this simple home decoration project.  You will love embellishing with dew drops.

<3 Victoria

How to Set Up an Easy Craft Table for a Children’s Party

Hello and welcome! Shelly with you today sharing how to create an easy and fun craft table for a kid’s party!


I recently hosted a craft table for a party of 8 year olds (11 of them!).  It was crazy, chaotic and a total blast!  Make it easy on yourself, “kit” your projects and provide Dew Drops – perfect for any craft project and easy for little hands and fingers to pick up and apply!
The party was Barbie themed, but it is also close to Christmas, so I did a combination Barbie/Christmas ornament craft.
Let’s start by looking at my table set up:




  • Flat wood ornaments (Amazon)
  • Twine for hanging
  • Paint (to make a base color)
  • Dew Drops of all shapes/sizes
  • sequins
  • Die Cuts
  • Colored Markers
  • Clear Drying Glue (buy 1oz bottles from Dollar Store – 1 bottle for every 2-3 kids!)
  • Cheap Paper Plates
  • Cup Cake Liners
  • Clear Treat Bags


  • Stencils
  • Inks
  • Pom Poms
  • Glitter Glue


  • Flat wood ornaments purchased from Amazon were given a base color of pink or white.
  • The birthday party had a Barbie theme – so I wanted to incorporate a Barbie themed Christmas ornament and created some custom Barbie die cuts to use


  • Wood ornaments were then put into clear treat bags (1 each of pink / white) along with two tied loops of twine for hanging.
  • *designer’s note – the clear treat bag made it easy to distribute ornament “kit” and gave the kids a bag to tote their finished ornaments home.
  • A six foot table covered with a plastic table cloth accommodated 12 crafters – no chairs – keep them standing and focused!
  • I placed 6 paper plates on each side of table with the ornament kit bags.
  • I then poured different colors and shapes of  Dew Drops into cupcake liners and placed a Dew Drop filled cupcake liner on each plate.
  • Additional cupcake liners with sequins and buttons were placed in the center of the table


  • There is no wrong or right – let them do as little or as much as they want
  • and let them be as messy as they want – ART IS MESSY!
Without any direction at all, kids used the different Dew Drops in creative ways!

and don’t be afraid to be part of the party!


Thanks for stopping by today!

How to Create a Last Minute Hostess Gift Canvas with Dew Drops


The holidays are here!  Do you need a last minute gift?  I love to have gifts on hand, just in case!


Acrylic Paint

Gelli Plate


Stencil – StencilGirlProducts.com SC-02-2015 Dube

Canvas – Artsy Ornament



Dew Drops – kelly green and metallic teal


1.  Bray chosen colors in thin layers onto your gel plate and transfer to canvas.

2.  Bray alpine green onto gel plate and add stencil to gel plate.  Rub over stencil to transfer pattern to canvas.


3.  Let dry thoroughly.

4.  Add Drops in Green and Metallic colors.  Let dry.


5.  Either frame your canvas, sew it to a tote or add to a wine bottle bag and give as a host/hostess gift.

Have a blessed holiday season.

~ Victoria

Sun Home Decor

Hello, I had some extra projects using Dew Drops this month so I have posted them on Thursdays if you are interested in seeing more ideas using Robin’s Nest Dew Drops.

This project consists of using a Sun decoration I found at a thrift store. I love reusing items – found items – to give them a new life!

Supplies –

Sun decoration
I found my sun at the thrift store so when I got it home, I cleaned it up and then brushed some ink over it to brighten it up a bit. I let this dry and then used my Wilshire Diamond Dew Drops and glue added a bit of bling to the front of the piece. It is now ready for hanging!


Thanks for stopping by!! See you soon, Kelly Parker

How to Embellish a Wooden Christmas Sign

Hello Ladies,
Karen here…to bring you some Christmas inspiration and show you how to easily embellish a plain wooden sign. Unfinished home decor shapes are a great inexpensive gift idea that you can get the kids involved in helping you complete.   Add as many Dew Drops as you dare indulge to create breath taking sparkle. You will definitely “wow” the grandparents or other lucky recipients.  Please share your projects with us on the Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Page.
Other Supplies: wooden hanging decoration
acrylic paint (white, green, brown, red, silver)
paint brush / clear liquid adhesive

1. Cover your work surface to protect it from any paint splatters.  Paint the wooden sign with a base coat of white acrylic paint.

2. When thoroughly dry, lightly sketch any guidelines that will help you paint the details. Paint each letter a different color.

3. Now the fun begins; plan your design by temporarily placing the Dew Drops until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Consider possibly outlining, filling in, or creating a unique pattern. Even a random mixture of colors and shapes can be very beautiful.

(TIP:  Before you move any Dew Drops, take some photos to avoid the frustration of being unable to recreate the design from memory.  Additionally, taking photos is helpful when you are having trouble deciding between different arrangements or colors which allows you to compare between two designs.)

(alternate arrangement of Diamond Dew Drops)

4.  Use 5 Diamond Dew Drops to form a star shape. Finally, adhere the Dew Drops with clear drying liquid adhesive. 

A Closer Look:

If you would like to see more of Karen’s beautiful creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
Thanks for visiting!
Come back soon!

Snowflake Ornaments with Dew Drops

Hello! Kelly on the blog today, I love making and gifting ornaments. I started when we got married, 34 years ago gifting an ornament to my husband every year, and then when I had my kids, they received an ornament every year, when they moved out, they had a stash of ornaments to take with them! I still make ornaments for my family.

To start these ornaments, I bought some snowflakes at the Dollar Store, then decorated them with Dew Drops in various colors. You can find all kinds of beautiful colors of Dew Drops at Robin’s Nest.

Supplies –

Clear glue
To start these snowflake ornaments, I decided on the colors I wanted to use and then applied a dab of glue and the Dew Drop. I let this side dry and then did the same thing on the backside, so there are Dew Drops on both sides of each snowflake.



These were so easy to make and they are so pretty! Everyone will be getting a snowflake ornament this year!
Thanks for stopping by and remember to get all your Dew Drops at Robin’s Nest!

How to Create Table Decorations for a New Year 2021

Looking for a simple elegant table decoration for the holidays or to welcome in 2021?  I know we are all ready to say good bye to 2020.  This is a simple and quick project that uses four basic ingredients for each cute candle holder. 



  • Using a very clean jar, adhere lace using liquid adhesive.  Let dry thoroughly.
  • Adhere Dew Drops around the upper edge and on the lace as desired.  Let dry thoroughly.
  • Add more Dew Drops inside for more sparkle
  • Insert a votive (I am using a battery votive for this demonstration)
  • Add to your table display
Hope you enjoyed this easy, stress free holiday season project.  I’ll be back in two weeks with another beautiful project with Dew Drops!
~ Victoria


How to Create a Christmas Tree Card with Dew Drops







  • Protect your surfaces, using paper towels or other protective layer or misting box.
  • Construct a template to mask the Christmas tree design.
  • Protect the outside of the tree by adhering the template to your canvas and to the work surface with painter’s tape.  Mist with Emerald IZink Dye Spray.  Let dry completely.


  • Protect the tree with it’s mask, adhering it to the canvas and the work surface.  Mist the tree surrounding area lightly with Pomegranate IZink Dye Spray.  Again, let dry thoroughly.

  • Adhere the canvas to the card base.  Add sentiment, as desired.
  • Decorate the tree with Dew Drops, adhering them with fabric glue.  Let dry.  Create 5 x 7 envelope, as you like, with Christmas Themed paper.  Now you are ready to present this card with a gift.

Happy Saturday!  Have a fun and creative day!