Shiny Butterfly Collage

Hello, today I am on the blog with Robin’s Nest using their dew drops in a collage project. Summer is winding down but there are still a few butterflies around here.
To create this collage, I started by attaching a napkin with common plastic wrap to a canvas panel. To attach a napkin to almost any surface, on an ironing board or towel cover with a piece of paper larger than your piece that will be covered with the napkin, lay the canvas panel or cardstock down cut off the plastic wrap to slightly overlap the panel. Then lay the napkin over that then lay another piece of printer paper over the sandwich and iron for a few seconds, keep the iron moving. This will melt the plastic wrap and adhere the napkin to any surface.

I used a Butterfly from Clear Scraps and used silver embossing powder on it to cover the surface, I covered it twice to get good coverage and shine. I then added Robin’s Nest dewdrops to the butterfly and to the canvas panel in several colors to match the flowers. I glued the butterfly down to the canvas and added the words along with drilling holes and adding the wire.

Thanks for stopping by! Kelly Parker

Upcycled plastic rings into wine glass charms

 Hello all,

I love to upcycle items, that you would normally throw away, into my art work.  I had saved these little plastic rings from some type of packaging and thought that they would make great wine glass charms.  Original Dew Drops fit perfectly onto these rings and made for bright and pretty wine glass charms.

The Robins Nest

Easter Dew Drops

Gateway Dew Drops

Island Blossom Dew Drops


Other Supplies:

Recycled/upcycled rings

Tim Holtz Idea-ology, Loop Pins

Butterfly charms

Beacon 3-in-1 Craft Glue


1) Cut recycled ring to create split opening.

2) Adhere Original Dew Drops onto plastic ring.

3) Try different color schemes.

4) Attach butterfly charms with Loop Pins.

There is just something about creating something cool out of items that would have been otherwise discarded.  It’s equally nice to find the perfect complement of the new to go with the recycled. The Dew Drops are just so bright a cheery!

Happy day!


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