How to Make a Book Mark with a Book Theme Using Dew Drops

Can you believe it’s May already?  I sure can’t.  Today I want to show you a quick project, making a bookmark that can be used to “mark your place”.  So, let’s get started!
Card stock tag – your choice of size.
Water color mists – I used homemade mists using Brusho Crystals in Bright Red, Orange and Dark Brown
Distress Ink in Campfire
Tissue paper
Yarn for tassel
Alcohol markers – I used a Copic Marker in Crimson and an Art n’ Fly in a yellow tone
Distress Matte Media
Chop stamp (I used my dad’s chop that he had made many years ago)
Alphabet stamps
Stayz On Black Ink

Mini Dew Drops – Safari



Start by selecting your dew drop artsy canvas and coloring your book with alcohol ink markers.
Next spritz your tag with the spray of your choice.  I used homemade sprays, made with Brusho Watercolor Crystals and Water.  If you do this make use about 1/8th teaspoon of color to 1/4 cup of water.  The crystals go along way.


While the tag is drying, take a piece of tissue paper and stamp symbols of your choice on it with distress ink.  Allow to dry and then stamp your message with alphabet stamps using permanent ink.  I used a grungy old typewriter font.  Let dry.

Carefully hand cut the book from the canvas, which the tissue and tag are drying.
Adhere the canvas cut to the book mark based using distress matte media.  Pro tip:  Weight the book mark while it dries.  Remember paper has no memory, so if it becomes wrinkled from the spritzing you can easily flatten by placing it under a heavy book or two.
Adhere tissue to the bookmark.  Add matte media to the tag and lay tissue down.  Gently add matte media over the tissue.  This will add depth and the tissue, when dry hardly shows.  Do remember if you use water soluble ink it may move a bit during this process.
Finally adhere Dew Drops, as desired.  I used them at the top of the book mark, where they will be outside the pages I am marking.  Add a ribbon or yarn to form a tassel and you’re all done.
Hope you enjoyed this fun project AND I’ll see you in two weeks again for another project.
~ Victoria
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Book Mark with Dew Drops

Hello my dear crafty souls! Hope you are doing great!!

Here I am Samiya back Again with a brand new crafty idea. Sharing a quick easy DIY bookmark using my favourite dew drops from The Robin’s Nest  🌼

Here it is –


Let me tell you how to make it!

Step by step details:

1. At first I took a cardstock base in my desired size as the project base for making my bookmark.

2. Added a pattern paper in both side of the bookmark.

3. I add the title, some dew drops and an accent ribbon. Just remember use as little or a lot as you like and have fun.

You are all done!!





Materials :

Dew drops from The Robin’s Nest
Pattern paper

Shop link for canvas & dewdrops :

Thank you so much for stoping by, I hope this has made you smile today 😊. For more inspiration have a look around the blog. ✨

Take care of yourselves, good bye!
Happy Crafting ❤
Love & peace from us to you❤🌸

– samiya

Mixed Media Bookmark

Hello Everyone, Sadia is here. Today I am going to show you how to make a mix media bookmark using Dew Drops from Robin’s Nest.

Here is the bookmark that I am going to make:

Products that I used:
4. Glue
5. Hard paper
6. Black ribbon 
7. Color paper
Working procedure:
1. At first I cut some color paper in different shapes.
2. Then I attached the papers on the hard paper.
3. On the next step I added few more paper shapes to the previous piece.
4. Then I decorated the marker with few Dew Drops from Robin’s Nest.
5. Finally, I added a ribbon on the top of the marker and work was finished.
I hope you guys liked this one. To try out this idea you can have your Dew Drops collected from The Robin’s Nest.

How to Embellish Bookmarks using Dew Drops

Hello Crafty People!
Fairuz Fabiha here from Craftivation. Today I’ll be sharing with you a very simple and easy way to use the lovely, bright and colorful dewdrops from the Robin’s Nest in your projects. I’ll be showing you how I embellished my bookmark using these dewdrops!

1. At first I took a white paper as the base of the the bookmark.

2. I punched a hole and tied a ribbon at the top.

3. Then I started assembling the dewdrops in blue and orange one by one into a mandala design.

4. Finally I outlined the border of the bookmark with a blue marker to highlight the center design more. That’s it!

Closeup photos –





Used Robin’s Nest Dewdrops-

3. citrine-diamond-dew-drops

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