How to Create a Pink Elephant Canvas using Dew Drops

Happy Saturday to you all!  Victoria here with a super fun new project, using one of the newest Dew Drop Canvases and Dew Drops.  When I saw this canvas, I knew it would be one of the first projects I did!  In addition to the way I used it here I can think of so many other options!



For this project you will need.  Acrylic paint – I used Delta Brand Think Pink and Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paint in Pearl Magenta.  A sharpie marker or other permanent marker, and Dew Drops.  Mine were Metallic Pink and Silver Mini Dew Drops from the Classified Mix.  You will need an liquid adhesive or glue dots to adhere the Dew Drops.

1.  Mix the paints to form a pearly mid pink.
2.  Apply paint to your canvas.  A tip is to spray the canvas with hairspray to keep the lines in place.  Alternatively, you can go over the lines with a permanent ink and they will stay put!


3.  Let your canvas dry and you are ready to decorate with Dew Drops!  I use a liquid adhesive that dries clear to adhere the Dew Drops to the canvas.  Alternatively, the Robin’s Nest has Dew Dew Glue drops, which works perfectly for adhering dew drops to cards, scrapbook pages, art projects and canvases, AND they are non-toxic and acid free.


4.  Finally, let the dew drops adhere completely and use your canvas as you wish.  I added it to a great frame and will use it as a guest book table decoration for a baby shower!




Thanks for joining me for this fun project.  I will see you again, here on the first Saturday in August!
Have a crafty day!
~ Victoria

How to make an Easter card

Hello Crafty Friends 🙂
Monika here.

Today I will show you an Easter card.

A few photos for details.
The order of work on the card:
1)  I stick the background to the base.
2) I’m adding two smaller layers.


3) I added two more layers.


4) I glued the inscription.


5) Now it’s time for a twig and flowers.


6) Finally, I stick a plaster cast in the shape of chickens.


7) I finish the card by adding dew drops.


Card is ready 🙂


Robin’s Nest Products I used:

Hope you guys will find this inspiring and try this out yourself!
And don’t forget to keep craftivating your dreams!
Hugs Monika

How to Frame An Easter Card with Dew Drops

Hi Ladies,
Here is a quick and easy card to make for Easter. White on white with a subtle hint of color is very elegant so this design is also suitable to be used as a wedding or sympathy card. For an extra special touch, highlight a special design within the textured pattern using a glitter gel pen.   If you like to take your paper-crafts into home decor, frame this design to create a lovely piece of wall art.

Pink Punch Dew Drops


1. Use an embossing folder to add a texture onto white card stock.

2. Cut around the cross.  Use a glitter gel pen to high light one of the central designs.

3.  Adhere the cross to the card base using foam tape to create added dimension.

4.  Use liquid adhesive to attach a single row of Dew Drops around the edge of the cross.

Other Supplies:
Glitter Gel Pen
foam mounting tape
liquid adhesive
die cutting machine & cross embossing folder

If you would like to see more of Karen’s beautiful creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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Come back soon!

Rainbow Chalkboard


Mary Ellen here from Creative Time With ME! I have a super cute mini chalkboard to share with y’all!
  1. Began by placing painters tape over the chalkboard
  2. Applying white acrylic paint to the chalkboard
  3. Once paint dried remove painters tape
  4. Bring out The Robin’s Nest Dew Drops in rainbow colors
  5. Use washi tape to map out where the Dew Drops will go
  6. Then use glue to adhere the Dew Drops onto the chalkboard
  7. When the glue dries you can find the perfect spot for the Dew Drops

This is a video tutorial on how I created this chalkboard!

For your convenience, all the important The Robin’s Nest  links are provided below.







Thank you for stopping by!

Stay Safe!

Stay Healthy!


Stay Crafty!

Happy Crafting,

Mary Ellen


How to Create a CAS Card with Dew Drops

Hey Friends,

It’s Karen…I would love to show you how to create a CAS card with Dew Drops. I stamped a simple background with black ink by repeatedly stamping the same image to cover the card base. Then, I let the Dew Drops be the star of the show. The bright translucent Dew Drops make an outstanding contrast against the bold background design. When Dew Drops are the focal point of the design, your card will definitely be unforgettable to the recipient. This design technique is very versatile as it can be used over and over again because with a different background stamp and different color/shape Dew Drops, the possibilities to create CAS cards for different occasions are endless.


             Flame Dew Drops                               Bubbles Dew Drops


1. Use black ink to stamp a background pattern onto a piece of white cardstock.

2. Repeat stamping the image to fill the entire card front.

3. Select a large variety of Dew Drops in every color. Adhere them to create a cascading rainbow starting at the upper left corner going diagonally across to the lower right.  Die cut a large sentiment with black card stock. Adhere the sentiment to the lower section of the card.

4. Continue adding more Dew Drops underneath the sentiment.


Other Supplies:
black ink pad
background stamp
liquid adhesive
sentiment metal die
die cutting machine
white card base 5×7″

If you would like to see more of Karen’s amazing creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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How to make a Harry Potter “Always” Canvas Piece

Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears. “After all this time?” “Always,” said Snape.

The most famous words in Harry Potter Fandom.  As a confirmed Potterhead (and Hufflepuff), the minute I saw this “always” Creative Canvas, I knew I had to create a HP inspired piece!



Let’s collect our tools and supplies:



Make it:



I have include Dew Drops in all the Hogwart’s House colors!


Not sure if I will keep this in my art journal or add it to a scrapbook layout – but it was so much fun to make!
Have a creative week!


How to make a steam punk frame with Dew Drops

Halloween or anytime is a great time to make a steam punk themed frame!  For this frame I used a wooden frame from the one dollar store and went from there!  I hope you enjoy this project. 





  • Dollar Wooden Frame
  • Gears from Mike Deakin Art
  • Flower and Frame trim – Crafty Inspirations
  • Dew Drops – black (I used mine from the Classified Bottle!)
  • Black Matte Gesso – US Art Supply
  • Art Alchemy Wax – Metallique White Gold and Antique Brilliance Mystic Turquoise Prima
  • Liquid adhesive
  • Flat brushes – for dry brush technique




  • Paint the frame and all components on both sides with Matte Black Gesso.  If you need more than one coat, let dry thoroughly between coats.



  • Trial your placement of embellishments



  • Adhere all chip board embellishments, as desired.



  • Use a dry brushing technique with waxes of your color choice.  Remember to use the smallest amount possible for this technique.  I wipe my brush on a paper towel and then use it.  Your brush should be held as flat as possible to the surface and use the lightest touches possible.  You can’t subtract paint with this technique, but you always can add more!



  • When you are satisfied with the coloring, add Dew Drops embellishments, with liquid adhesive.



  • Let dry completely!
  • Your steam punk frame is complete!



Thanks for stopping by today, be sure to comment if you like the project!  Come back and visit often for more Dew Drop Love and Inspiration!


Diamond Dew Drops in Making Stars

Hello beautiful souls!

How are you??

I, Nur Meharuma Chowdhury from Craft fable, am back again with my new altered project where I will be showing you an amazing usage of Diamond Dewdrops from Robin’s nest .

Here is the tutorial :


I have used the following materials:
Clear Diamond Dewdrops
Indigo Diamond Dewdrops
Pool Dewdrops

Old cake tray;
Acrylic colors( black, royal blue, silver, golden, magenta);
Clay embellishments;
paper cutouts;
foam dust;

stone lace.


Would you like to have some closeups?
Let’s go for it!







Did you like my moon project?
I love it personally!
Have your dewdrops from shop & try making stars!!
That’s all for today!
Thank you for your time.

Dewdrops On Summer Art Journal Page

Hello everyone!

Fairuz Fabiha here from Craftivation. Today I’ll be sharing with you how I create a summer style art journal layout and use my favorite Robin’s Nest Dewdrops to embellish the page.




Used Robin’s Nest Dewdrops-


Closeup photos-








Thank you so much for video the blog! Hope you enjoyed today’s project.

Create a Dew Drop Idea for Fall

 Hello all,

Lori here, with a new Dew Drop project for fall.  I found a wood shaped Owl at the Dollar Store and thought it would make for a great Dew Drop Project.  Check out the step by steps below for all the details.

The Robin’s Nest Products:

Black/White/Silver Dew Drops

Fall Foliage Tear Drops

Large Clear Dew Drops

Classified Mini Dew Drops

Other Supplies:

Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paint

Deco Art Clear Matte Varnish

Collage Materials

Wood Shaped Owl

Faber Castell Artist PITT pens


1) Adhere collage materials to wood shaped owl.

2) Trim off excess collage materials.

3) Apply light coat of white gesso.

4) Add color to collage with Acrylic Paint.

5) Paint eye area with black acrylic paint.

6) Adhere Black (Black/White/Silver) Dew Drops and Black (Classified) Mini-Dew Drops to eye space.

7) Adhere Orange (Fall Foliage) Tear Drops to nose area.

8) Adhere Large Clear Dew Drops to eye area.

9) Add Brown (Fall Foliage) Tear Dew Drops to the talons

10) Apply paint splatters with acrylic paint.

11) Add Brown (Fall Foliage) Tear Drop to ears of Owl.

12) Add shading to Owl with Artist PITT pens.


Lori Warren