Sparkly DIamond Candle Holder

Hello, on the blog with Robin’s Nest dew drops and a beautiful candle holder!  I love using dew drops for all kinds of home decor projects.

Supplies used –
Art Glitter Glue
This project looks like it takes a long time to finish but in reality, I was probably about 1/2 an hour. It took the longest time to line up the red dew drops along the bottom and then from there adding the rest of the colors went pretty fast.
To start with, I lined up about 5 of the red dew drops then added a few of the orange ones this helped with keeping them straight. I also made sure to set the candle down on the table for adjustment.
I laid out my dew drops in rainbow colors and then started to glue then in place, completely covering the candle.



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How to Make an American Flag with Diamond Drops

Hello Everyone,
Karen joining you today to show you how to make an American Flag with Diamond Dew Drops. I used the flag to embellish a card but I think the flag would look great on a scrapbook layout as well. It is super easy to do so grab your Diamond Dew Drops and follow me.


Other Supplies:

Old Glory Diamond Dew Drops

liquid adhesive
red/white/blue card stock
card base (5×7″)
bracket die cut

1. Assemble the design on a craft mat.  Place columns of red & white Diamond Dew Drops nine gems high. Alternate red and white to create stripes. Every 2-4 columns offset the placement of the gems to give the appearance of blowing/rippling fabric. Use blue Diamond Dew Drops to complete the upper left.

2. Apply liquid adhesive in a column on white card stock and move each gem into place. To align the columns precisely, place a ruler along the edge of the gems and press lightly.

(TIP – Alignment of the gems is critical in the creation of the image. What appears to be a minuscule gap will get increasingly more pronounced as the design expands. Be vigilant as you assemble each row to avoid frustration and disappointment later.)

3. Cut a bracket shape from white card stock. Matte the white bracket with blue card stock.  Attach red card stock to the front of a landscape card base leaving a narrow white frame.

4. When the glue has dried cut around the flag shape and adhere it inside the bracket.  Finally, adhere the embellishment centered on the card base.

A Closer Look:

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How to Make a Spectacular Heart Embellishment

Karen here to share how to make a spectacular heart embellishment.  Here is a quick and easy romantic card just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Grab your favorite color of Diamond Dew Drops and let’s get going.

Whether for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just because, this is a lovely design to let someone know they are in your heart.

The Robin’s Nest Supplies:

1.  Align diamond dew drops to form a heart shape. When you are happy with the size and shape, attach the diamond dew drops onto scrap paper with liquid glue. After thoroughly dry, cut out the heart embellishment.


(TIP: Attaching the dew drops to scrap paper rather than directly to the project reduces stress and the frustration of possibly gluing the design off center or slightly crooked. This method allows you to create an embellishment that you can then attach to any type of paper-craft project with perfect placement.)

2.  Apply pattern scrapbook paper to a square card base. Adhere a strip of lace vertically across the center of the card.

3.  Attach a doily embellishment to the middle of the card.

4.  Finally, adhere the diamond dew drop heart to the center of the card.





Other Supplies:
card base (6×6″)
patterned paper
card stock
liquid adhesive


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If you would like to see more of Karen’s projects, stop by her blog, Art & Soul.

Mixed Media Tag with Watercolor and Dew Drops

Are you all feeling as ready for spring as I am?  Let’s make a mixed media tag to celebrate spring being around the corner.

#5 Manila Tag
Stencil of your choice
Stencil paste (I used gray)
Distress Crayon in Antique Linen
Gelato in White
Busho Watercolor Powders
Stamps of your choice
Ink Black Onyx
Fine Point Sharpie
Dew Drops diamondstear drops and mini circles
Liquid Adhesive
1.  Add texture to your tag, using your stencil and texture paste.
2.  Let dry and add circles of watercolor resist using distress crayon and gelato.  Sprinkle with watercolor powder and mist with water.  Dry with an embossing gun.
3.  Add two additional colors, mist and dry.
4. Select stamps and stamp with alcohol inks.
5. Embellish with dew drops and draw embellishment lines.
6.  Finally add ribbon and any other embellishments you like.
Hope you enjoyed this project.  Pop on over to the Robins Nest and experience some #dewdroplove!  See you next time for another crafty recipe!

Give Them a Permanent Conversation Heart with Dew Drops

It’s hard to believe it’s time to begin thinking about what to do for Valentine’s Day.  I have a wonderful idea, that requires a little planning and a bit of patience to execute, to share with you today.  This project will take and hour to prepare and 24 hours to complete.


Dew Drops, I particularly love how the mix of black white and red came out
Prima extra fine glitter
Heart shaped mold – I selected one from Wilton brand
Plastic cups with graded measurements 8oz disposable plastic cups for paint and epoxy mixing
Wooden mixing sticks
Art n’ Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin – 16 ounce kit
Reynolds non-stick foil
Torch or heat gun


1.  Prepare everything you need on your work table.  I recommend covering your table with butcher paper in case of spills.  The epoxy hardens everywhere!

2.  In separate cups put equal amounts of epoxy resin and hardener.  I used six ounces of each.

3.  Mix resin and hardener as directed with a wooden mixing stick in a third plastic cup. Once the resin is thoroughly mixed you will have about 40 minutes to work with it before it begins hardening.

4.  Pour resin mixture into prepared forms


5. Add dew drops in your favorite color and add glitter as desired.

6.  Heat with torch or heat gun to remove bubbles

7.  Cover with foil and leave to dry in a flat place for 24 hours, this allows the resin to cure and harden.  After 24 hours you can unmold your hearts!  If you wish you can add rub ons on the back in your favorite words, or just keep them plain and display them!

Hope you have a great time making this little token of Valentine love!

~ Victoria

Cute last minute box modifications with Dew Drops

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?  I am way behind on my wrapping.  I was thinking of some cute ways to quickly modify gift card boxes and wanted to share one with you.

I hope you’re not as far behind as I am in wrapping gifts.  Somehow Christmas snuck up on my this year.  I was trying to think of fast and cute ways to modify gift boxes.  I saw this cute wooden patterned box with a plain burlap bow and was inspired to try a quick alteration to make it a little fancier!
Here is all you need, your plain gift box with a burlap bow, liquid adhesive and diamond dew drops in red and green.  It would be equally cute with the same idea using red and green teardrops for a softer star.  I always add the glue to the back of the dew drops and then attach.  It seems to work easier for me in terms of placement accuracy that way!  And I always lay my design out on the work surface before I start, like the photo below!

I hope you enjoyed this super quick and cute box modification using Dew Drops!  See you next year! Have a happy holiday season spent with those you love!

~ Victoria

Cracker diy with Dew Drops (Diamond Drops) by Angie Scrapchild

Hola saleros@s!!

Hello “saleros@s”!!

Se acerca la navidad y tenemos que adornar nuestras mesas para recibir a la familia y amigos.
Los crackers con, o sin, sorpresa, son siempre un buen recurso ornamental.
Vamos a realizar unos con mucho brilli, brilli y maravillosos dew drops.
Christmas is coming and we have to decorate our tables to welcome family and friends.
Crackers with, or without, surprise, are always a good ornamental resource.
We will perform some with lots of glitter and wonderful dew drops.

Materiales que vamos a utilizar :
Materials that we are going to use:
cartulina brillante, die cuts en forma de copo de nieve, lazos, dew drops, regla, lápiz, cutter, pistola de silicona.
glitter cardboard, die cuts in the form of snowflake, loops, dew drops, ruler, pencil, cutter, silicone gun.


En la tienda on line de The Robin´s Nest encontraremos:
The Robin´s Nest on line store will find:
Espero que os guste!!. 
I hope you like it!!
Vamos con el paso a paso!

Come on with step by step!

Dividimos en 4 el largo del papel. Marcamos línea a cada lado. Y a un 1cm de esa línea vamos dibujando los rombos.
We divide the length of the paper into 4. We mark line on each side. And 1cm from that line we’re drawing the diamonds.
Los recortamos con el cutter. Tenemos cuidado de no recortar la unión entre uno y otro.

We cut them with the cutter. We are careful not to trim the union between each other.

 Hacemos lazada apretando por los rombos.

We do lacing around by the diamonds.

Adornamos con nuestros copos de nieve y diamond drops.

We adorn with our snowflakes and diamond drops.

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