How to Embellish a Beautiful Mermaid with Dew Drops

Hi Guys,
It’s Karen here and I wanted to share how I embellished a mermaid with Dew Drops. My motivation was my niece’s up coming 4th birthday. She adores mermaids & anything related to swimming. So when I found this wooden mermaid, I knew it would be a perfect addition to help celebrate her birthday. By embellishing the mermaid’s tail with Dew Drops, I created jeweled scales which gave the project a lovely texture. The beautiful colors & sheen was created by applying the transparent Dew Drops over metallic paint which intensified the colors. Let’s dive in!

    Bubbles Mini Dew Drops                 Water Dew Drops

Lily Pad Dew Drops                    Purple Mini Dew Drops


1. Apply white texture paste to the number. Create gentle waves of texture paste to mimic the ocean using a popsicle stick. Set aside to dry thoroughly.

2. Paint the texture paste with shades of aqua blue & green metallic paint. Set aside to dry.

3. Paint the wooden mermaid with watercolor paint. Use a white gel pen to color her eyes and apply glitter glue to highlight select elements of the design.

(TIP: A set of markers came with the kit and could be used to color the wood.)

4.  Select Dew Drops to match the colors the mermaid’s tail was painted.  Place the Dew Drops onto the mermaid’s tail coordinating with the color underneath. Carefully, begin gluing the Dew Drops into position. Set the mermaid aside to thoroughly dry.

5. Next, adhere the mermaid to the large number with liquid adhesive.

6. Adhere a piece of glitter tulle to the back of the opening of the #4. This will increase the surface area which you can attach embellishments to and will provide an extra sparkle.
7. Create your underwater scene with fish, shells, & assorted sea life. Apply a transparent medium to give the sea creatures a shiny & wet appearance. When you are satisfied, adhere the elements into position.

8.  Stamp bubbles onto transparency, apply embossing powder, and heat set.  Carefully cut out the bubbles and add them in between the elements.  To create the appearance of more depth, adhere some of the bubbles underneath the aquatic elements, attach some on top, and have some bubbles overlap the edge.

9. To complete the underwater scene, use liquid adhesive to adhere a scattering of round Dew Drops to appear as bubbles in the turbulent water.

A Closer Look:

Other Supplies:

wooden number & mermaid
white texture paste / translucent medium (Glossy Accents)
blue & green acrylic paint / watercolor paint set / paint brushes
white gel pen / purple glitter glue
embellishments: sea shells, fish & assorted sea life
transparency, embossing powder, heat gun
purple glitter / tulle / liquid adhesive


If you would like to see more of Karen’s amazing creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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How to Create a Wine and Hallmark Movie Lover Mixed Media Creative Canvas!

Hello and welcome to the blog – today I am sharing a fun, creative project using Creative Canvas and Dew Drops to create a homage to Hallmark Movies and wine!!

I love the Creative Canvas products – they allow me to have fun and stretch my creativity in so many ways.

To recreate this project:



Make it:


Use inks, pens, glitter and Dew Drops to “ZHUZH”up your canvas – for a special touch, I included a special wine cork on the canvas.
Not sure if this piece will end up in my art journal or on a scrapbook layout – I just know that working with the Creative Dew Drop Canvas pieces opens up my creativity!
Thanks for stopping by today – have a creative week!


How to use Art Canvas on a Scrapbook Page

Hello Crafty People!

This was my “LIVE” for today. Grab a snack or a cuppa and watch me create a scrapbook page using the Art Canvas Seahorse as an artful embellishment. Here’s the finished scrapbook page.





Art Canvas – Seahorse and dew drops – Robin’s Nest
Art Chalks – Color Z Chalks
Alcohol Markers – Spectrum Noir (CT3, CR1, CR2, GB5)
Spray Sealant (clear, gloss) – Krylon
Copper Stickles – Ranger Ink
Water based blue ink pad -Adirondak Earthtones Stonewashed
Background paper – Colorbok
Shell Stickers – K&Company
Palm Tree Sticker – Jolee’s by You
Misc: photo, solid cardstock for matting photo, scrap cardstock for template, photo copy for mask,
adhesive, PC to print title, cotton balls
1. Photocopy the canvas art, may need to use a darker setting.  Cut out the copy to use as a mask for the background technique. Adhere to the canvas over the original picture with sparse dots of a dry adhesive.
2. Create a wave template from scrap cardstock. Place on the canvas approximately 1″ from bottom. Using a cotton ball apply the darkest blue chalk over the edges of the cut out waves. Continue to move up in 1″ intervals and repeat applying the dark blue chalk.
3. Using a clean cotton ball, apply the darkest turquoise chalk to fill in the rest of the white areas of the background.
4. Leave the mask in place and lightly spray with sealant.
5. Using all colors of alcohol inks, randomly color the entire seahorse. Don’t be blocked in by the geometric designs, by having multiple colors in one block, the results will be super!
6. Out line the entire seahorse and all the geometric shapes within, with copper Stickles. Using the Stickles as an adhesive, adhere the small round black dew drop in place for the “eye”. Set aside to dry.
7. Create a word processing document, change the size to 12×12 and create a title “Life’s a beach”. The font used is “Lovely Home” size 80pt. Double check printer orientation and print directly onto the 12×12 background paper.

8. Adhere the canvas to the background paper.

9. Select your photo and matte with turquoise cardstock, adhere to the background paper as shown.
10. Embellish further with Palm tree and seashell stickers.
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope you’re inspired to get crafty today!
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Loving Picture Frame

Howdy y’all!

Well Mother’s Day is fast approaching! So your girl Mary Ellen from Creative Time With ME is here to help y’all out! I have a wonderful way to decorate a picture frame using The Robin’s Nest Dew Drops!




  1. I started out by grabbing a raw wood picture frame.
  2. Next I brought out some Tim Holtz Distress Paint in Ground Espresso.
  3.  After placing the paint in my palette. I used a foam brush to apply it to the frame.
  4. When the paint was dry I brought out The Robin’s Nest Dew Drops and some Bearly Art Craft Glue.
  5. I then proceeded to glue down one of the small green Dew Drops and 7 red tear drop shaped Dew Drops.
  6. This process continued until all the flowers were on the frame.
  7. Then I brought the green Dew Drops back in and using the small circular and tear drop shaped Dew Drops. I created the look of leaves and  stems for the flowers.
  8. Next in the top and bottom center of the frame I brought out the red heart Dew Drops and gold large circular Dew Drops.
  9. And I proceeded to glue them onto the middle top and bottom portions of the frame.
  10. Once that was all done and dry. I was able to place a picture inside for my mom.
  11. Now it is ready to be a Mother’s Day present.


A complete list of the supplies is under the picture. The list, contains compensated affiliate links. If you wish to create a similar card. There is no cost to you for using the links. But it does provide funds to help continue this blog.
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How to create an Always art journal cover.




Always Art Canvas

Dew Drops in pink and red

Paints – I used red, pink, orange, and pearlescent white

IZINK mist – copper buff

Faber Castel Pitt Pen – Black Ink

Embossing ink pad

Seth Apter Baked Texture- Vintage Bees Wax

Card backing

Gelli Plate


Heat Tool



1.  Go over the word Always with a pitt pen or other permanent ink pen.  Prepare Gelli plate with first color of acrylic paint of your choosing.  Bray with color and lay canvas onto the Gelli plate to transfer paint.

2.  Let layer dry and prepare plate with the next color of your choosing.
3.  Repeat the process of laying the canvas down.  Let layers dry between paint applications and keep layering until you have a lovely background.
5.  Add any mists to your canvas
6. Go over canvas lettering and design one additional time with the Pitt pen.
7.  Cover the entire surface with embossing ink and add the vintage bees wax powder.
8.  Bake with the heat gun until clear and shiny.  Since it is baked powder you can go longer than you would with embossing powder.  Repeat again with a layer of embossing ink and bees wax powder.
9.  Mount canvas on cardboard backing and trim to size.
10.  Using liquid adhesive, form the heart or another shape of your liking on the canvas with Dew Drops.
11. Once fully dry you can add to frame, or like I will be doing, use to create an art journal cover.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this project!  Lots of steps this week but the beautiful results are well worth it.
See you next time.
<3 Victoria

How to Create Table Decorations for a New Year 2021

Looking for a simple elegant table decoration for the holidays or to welcome in 2021?  I know we are all ready to say good bye to 2020.  This is a simple and quick project that uses four basic ingredients for each cute candle holder. 



  • Using a very clean jar, adhere lace using liquid adhesive.  Let dry thoroughly.
  • Adhere Dew Drops around the upper edge and on the lace as desired.  Let dry thoroughly.
  • Add more Dew Drops inside for more sparkle
  • Insert a votive (I am using a battery votive for this demonstration)
  • Add to your table display
Hope you enjoyed this easy, stress free holiday season project.  I’ll be back in two weeks with another beautiful project with Dew Drops!
~ Victoria


Gazing Ball

Happy Monday, Crafty People!
Today’s project is a trash to treasure gazing ball.
I love to recycle and reuse! This was made from 2 different vanity light globes.
Dew Drops by Robin’s Nest
2 glass vanity globes
spray paint, 1 metallic and one regular color
E-6000 Adhesive and regular craft glue
1. Spray paint the glass globes. The “ball” top should be metallic.
2. Decorate the base with Dew Drops by Robin’s Nest.
3. Adhere the gazing ball top to the base with strong adhesive made for glass.
That’s it! So easy, and I just love it!
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. Please hop around and explore the many gorgeous projects created with Dew Drops.
Craft on!


How to make a Hauntingly Cute Decoration with Dew Drops

Happy haunting Saturday to you!  Now is the time to get started on Halloween decoration or you could modify the colors and make a cute fall themed shabby bird house for indoor decoration!
Here are the ingredients I used:
  • Tiny wooden birdhouse
  • Popsicle stick
  • Sparkling Acrylic Paint – Prima Art Alchemy Sparks in Raven Black and Iris Potion
  • Elmer’s School Glue
  • Clock from Chipboard
  • Purple Daisy type flower
  • Dew Drops in metallic silver and purple
How to Make:
  • Get your small bird house (I think these cost about $1.00 at a large hobby store)


  • Paint with your base color, until evenly covered.  I used two coats of Raven Black Spark from Prima, which I let dry between coats.


  • We’re going to pull out an old home made crackle technique to make the roof shabby and worn looking.  Cover both sides of the roof with Elmer’s school glue and let dry until tacky to the touch.
  • Paint lightly with your second color, shown here in Iris Potion over the not quite dry glue.  You see in the photo below the cracking has begun, but the glue is still wet.  Let dry completely and admire your shabby roof.
  • While the roof was drying, I painted a popsicle stick with an eggplant color and cut into two little boards to “hammer” part way over the opening.  Glue together and let dry.
  • Add four silver tiny dew drops to the “boards”.  These are my faux nails, in this case.
  • When the birdhouse has dried, adhere a finishing piece of paper on the bottom, or you could paint this (your choice).  Adhere the boards over the hole in the bird house.  Add any other embellishments at this time.  Let everything dry.
  • Now you’re ready to add your haunted birdhouse to your table decorations for Halloween.  These also can be made in any theme you like from cozy cottage to steam punk castle.  They make great hostess gifts for the holidays throughout the year.  Thanks for stopping by!

See you again for crafty fun, very soon! 

~ Victoria

Sparkly DIamond Candle Holder

Hello, on the blog with Robin’s Nest dew drops and a beautiful candle holder!  I love using dew drops for all kinds of home decor projects.

Supplies used –
Art Glitter Glue
This project looks like it takes a long time to finish but in reality, I was probably about 1/2 an hour. It took the longest time to line up the red dew drops along the bottom and then from there adding the rest of the colors went pretty fast.
To start with, I lined up about 5 of the red dew drops then added a few of the orange ones this helped with keeping them straight. I also made sure to set the candle down on the table for adjustment.
I laid out my dew drops in rainbow colors and then started to glue then in place, completely covering the candle.



Check out more of my work at the following links

EASY Decor with Dew Drops and Epoxy

Hello Crafters!
I’m a bit giddy about this project, it was an “experiment” that actually worked. SUPER EASY, TOO!
I mentioned in my previous Robin’s Nest Design Team post of Aug 10, 2020 that I’ve been playing around with epoxy.  I wasn’t quite sure how the Dew Drops were going to behave in the thick liquid, but they performed like a Champion!

Dew Drops by Robin’s Nest
2 part clear epoxy medium
silicone mold
Art glitter

1. Select a silicone mold shape.
2. Pour a nice bouquet of colors and shapes of Dew Drops into the mold. (The more, the better!)
I used green, purple, aqua, and yellow.
3. Mix epoxy medium according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add glitter that compliments the color choices of the Dew Drops. (I used purple and gold glitter).
4. Pour the epoxy mixture into the mold. Fill the mold, completely to the top.
5. Let set overnight.
6. Remove the hardened epoxy shape from the mold, gently.  VIOLA!

So easy, yet gorgeous!  I might be going on a pouring frenzy.  I hope you’re inspired to pull out your dusty silicone molds and give it a try, too!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!
Craft on,