How to Embellish a Sugar Skull with Dew Drops

Hi Guys,
Karen here…to share an easy way to create a sugar skull card and embellish it with Dew Drops.  Also, I included a Halloween Card as a bonus project. Don’t forget,  Black Dew Drops do make cute spiders!  Time to get busy on your Halloween projects and please do share your creations with us on the Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Group.

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Directions Card 1: Emboss black card stock with spider web design. Attach the embossed image to a white card base leaving a narrow border. Add highlights to the spider web using a fine tip gel pen. (white & glitter) Adhere different color Dew Drops to the skull using clear drying liquid adhesive. When thoroughly dry, carefully adhere the skull to the card base.

Supplies Card 1: skull die cut, white card base (5×7″)
black card stock, web embossing folder, liquid adhesive, gel pens (white & glitter)

Black White Silver Red Dew Drops

Primary Dew Drops

Skies Mini Dew Drops

Also, I included a Halloween Card as a bonus project. Don’t forget, Black Dew Drops do make cute spiders!  Time to get busy on your Halloween projects and please share your creations with us on the Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Group.

Directions Card 2:  Emboss the front of an orange card base with a spider web design. Add highlights to the spider web using a fine tip gel pen. (white & glitter) Make three spiders by adhering black Dew Drops to the spider to create the 3-D body. To create a kinetic element on the card, hang the spiders by attaching a silver thread to each. Finally, fold each thread over the top edge of the card base and secure with a strip of washi tape on the inside of the top edge. Lastly, add a Halloween sentiment.



Supplies Card 2: web embossing folder, orange card base (5×7″)

full moon with witch rubber stamp, black & yellow ink pad, ink blending tool,

silver thread, spider & cat die cuts, washi-tape Halloween sentiment

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If you would like to see more of Karen’s inspiring projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.

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How to Make Simple Minnie Mouse Embellishments with Dew Drops

Hello Crafty Ladies,
Make your own unique Disney inspired embellishments with Black Dew Drops. Two small round above a large Dew Drop is a simple way to make the iconic Mickey/Minnie Mouse silhouette that is instantly recognizable. This is an economical way to add Disney charm to your layouts without the expense of buying costly stickers or die cut embellishments.


1.  Adhere a piece of scalloped edge white card stock to a piece of black 12×12″ card stock.

TIP: You may notice that I removed a large bit of paper from the center of the scalloped sheet. It happened to be a double sided paper with a pretty pattern and since that area would be covered up, I could remove it and stretch my supplies further. Next, I carefully marked the area lightly with a pencil which could be removed. Then I used a craft knife to rescue that section of paper for use in a future project.

2. Cut a sheet of polka dot paper 10×10″. Next, create a frame by applying black glitter Washi Tape half overlapping the edge and then fold the remaining half to the back.  Repeat on all four sides or for an alternative, simply matte the polka dot paper with black glitter card stock leaving a narrow edge.

3. Crop the photos and then matte the main focal photo with coordinating card stock. Attach the two photos clustered together near the right lower edge.

4. Carefully trim around, the remaining head-shots. Adhere them to the layout. By tucking them behind other photos, it appears that the subject is peeking out.

TIP:  When you select a photo to fussy cut find an image with the least amount of fine details.
To prevent undue frustration, avoid profiles and those photos with intricate strands of hair.
My subject was wearing a hood which made it an ideal choice since there was no detailed hair
or delicate ears to carefully trim around.

5. Cut 3 circles (1.5″ & 3″) from black card stock and adhere them together to create a simple mouse silhouette. Add the subject’s initial letter to the center of the embellishment. Next, create 3 bows by using a needle and thread to gather a piece of tulle. Cinch it securely to form a small bow and adhere a gem to the center.

6. Attach some black Dew Drops to a sheet of glue dots. Assemble the tiny mouse silhouette using 1 large round and 2 small round Dew Drops. Adhere them to the layout randomly at slight varying angles to create a confetti like appearance.

TIP: To avoid disappointment, practice the placement of the Dew Drops before applying the glue dots. Also, take a photo of the layout so that you can refer to it when gluing the Dew Drops into the mouse head formation.

7. Add 3 additional medium circle embellishments to complete the layout.

A Look at the Details…

Other Supplies:
4 photos (4×6″)
pattern paper / scallop edge paper /card stock (black & white)
black glitter card stock, circle punch, chipboard alphabet
pink tulle, needle & thread
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How to Use Vellum with Dew Drops

Hello Robin’s Nest Fans,
Karen here to share a quick and effective technique of combining vellum over Dew Drops.  This is the first time I used vellum over Dew Drops. I simply love the subtle and blended colors created by adding the vellum overlay.   I recommend using brightly colored Dew Drops as the color will become slightly muted when covered by vellum. Let me show you!

1. Die cut a floral heart frame onto white pearl cardstock. Place the frame over a piece of white cardstock and lightly trace around the heart shape.  Begin to plan out the spacing of Dew Drops by filling in the heart shape.  When you are satisfied the arrangement and balance of colors, glue the Dew Drops in place with liquid adhesive.

(Notice the difference in the intensity of the colors where the vellum is covering the Dew Drops.)

2.  Adhere a piece of vellum over the back of the heart shaped opening. Apply foam tape to the back of the floral frame which will allow for the depth of the Dew Drops.  This is needed to create extra depth and will allow the Dew Drops to fit without pressing against the vellum.


3. Adhere the Dew Drop filled heart to the back of the frame.

4.  Use white card stock to emboss a floral background and adhere it to a white card base leaving a narrow boarder.

5.  Adhere the dew drop heart floral frame to the center of card.
Other Supplies:
white pearl cardstock / vellum / white cardstock
floral embossing folder
floral frame metal die
die cutting machine
card base 5×7″
liquid adhesive / foam tape

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How to Embellish Images with Dew Drops

Hi Guys,
It is Karen here today to bring my layout with stamped embellishments.  I took inspiration from my little niece’s cute dress to make this layout.   The little bee is visible which is why I stamped and fussy cut numerous chubby bees to embellish the layout.

Unfortunately, the little watermelon embroidered design on the dress didn’t make it in the photo so I added a sweet chipboard watermelon slice instead.


  • Trim a piece of polka dot paper 1/4″ and attach to a coordinating color leaving a narrow border.
  • Use a fancy edge punch to cut a strip of scrolled lacy border onto white card stock.
  • Create a 4″ border with paper strip and attach to the lower edge of the layout.
  • Matte 2 photos together with a narrow border of yellow card stock.
  • Adhere to the photo block to the center of the layout.
  • Use black ink pad to stamp bees onto white card stock, color yellow, and fussy cut.
  • Add clear varnish to the bee’s wings and set aside to dry.
  • For the title, add a scrolling sentiment along the bottom edge.
  • Attach a Round Black Dew Drop to create the bee’s head.
  • Adhere a random scattering of Black Tear Drops as faux watermelon seeds.
  • Finally, attach Yellow Tear Drops as the faux juicy lemon pulp.


Sunflower Seeds Tear Drops

Black Dew Drops                                                                                     Black Tear Drops

Supplies:  2 photos (4×6″)
pattern papers / borders
cardstock (yellow & white)
bee stamp (Stampendous)
black ink pad / yellow marker
lace edge paper punch / craft knife
chipboard embellishment / sticker word
liquid adhesive (Best Glue Ever – ScraPerfect)
transparent medium (Glossy Accents – Ranger)
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How to Make Cute Mini Strawberry & Bee Embellishments

It’s Karen here…to show you how I transformed Tear Drops into cute strawberries & bees.  All you need is a fine tip permanent marker and Tear Drops.  I used them to embellish a double page scrapbook layout and I can’t wait to see how they could be used on cards.  Please share your creations with us on The Crafty Nest Facebook Page.

             Red Tear Drops                             Black Dew Drops


                                        Yellow Tear Drops                    Yellow Dew Drops                                           

1. Matte 6 photos with black card stock leaving a narrow border.  Matte the focal photo with a white scalloped edge border. Add a scalloped edge frame to a 4×4″ photo.
2. Position the photos in an overlapping row with gentle angles. Add a large embellishment cluster in the left corner.

(TIP: Before I adhere anything to the background paper, I stage the layout without adhesive.  When a large section of the background paper is going to be covered by photos, I remove the pattern paper that will be behind them.  This allows you to make good use of your supplies.  I rescued two large sections of paper to be used for other projects by carefully marking with a pencil the outline of the section that could be cut away with a craft knife.  I wound up making some flags from the excess paper which were used as embellishments.  This would not have been possible if I had adhered everything to pattern paper when I first began to plan the layout.)

(after – attached the pattern paper to white cardstock for added stability)

(4×10″ paper section for another project)

3. Use a permanent black marker to draw seeds onto red tear drops.

4. Use green card stock and a paper punch to cut some small flowers. Fold small daisy flowers in half to create a leafy cluster. Adhere to the top of each strawberry.
5. Adhere Yellow Round Dew Drops to the centers of small white paper flowers. Adhere, small clusters with strawberries, leaves, and white flowers.

6. Create bees: Use a permanent black marker to add stripes to yellow Tear Drops to create bee bodies. Add 2 clear Tear Drops to form the wings. Add a round black Dew Drop for the bee’s head.

7. Adhere the bees to the layout. Odd numbers of embellishments are more pleasing to the eye. (example: 1, 3, 5)

A Closer Look:


Other Supplies:
7 photos (4×6″)
patterned paper
thin permanent black marker
small white paper flowers
green & black card stock
leafy branch paper punch / mini daisy paper punch
liquid adhesive
scalloped edge frames

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How to Embellish a CAS Card with Dew Drops

Hi There,
Karen here, today to share a really useful technique to use to embellish a CAS card. Although, the stamped rose design with the ribbon is very pretty by itself, adding a magical cluster of bubbles (aka Dew Drops) floating down over the rose garden adds a charming element to an otherwise ordinary design. Use various sizes and colors of Dew Drops to add maximum impact and create added depth. Let me show you!

(TIP: Notice this design is suitable for any feminine card giving occasion.  Simply add a coordinating sentiment to the lower right corner.  There are many possible sentiments that can transform this card design to meet your needs.  Consider the possibilities…Thank You, Thinking of You, Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, or Congratulations/Happy Anniversary.)

1. Use black ink to stamp an image of roses across the lower portion of a white card base. Place a piece of junk paper to mask off and protect the lower 2″ edge from the stamped design.

2. Carefully, align the image; continue inking and stamping until you complete the row.


3. Use a water-brush to paint the flowers and leaves using Distress Oxide Ink.  Begin coloring where the darkest part of the petal is and continue to blend creating lighter shades. Set aside to dry.

4. Open the card flat and use a craft knife to slice a 3/4″ opening in the crease of the card about 2″ from the bottom.

5. Cut a 14″ length of organza ribbon to coordinate with your card. Carefully, slide the end of the ribbon through the slice and pull the ends to the front of the card. Tie a faux knot style bow and trim the ends. Gently slide the ribbon until you are pleased with the placement of the bow and secure it with a glue dot under the knot.

5. Add a random scattering of Dew Drops diagonally across the card.  Use a variety of sizes and colors/shades to create movement and interest.

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How to Embellish a Sweet Baby Layout

Hello Friends, It’s Karen today here today to share an easy way to embellish a sweet baby layout. Cutting balloon shapes out of vellum paper really enhanced the appearance of realistic depth to the layout. When embellishing a layout, I always select the placement of the largest embellishments first and continue to embellish in decreasing sizes. Therefore, Dew Drops are the last finishing touch for a layout as they are the smallest embellishment.

I will warn you now, there is an over-abundance of cuteness ahead!
(FYI: I wanted to mention that I do not adhere pieces as I go. First, I design the layout so nothing is ever glued in place until the layout is complete. I learned not to be too eager to adhere things in order to avoid “Scrapper’s regret.”  I learned the hard way when I attached photos and then discovered my tittle wouldn’t fit in the space I left for it.  I do not attach the photos so my layouts are constantly evolving as I select and position coordinating embellishments.)
1.  Adhere 3 photos in a column about 2″ from the left edge.  (TIP: Rescue the paper underneath where you plan to put the photos to use for future projects.  I chose to cut out some of the balloons
and then use them as embellishments.)
 2.  Attach a scalloped strip 1/2″ wide along both sides of the photos.
3. Cut some balloons from the excess background paper or use a die cut or balloon paper punch. Also, cut some from vellum because the semi-transparent layer will add a realistic appearance to the layered balloons. Cluster some balloons together and have some overlap the photo.
4. Embellish with small circles in various sizes.
5. Add a random scattering of confetti like Dew Drops. Use various sizes and different shades of pink for added interest.  Finally, create a title with chipboard letters partially overlapping the photos.
A Closer Look:
Other Supplies:
pattern paper / vellum
scallop border strips
chipboard alphabet
3 photos (4×6″)
liquid adhesive
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How to Make an American Flag with Diamond Drops

Hello Everyone,
Karen joining you today to show you how to make an American Flag with Diamond Dew Drops. I used the flag to embellish a card but I think the flag would look great on a scrapbook layout as well. It is super easy to do so grab your Diamond Dew Drops and follow me.


Other Supplies:

Old Glory Diamond Dew Drops

liquid adhesive
red/white/blue card stock
card base (5×7″)
bracket die cut

1. Assemble the design on a craft mat.  Place columns of red & white Diamond Dew Drops nine gems high. Alternate red and white to create stripes. Every 2-4 columns offset the placement of the gems to give the appearance of blowing/rippling fabric. Use blue Diamond Dew Drops to complete the upper left.

2. Apply liquid adhesive in a column on white card stock and move each gem into place. To align the columns precisely, place a ruler along the edge of the gems and press lightly.

(TIP – Alignment of the gems is critical in the creation of the image. What appears to be a minuscule gap will get increasingly more pronounced as the design expands. Be vigilant as you assemble each row to avoid frustration and disappointment later.)

3. Cut a bracket shape from white card stock. Matte the white bracket with blue card stock.  Attach red card stock to the front of a landscape card base leaving a narrow white frame.

4. When the glue has dried cut around the flag shape and adhere it inside the bracket.  Finally, adhere the embellishment centered on the card base.

A Closer Look:

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How to Embellish a Fun Summer Layout

Hi Crafty Gals,
Karen here…to share how I embellished a fun Summer layout.  I placed the Dew Drops to appear like bubbly clusters.  I used numerous colors and various sizes to create movement and placed a few of them over the photos to add more depth to the layout. Let’s go!


1.  Cut a 4×12″ strip of solid cardstock and then die cut a floral design into the corner. Adhere it vertically along the left edge of a patterned sheet of 12×12″ paper. Add a narrow strip of coordinating paper at the junction.

2. Matte the photos with coordinating card stock and decide their placement. Mark the area that will be covered by the photos lightly with a pencil. Remove the photos and carefully cut out any images from the background paper that can be used as embellishments. I removed a section of flowers and leaves and fussy cut them.



3. Adhere the photos to the layout and attach a strip (3×12″) of complementary patterned paper along the lower edge.

4. Next, add some of the rescued paper embellishments partially sticking out from behind the left photo. 

5. Add a variety of seashell stickers scattered underneath the photos.

6. Cut a 1 yard piece of plastic cording. Wind it into loose circles (5-6 times) to form a simple frame. Secure with a small bit of wire and place over the right photo. Use a needle and thread to sew a basting stitch along the edge of a strip of tulle. Gently pull the thread to gather the tulle and secure and add it to the top right of the frame.  Cut two daisy shapes from tulle netting and use a needle and thread to cinch the middle to give added dimension to the faux flower. Adhere a gem in the center and finally, attach it over the paper flower cluster.

7. Lastly, adhere a scattering of Dew Drops in bubble-like clusters around the layout. Use 3-4 colors of Dew Drops in various sizes for added effect.  (pink, blue, clear, pearl)

TIP:  To avoid disappointment and frustration, place Dew Drops on the layout without adhesive to practice the arrangement.  When you are satisfied, adhere them replacing the loose Dew Drops one at a time.  Alternatively, take a photo of the layout before you move anything so that you can refer to it when you are ready to glue everything into place.

A Closer Look at the Details…

Other Supplies:
pattern papers & card stock
liquid adhesive
2 photos (4×6″)
floral die
tulle / needle & thread
plastic cording
sticker embellishments
craft knife

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How to Make Cute Bugs with Dew Drops

Hi Gals, Karen with you today to share how I made cute little bugs with Dew Drops. These little bugs can make any cute spring project even cuter. A few lines or dots can transform a plain tear drop into a bee or a ladybug. Grab your black permanent marker and get ready to add some simple details. Check out my garden for some other creepy critters too.  Let’s get buzzy!

Red Tear Drops

Yellow Tear Drops

Black Dew Drops

Raindrops Tear Drops

Olive Mini Dew Drops


1. Use black ink to stamp a row of flowers along the lower edge of white card stock. Color the flowers as desired.

2. Trim and adhere to green glitter card stock leaving a narrow border and then attach to a card base.

3. Adhere an appropriate sentiment to the upper right corner.



4. Create a bee: Use a permanent black marker to add stripes to a yellow tear drop. Add 2 clear tear drops to create wings and 1 black round dew drop to create the head. Adhere them with clear drying liquid adhesive.  (TIP: Rotate the bee’s body to make bees facing both left & right)


5. Create a ladybug: Use a permanent black marker to add spots to 2 red tear drops. Attach them and add a single black dew drop for the head.

6. Adhere a row of small green dew drops to create a crawling caterpillar. To create a spider, adhere 2 black dew drops to create the spider’s body.  Finally, use a thin tip black marker to draw antenna, eyes, or feet as needed on the background paper.

Other Supplies:
daisy stamp / black ink pad
markers / colored pencils / watercolor paint / paint brush
thin tip permanent black marker
green glitter card stock & card base (6×6″)
liquid adhesive

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