How to Make Simple Cherry Embellishments

Hey There Everybody!

Happy New Year!…It’s Karen and I’m here to show you how to create simple (& cute) cherry embellishments with Dew Drops. It is so easy to add them to cards or scrapbook layouts. My little niece was wearing the cutest cherry dress which inspired me to develop her layout around this theme. I simply added Dew Drops over the design of the background pattern paper for a quick eye catching detail. The great thing is that even if you don’t have cherry paper, you can still form cherry clusters with Dew Drops and simply add the stem with a pen. Don’t forget, if you make your own cherry inspired project with Dew Drops please share it with us on The Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Page.

TIPS: I suggest when you are planning a project, look at the patterns within the papers to see if any of the small designs can be accentuated with Dew Drops.  A quick money saving tip to stretch your supplies is to use the clear Dew Drops because they can be glued over any color background.

1.  Assemble a border strip along the lower edge 3×12″ with coordinating paper. Add a 1″ strip along the bottom edge. Also, add a narrow .5″ scalloped strip along the top edge.

2. Carefully crop the faces from your photos by cutting your photos into circles using various size metal dies and a die cutting machine. (set them aside)

3. Cut out scalloped edge circles to matte each photo and adhere the photos to the center.

4. Adhere a cluster of 3 photos overlapping in the lower right corner.

5. Adhere the circular photos lightly overlapping.

6. Add chipboard accents and embellish the layout with faux cherries. Bring attention to the pattern in the background paper by attaching pink Dew Drops over the cherry designs and add green Tear Drops over the leaves.  Use clear drying liquid adhesive to attach the Dew Drops.
A Closer Look:

Other Supplies:
6 photos (4×5″)
liquid adhesive
pattern papers
circle & scallop circle metal dies
die cutting machine
navy blue card stock
border strips
chipboard embellishment
If you would like to see more of Karen’s wonderful creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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How to Make a Simple Frame with Dew Drops

Hey Girls,
It’s Karen on the blog today and I want to show you how easy it is to make a simple frame with Dew Drops. It looks very elegant to embellish the feature element of a card with an extra special frame instead of just matting the image.  Sadly, this card is my last project for 2020 but I will be back in the New Year with more ideas.  Happy Crafting in 2021!

Other Supplies:
ink pads (mint green & pink)
rubber stamps (sentiment & heart)
green card stock
silver card base (5×7″)
embossing folder & die cutting machine
liquid adhesive
ribbon / heart shaped gem / lace

1. Stamp a sentiment onto white card stock using mint green ink. With pink ink, stamp a heart overlapping the sentiment.

2.   Matte the stamped sentiment with foam tape onto mint green card stock. Emboss a silver card base with a dotty flourish design and adhere the sentiment to the top section of the card base.

3. To practice the placement, temporarily place the Dew Drops around the outer edge of the sentiment. Begin arranging them at a corner in order to create a neat & well balanced frame. Align the Dew Drops side by side by and adhere them with liquid adhesive.
4. Finally, embellish with a small bow, a heart shaped gem, & a lace border.
A Closer Look:

If you would like to see more of Karen’s beautiful creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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How to Embellish a Wooden Christmas Sign

Hello Ladies,
Karen here…to bring you some Christmas inspiration and show you how to easily embellish a plain wooden sign. Unfinished home decor shapes are a great inexpensive gift idea that you can get the kids involved in helping you complete.   Add as many Dew Drops as you dare indulge to create breath taking sparkle. You will definitely “wow” the grandparents or other lucky recipients.  Please share your projects with us on the Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Page.
Other Supplies: wooden hanging decoration
acrylic paint (white, green, brown, red, silver)
paint brush / clear liquid adhesive

1. Cover your work surface to protect it from any paint splatters.  Paint the wooden sign with a base coat of white acrylic paint.

2. When thoroughly dry, lightly sketch any guidelines that will help you paint the details. Paint each letter a different color.

3. Now the fun begins; plan your design by temporarily placing the Dew Drops until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Consider possibly outlining, filling in, or creating a unique pattern. Even a random mixture of colors and shapes can be very beautiful.

(TIP:  Before you move any Dew Drops, take some photos to avoid the frustration of being unable to recreate the design from memory.  Additionally, taking photos is helpful when you are having trouble deciding between different arrangements or colors which allows you to compare between two designs.)

(alternate arrangement of Diamond Dew Drops)

4.  Use 5 Diamond Dew Drops to form a star shape. Finally, adhere the Dew Drops with clear drying liquid adhesive. 

A Closer Look:

If you would like to see more of Karen’s beautiful creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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How to Make Christmas Berries with Red Dew Drops

Hi Friends,

Karen here today…Let me show you how easy it is to use red Dew Drops to create holly berries and quickly embellish Christmas cards.  This is a great way to give added dimension to your handmade cards this year.  Time to ‘Deck the Halls’ and get creating!


Robins Red Dew Drops

1.  Stamp the pine branch using green & brown ink overlapping the edge of the linen paper.  Repeat stamping the design being sure to rotate and angle the stamp differently with each new impression until the background is filled.

Unfortunately…my brown ink pad was dry so I colored directly
onto the stamp with a brown marker.

2. Stamp a Christmas greeting onto red card stock and fussy cut it.
Next, adhere it to the center of the card using foam tape.
3.  Cut some holly from green card stock, add faux stitching detail with a thin black marker, and adhere the holly cluster.  Finally, use clear adhesive to attach the red faux berry Dew Drops.

A Closer Look:

If you would like to see more of Karen’s amazing creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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How to Enhance Dew Drops with Micro Beads

Hey Friends,
Karen here…We all know that Dew Drops are beautiful but did you know you can enhance Dew Drops.  In previous projects I have used permanent pens to embellish Dew Drops and I have also added glitter glue to Dew Drops for a bit of extra sparkle.   This time I am adding micro beads around the edge of the Dew Drop to create a stunning center for a flower.

Supplies: Classified Dew Drops (Pearl)


There were many techniques used to create the flowers.  Flowers were stamped onto paper, vellum, and mulberry.  Carefully, fussy cut the flowers and gently bend the petals over your finger to create dimension.  Next, I used a needle and thread to cinch the center of the mulberry for more realistic petals.  Stamp a ballerina silhouette onto white card stock.  Then apply purple embossing powder, heat set, and carefully fussy cut the image.  Use a needle and thread to gather a piece of pink tulle to create the ballerina’s tutu.  Adhere pearl Dew Drops or clusters of three Dew Drops to create the center of the flowers.  Next, use a liquid adhesive to attach those super tiny micro beads.  Gently pour the micro beads over the wet adhesive.  Use a deep plastic storage box and place the project in it to help contain the runaway beads. (aka: tricky little escape artists)  Clean up is easier if you avoid using a cardboard box with flaps and crevices.  Layer the pattern papers and create a cluster of flower embellishments with one flower overlapping the top edge of the card.  Finally, adhere the dancer, embellish with glitter glue, and add a music note brad.

Other Supplies:
tools – heat gun, watermark ink pad, ink pads (lilac & pink), embossing powder (purple), needle & thread
liquid adhesive (Best Glue Ever – ScraPerfect)
paper – black pattern paper, music sheet paper, pink mulberry, vellum
stamps – flowers & dancer silhouette (The Artistic Stamper)
embellishments – micro beads, music note brad, pink glitter glue, washi tape, pink tulle



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How to Make a Frame with Dew Drops

Hi There,
It’s Karen here today… to share how I embellished a frame for a little boy’s scrapbook layout. I created the frame using Black Diamond Dew Drops placed in a row to highlight the featured pocket card.  I used Silver Dew Drops as faux brads so they appear to be attaching the ribbon flags and also to embellish the little car’s hubcaps.  Let’s take a look!

Other Supplies:  plaid paper, black card stock, twill ribbon, liquid adhesive, black ink pad,
black embossing powder, heat gun, rubber stamps (car theme)


1. Matte 3 photos with coordinating card stock leaving a narrow border.

2.  Adhere a 4″ strip of brick background to the top of some ledger paper.  Add a 1″ border paper strip along the lower edge of the layout to make a street.

3.  Stamp and heat emboss some car themed embellishments with black embossing powder.

4. Select a 4×5″ pocket card and adhere the stamped edge to the top and bottom edge of the frame. Next, adhere black diamond Dew Drops in a line to form the edges of the frame.

5.  Arrange the photos and pocket card in an overlapping cluster and adhere.

6.  Cut 3 strips of ribbon and cut a notch out of one end to create a flag. Attach a cluster of 3 flags to the central photo. Carefully fussy cut some individual bricks and the stamped car image and adhere.

7.   Attach the bricks randomly on the background to create realistic dimension.

8. For the finishing touch, add Silver Dew Drops to appear as faux brads securing the ribbon flags, as well as, embellishing the little car’s hubcaps and along the top edge of the frame of the pocket card.

A Closer Look:





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If you would like to see more of Karen’s inspiring projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.

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How to Embellish a Sugar Skull with Dew Drops

Hi Guys,
Karen here…to share an easy way to create a sugar skull card and embellish it with Dew Drops.  Also, I included a Halloween Card as a bonus project. Don’t forget,  Black Dew Drops do make cute spiders!  Time to get busy on your Halloween projects and please do share your creations with us on the Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Group.

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Directions Card 1: Emboss black card stock with spider web design. Attach the embossed image to a white card base leaving a narrow border. Add highlights to the spider web using a fine tip gel pen. (white & glitter) Adhere different color Dew Drops to the skull using clear drying liquid adhesive. When thoroughly dry, carefully adhere the skull to the card base.

Supplies Card 1: skull die cut, white card base (5×7″)
black card stock, web embossing folder, liquid adhesive, gel pens (white & glitter)

Black White Silver Red Dew Drops

Primary Dew Drops

Skies Mini Dew Drops

Also, I included a Halloween Card as a bonus project. Don’t forget, Black Dew Drops do make cute spiders!  Time to get busy on your Halloween projects and please share your creations with us on the Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Group.

Directions Card 2:  Emboss the front of an orange card base with a spider web design. Add highlights to the spider web using a fine tip gel pen. (white & glitter) Make three spiders by adhering black Dew Drops to the spider to create the 3-D body. To create a kinetic element on the card, hang the spiders by attaching a silver thread to each. Finally, fold each thread over the top edge of the card base and secure with a strip of washi tape on the inside of the top edge. Lastly, add a Halloween sentiment.



Supplies Card 2: web embossing folder, orange card base (5×7″)

full moon with witch rubber stamp, black & yellow ink pad, ink blending tool,

silver thread, spider & cat die cuts, washi-tape Halloween sentiment

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If you would like to see more of Karen’s inspiring projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.

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How to Make Simple Minnie Mouse Embellishments with Dew Drops

Hello Crafty Ladies,
Make your own unique Disney inspired embellishments with Black Dew Drops. Two small round above a large Dew Drop is a simple way to make the iconic Mickey/Minnie Mouse silhouette that is instantly recognizable. This is an economical way to add Disney charm to your layouts without the expense of buying costly stickers or die cut embellishments.


1.  Adhere a piece of scalloped edge white card stock to a piece of black 12×12″ card stock.

TIP: You may notice that I removed a large bit of paper from the center of the scalloped sheet. It happened to be a double sided paper with a pretty pattern and since that area would be covered up, I could remove it and stretch my supplies further. Next, I carefully marked the area lightly with a pencil which could be removed. Then I used a craft knife to rescue that section of paper for use in a future project.

2. Cut a sheet of polka dot paper 10×10″. Next, create a frame by applying black glitter Washi Tape half overlapping the edge and then fold the remaining half to the back.  Repeat on all four sides or for an alternative, simply matte the polka dot paper with black glitter card stock leaving a narrow edge.

3. Crop the photos and then matte the main focal photo with coordinating card stock. Attach the two photos clustered together near the right lower edge.

4. Carefully trim around, the remaining head-shots. Adhere them to the layout. By tucking them behind other photos, it appears that the subject is peeking out.

TIP:  When you select a photo to fussy cut find an image with the least amount of fine details.
To prevent undue frustration, avoid profiles and those photos with intricate strands of hair.
My subject was wearing a hood which made it an ideal choice since there was no detailed hair
or delicate ears to carefully trim around.

5. Cut 3 circles (1.5″ & 3″) from black card stock and adhere them together to create a simple mouse silhouette. Add the subject’s initial letter to the center of the embellishment. Next, create 3 bows by using a needle and thread to gather a piece of tulle. Cinch it securely to form a small bow and adhere a gem to the center.

6. Attach some black Dew Drops to a sheet of glue dots. Assemble the tiny mouse silhouette using 1 large round and 2 small round Dew Drops. Adhere them to the layout randomly at slight varying angles to create a confetti like appearance.

TIP: To avoid disappointment, practice the placement of the Dew Drops before applying the glue dots. Also, take a photo of the layout so that you can refer to it when gluing the Dew Drops into the mouse head formation.

7. Add 3 additional medium circle embellishments to complete the layout.

A Look at the Details…

Other Supplies:
4 photos (4×6″)
pattern paper / scallop edge paper /card stock (black & white)
black glitter card stock, circle punch, chipboard alphabet
pink tulle, needle & thread
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How to Use Vellum with Dew Drops

Hello Robin’s Nest Fans,
Karen here to share a quick and effective technique of combining vellum over Dew Drops.  This is the first time I used vellum over Dew Drops. I simply love the subtle and blended colors created by adding the vellum overlay.   I recommend using brightly colored Dew Drops as the color will become slightly muted when covered by vellum. Let me show you!

1. Die cut a floral heart frame onto white pearl cardstock. Place the frame over a piece of white cardstock and lightly trace around the heart shape.  Begin to plan out the spacing of Dew Drops by filling in the heart shape.  When you are satisfied the arrangement and balance of colors, glue the Dew Drops in place with liquid adhesive.

(Notice the difference in the intensity of the colors where the vellum is covering the Dew Drops.)

2.  Adhere a piece of vellum over the back of the heart shaped opening. Apply foam tape to the back of the floral frame which will allow for the depth of the Dew Drops.  This is needed to create extra depth and will allow the Dew Drops to fit without pressing against the vellum.


3. Adhere the Dew Drop filled heart to the back of the frame.

4.  Use white card stock to emboss a floral background and adhere it to a white card base leaving a narrow boarder.

5.  Adhere the dew drop heart floral frame to the center of card.
Other Supplies:
white pearl cardstock / vellum / white cardstock
floral embossing folder
floral frame metal die
die cutting machine
card base 5×7″
liquid adhesive / foam tape

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If you try adding vellum over Dew Drops, don’t forget to share your creations with us on
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If you would like to see more of Karen’s clever projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.

How to Embellish Images with Dew Drops

Hi Guys,
It is Karen here today to bring my layout with stamped embellishments.  I took inspiration from my little niece’s cute dress to make this layout.   The little bee is visible which is why I stamped and fussy cut numerous chubby bees to embellish the layout.

Unfortunately, the little watermelon embroidered design on the dress didn’t make it in the photo so I added a sweet chipboard watermelon slice instead.


  • Trim a piece of polka dot paper 1/4″ and attach to a coordinating color leaving a narrow border.
  • Use a fancy edge punch to cut a strip of scrolled lacy border onto white card stock.
  • Create a 4″ border with paper strip and attach to the lower edge of the layout.
  • Matte 2 photos together with a narrow border of yellow card stock.
  • Adhere to the photo block to the center of the layout.
  • Use black ink pad to stamp bees onto white card stock, color yellow, and fussy cut.
  • Add clear varnish to the bee’s wings and set aside to dry.
  • For the title, add a scrolling sentiment along the bottom edge.
  • Attach a Round Black Dew Drop to create the bee’s head.
  • Adhere a random scattering of Black Tear Drops as faux watermelon seeds.
  • Finally, attach Yellow Tear Drops as the faux juicy lemon pulp.


Sunflower Seeds Tear Drops

Black Dew Drops                                                                                     Black Tear Drops

Supplies:  2 photos (4×6″)
pattern papers / borders
cardstock (yellow & white)
bee stamp (Stampendous)
black ink pad / yellow marker
lace edge paper punch / craft knife
chipboard embellishment / sticker word
liquid adhesive (Best Glue Ever – ScraPerfect)
transparent medium (Glossy Accents – Ranger)
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If you would like to see more of Karen’s unique projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.