Magnetic Frames and Dew Drops

Hello, Kelly here, hope you have a happy holiday! I am on the eve of Christmas and looking forward to spending time with family. Today, I have some quick and easy magnetic frames to hold all those special memories that are made this time of year.

Supplies –

Magnetic frames
These frames were fun to make, I used the coordinating color of Dew Drops to the frame, I started to glue them on and would do about 3 dew drops at a time then work on the other frame. This would allow the glue to set a bit before I added more along the edge. The frames look so much better! I love the Dew Drops on them. These will be put on my fridge with pictures of my kids after the holidays!




Hope you try blinging up some of the items around your house using Robin’s Nest Dew Drops!
This is my last post for Robin’s Nest, but I will be using Dew Drops on many projects to come, stayed tuned!

Sun Home Decor

Hello, I had some extra projects using Dew Drops this month so I have posted them on Thursdays if you are interested in seeing more ideas using Robin’s Nest Dew Drops.

This project consists of using a Sun decoration I found at a thrift store. I love reusing items – found items – to give them a new life!

Supplies –

Sun decoration
I found my sun at the thrift store so when I got it home, I cleaned it up and then brushed some ink over it to brighten it up a bit. I let this dry and then used my Wilshire Diamond Dew Drops and glue added a bit of bling to the front of the piece. It is now ready for hanging!


Thanks for stopping by!! See you soon, Kelly Parker

Snowflake Ornaments with Dew Drops

Hello! Kelly on the blog today, I love making and gifting ornaments. I started when we got married, 34 years ago gifting an ornament to my husband every year, and then when I had my kids, they received an ornament every year, when they moved out, they had a stash of ornaments to take with them! I still make ornaments for my family.

To start these ornaments, I bought some snowflakes at the Dollar Store, then decorated them with Dew Drops in various colors. You can find all kinds of beautiful colors of Dew Drops at Robin’s Nest.

Supplies –

Clear glue
To start these snowflake ornaments, I decided on the colors I wanted to use and then applied a dab of glue and the Dew Drop. I let this side dry and then did the same thing on the backside, so there are Dew Drops on both sides of each snowflake.



These were so easy to make and they are so pretty! Everyone will be getting a snowflake ornament this year!
Thanks for stopping by and remember to get all your Dew Drops at Robin’s Nest!

Christmas Tags with Dew Drops

Hello, Kelly on the blog today with Robin’s Nest Dew Drops creating some Christmas tags for all of those gifts I will be gifting this year! Let’s get started!

Supplies –

Shipping tags
Red cardstock
White embossing powder
Gold embossing powder
Ink Spray
To start these tags, I looked for a larger stamp that would cover a large part of the tag. I then stamped with Versamark embossing ink then using embossing powder on the tags. On these first tags, I used white and gold embossing powder then sprayed green ink on the white embossed tag and let it dry. While that tag was drying, I decided on my Dew Drop colors and added Crimson and Kelly Green dew drops to both tags.





For my next set of tags, I used red cardstock, white embossing powder and Raindrop Dew Drops. I love the red tags!




Thanks for stopping by and check out all of the wonderful colors of Dew Drops at Robin’s Nest!

Mistletoe Banner

Hello!! I just love Christmas and all of the trimmings so I decided to create a mistletoe banner for those unsuspecting people that linger in the doorways!

I am on the blog today with Robin’s Nest Dew Drops using their preprinted canvas and Christmas Dew Drops. Here is a close up of the canvas the drops.
To create this banner, I used spray inks on the canvas in two greens and set it aside to dry.


After it was dry, I glued on the red dew drops (berries) over the canvas. I also added some brads in the corners of the canvas and jute to hang the banner. Here is the completed banner, all ready for Christmas!
Robin’ Nest has all kinds of shapes and colors of dewdrops, make sure you stop by and check them out!! Thanks for stopping by. -Kelly Parker

Be Merry! Slimline Card

Hello, my artsy friends, Kelly Parker on the blog today! Hope you are all ready for the holidays, they are right around the corner.  Today, I am on the blog with Robin’s Nest Dew Drops and a slimline card.

I used a rubber stamp of lights on my card stamping it multiple times down the front of the card. I then used two colors of Distress Inks in green to go over the front. I let this dry and sorted out the teardrop dewdrops in assorted colors called Gum Drops to look like Christmas lights, these were applied to the lights on the card with glue. I stamped the Be Merry along the bottom of the card and add white dots with acrylic paint.

One Christmas card down, many more to go! When do you start your Christmas cards?


Thanks for stopping by and have a merry holiday!

Sparkly DIamond Candle Holder

Hello, on the blog with Robin’s Nest dew drops and a beautiful candle holder!  I love using dew drops for all kinds of home decor projects.

Supplies used –
Art Glitter Glue
This project looks like it takes a long time to finish but in reality, I was probably about 1/2 an hour. It took the longest time to line up the red dew drops along the bottom and then from there adding the rest of the colors went pretty fast.
To start with, I lined up about 5 of the red dew drops then added a few of the orange ones this helped with keeping them straight. I also made sure to set the candle down on the table for adjustment.
I laid out my dew drops in rainbow colors and then started to glue then in place, completely covering the candle.



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Fairy Spools

Hello, today I am with Robin’s Nest Dew Drops! I have created some Fairy Spools.
I used the following products –
Grafix Shrink Film
Wooden thread spool
Paper flowers
Lace and muslin
Glue gun
Black Sharpie Marker
To start this project, print off your images on to the Grafiz Shrink Film and cut them out, then bake them to the manufacturer’s directions on the package. Remember they will shrink about 50% so print your images according to that measurement. I printed my images about 4″ tall and they shrank to approximately 2″ tall.
Using a Sharpie marker, I colored the edges of the image black. Using the glue gun, I attached my fairy to the top of the spool and then filled around her feet with flowers and Dew Drops.


Next, wrap the spool with lace or muslin and use a pin for decoration and add the dew drops to base. Here are the finished pieces.


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Necklace with Dew Drops

Hello! Today I am on the blog for Robin’s Nest using their dew drops, brightly colored drops of awesomeness!!  

I created this necklace using the following items – 
Tim Holtz pocket watch
18″ Ball Chain
First, I decided on the image I wanted to use them using the template from the watch packaging, I cut out the face and glued it to the inside back of the pocket watch. I then added 5 pink dew drops and left them loose inside, snapped the back on the watch, added the chain and it is ready to wear! 
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Purple Dreams Collage

Hello, today I created a collage for Robin’s Nest using purple dew drops, paint, and collage materials. 

I started with a piece of cardboard as the base for this collage then built up the layers starting with gesso, acrylic paint, and some water. I then used Distress ink and TCW stencil Sunflower Mandala to create some depth to the center of the collage. then added some modeling paste to the background along the edges with a TCW stencil. Using black ink along the edges to enhance the piece I then glued down the image from Gecko Galz and added the purple dew drops.

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