EASY Decor with Dew Drops and Epoxy

Hello Crafters!
I’m a bit giddy about this project, it was an “experiment” that actually worked. SUPER EASY, TOO!
I mentioned in my previous Robin’s Nest Design Team post of Aug 10, 2020 that I’ve been playing around with epoxy.  I wasn’t quite sure how the Dew Drops were going to behave in the thick liquid, but they performed like a Champion!

Dew Drops by Robin’s Nest
2 part clear epoxy medium
silicone mold
Art glitter

1. Select a silicone mold shape.
2. Pour a nice bouquet of colors and shapes of Dew Drops into the mold. (The more, the better!)
I used green, purple, aqua, and yellow.
3. Mix epoxy medium according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add glitter that compliments the color choices of the Dew Drops. (I used purple and gold glitter).
4. Pour the epoxy mixture into the mold. Fill the mold, completely to the top.
5. Let set overnight.
6. Remove the hardened epoxy shape from the mold, gently.  VIOLA!

So easy, yet gorgeous!  I might be going on a pouring frenzy.  I hope you’re inspired to pull out your dusty silicone molds and give it a try, too!

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DREAM – Mixed Media Canvas

Hello fellow crafters!
I’m excited about today’s project, it’s jammed packed full of techniques and many different mediums.

Hyacinth Dew Drops – Robin’s Nest
11X14 Canvas
PrismaColor Watercolor pencils, multiple blues and purples
USArtQuest metallic watercolors (blue and lavender)
Copper and Purple glitter glue (stickles) – Ranger Ink
Copper skeleton leaves
Epoxy and silicone mold (alphabet)
purple, blue and copper glitter
Flourish rubber stamps – Stampin Up!
Clear pigment pad for embossing, embossing pen
Electric blue and purple Ultra Thick Embossing Powder – Ranger Ink
Clear spray sealer, matte and glossy
Various adhesives (craft glue, Mod Podge, E-6000)
1. Draw a dream catcher without feathers, (or find one of many on-line). Mine was done on white paper first, then traced on to the canvas.
     a. Drafting and quilting tools can be a tremendous help when drawing or designing. These are ALVIN brand (Germany).  The half circle template is a quilting tool by EZQuilt (Massachusetts, USA). Sometimes, a ruler doesn’t hurt either :o)

b. I tried taping the paper pattern behind the canvas, but it didn’t last long so I held it as I traced.
c. *** Use an ink pen or sharpie, so your design won’t run.

2. Randomly scribble watercolor pencil in horizontal patches of various blues and purples until the background is mostly covered.

3. Using a 3/4″ to 1″ wide artist brush and water, blend watercolor pencil.
4. Accent some areas with metallic watercolors. Let dry completely, then spray with matte sealer. 
5. Place dew drops where desired and adhere. The center has 6 brown diamond shaped drops.
6. Apply the glitter glue. Rim is copper, the rest is purple. Let dry completely.
7. Use Mod Podge to decoupage the skeleton leaves in place.
8. Stamp flourishes around edges with clear pigment for embossing. *If the canvas is on a frame, slide a sturdy piece of chipboard underneath the frame from behind to create a level stamping surface.

9. Mix purple and blue UTEE or embossing powder together, apply to pigment, dump off excess and heat emboss.

(1) Before heat embossing the stamped/powdered images, check for strays or over stamped areas. It can be touched up easily by removing unwanted areas with a tiny artist brush. Don’t expect perfection, sometimes the powder moves when you point the heat gun at it :o)
(2) UTEE has larger granules than regular EP, sometimes the finer lines don’t stick. These can be touched up after the first heat set with an embossing pen and more UTEE, heat set again.

10. You can use any lettering technique you love. I recently bought some new toys and wanted to play with epoxy and silicone molds.  (Entire alphabet is on one sheet/mold.)  Mix epoxy per manufacturers instructions, add glitter (purple, blue and copper). Pour into mold and set until firm. (overnight, to be sure)

11. Pop the alphabet out of the mold and adhere to the canvas with E-6000 adhesive.

12. Seal the entire project with glossy spray sealer.

If you ever have any questions about my projects or techniques, or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to help!
Have a fabulous week, Craft on!


Create Art – A Beautiful Tag Using Dew Drops

Hi everyone, welcome to another tutorial. I was really strapped for time with this project but came up with a very quick and easy tag design that you can do in under thirty minutes.  You need very few craft supplies and of course Dew Drops.
Isn’t that beautiful? I have a quick tutorial below and a list of supplies you will need.
Supplies needed:
matte medium
printed tissue paper (I used one by Tim Holtz)
any quote or words you would like to put on your tag
yellow inkpad and applicator
Follow the steps below:
1) Using matte medium, stick the tissue paper onto the tag. Go over the top once it is stuck down.
2) When dry, add yellow ink to any uncovered areas.


3) Go around edges of embellishment with the yellow ink.
4) Stick down with embellishment glue.


5) Add the Dew Drops.  I made a flower at the top and scattered some around.



Your all done!
I loved this project. It is versatile and you can easily adapt it to the supplies you have at home. Another fabulous way to use your Dew Drops!

You can find Dew Drop at


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You can find Dew Drops online at The Robin’s Nest.
Happy Crafting!

Dew Drops and Butterflies

Hi everyone,  I have a really cute project for you today that is so easy to make. You will need some butterfly die-cuts or store-bought embellishments and a few other supplies. A complete list of items used is below.

I used the Dew Drops to embellish the butterfly bodies. Isn’t that beautiful? I have a tutorial below with all the steps to make this beautiful tag.

Supplies used:


Golden Berry Dew Drops
Distress Oxide Shabby Shutters and Seedless Preserves
Spray bottle with water
Embellishment glue
Sponger blender
Butterfly embellishments
ribbon or yarn


Step One

Apply the Distress Oxide covering the entire tag. Blend as you go along.


Step Two

Give it a light spritz of water. Allow it to dry.


Step Three

Arrange your butterfly embellishments and stick down with glue.


Step Four

Add the Dew Drops on the butterfly bodies.  Stick down with embellishment glue.

Step Five

Add your ribbon or yarn and you are all done!

Here is a closeup for you.
Thanks for stopping by! You can share your creations with us on our Facebook page. We would love to see them! For more inspiration have a look around the blog. There are a variety of tutorials for many levels using Dew Drops. You can also visit my blog at have a lot of free tutorials and offer many workshops.
You can find Dew Drops online at The Robin’s Nest.
Happy Crafting!

Dew Drop Faberge Egg

Hello, on the Robin’s Nest blog today with Dew Drop Fabrege Bunny Egg!

I have to apologize, I didn’t take process pictures but I will do my best to describe what I did to the egg. Here’s a sneak peek of the finished project!

First of all, the egg is brown kraft so use white gesso over the entire egg and let dry. Then use blue acrylic paint as a first layer on the egg. I then used another blue with some metallic shine daubing it over the entire piece. I wanted the first layer of blue to show through so that is why the second layer is daubed over the piece. Make sure to let this dry completely before moving on to the next step.
After the egg is dry, using a bunny image from Gecko Galz, I cut it into an oval shape and glued it down onto the egg. I did make a few cuts along the edges to make the shape lay down better on the rounded surface. Let this stage dry.
I then used yellow acrylic paint and a small stencil I made from cardboard and painted small dots all over the egg. When this layer was dry, I took my black sharpie marker and made scribble lines around each dot.
I then used the Lily Pad Dew Drops around the edge of the oval bunnies and the yellow dewdrops from the Flame Dew Drops in the dots. I now have my very own Dew Drop Fabriage Egg!
Can’t wait to see what you make with your dew drops! Stop by soon. XOXO Kelly