How to Embellish a Photo with Dew Drops

Hey There,
It’s Karen here to show you how simple it is to embellish a photo with Dew Drops. Make a faux frame of Dew Drops along the edge of the photo. You can create various looks by changing the closeness of the Dew Drops. I chose to space the white round Dew Drops about .25″ apart in order to reflect the design on the background paper.

White Dew Drops

1. Trim .25″ off 2 sides of patterned paper. Matte the trimmed paper with white card stock.

2.  Mimic the design element on the scrapbook paper by creating a similar circle frame. Snip 2″ along the edge about every 1.25″  Next, matte the sliced circle with blue card stock.  

3.  Crop 2 photos into circle shapes. Adhere the large photo onto the blue and white circle.

4. Then, adhere the photo to the layout.

5. Place the photo onto the layout and lightly mark with a pencil the area of paper that will be hidden behind the photo and can be removed. Cut out that section with a craft knife. Carefully cut out any elements in the paper that can be used to embellish the layout.

6. Create a cluster in the upper right corner with a small circle photo.  Add a large title and summer embellishments.

7. Finally, adhere white Dew Drops with liquid adhesive along the edge of the large photo.

Other Supplies:
photo 8×10″ & 4×5″
patterned paper
white & blue card stock
circle punch
embellishments: title & flip flops
liquid adhesive
If you would like to see more of Karen’s beautiful creations,
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How to Make Simple Cherry Embellishments

Hey There Everybody!

Happy New Year!…It’s Karen and I’m here to show you how to create simple (& cute) cherry embellishments with Dew Drops. It is so easy to add them to cards or scrapbook layouts. My little niece was wearing the cutest cherry dress which inspired me to develop her layout around this theme. I simply added Dew Drops over the design of the background pattern paper for a quick eye catching detail. The great thing is that even if you don’t have cherry paper, you can still form cherry clusters with Dew Drops and simply add the stem with a pen. Don’t forget, if you make your own cherry inspired project with Dew Drops please share it with us on The Robin’s Nest Fan Facebook Page.

TIPS: I suggest when you are planning a project, look at the patterns within the papers to see if any of the small designs can be accentuated with Dew Drops.  A quick money saving tip to stretch your supplies is to use the clear Dew Drops because they can be glued over any color background.

1.  Assemble a border strip along the lower edge 3×12″ with coordinating paper. Add a 1″ strip along the bottom edge. Also, add a narrow .5″ scalloped strip along the top edge.

2. Carefully crop the faces from your photos by cutting your photos into circles using various size metal dies and a die cutting machine. (set them aside)

3. Cut out scalloped edge circles to matte each photo and adhere the photos to the center.

4. Adhere a cluster of 3 photos overlapping in the lower right corner.

5. Adhere the circular photos lightly overlapping.

6. Add chipboard accents and embellish the layout with faux cherries. Bring attention to the pattern in the background paper by attaching pink Dew Drops over the cherry designs and add green Tear Drops over the leaves.  Use clear drying liquid adhesive to attach the Dew Drops.
A Closer Look:

Other Supplies:
6 photos (4×5″)
liquid adhesive
pattern papers
circle & scallop circle metal dies
die cutting machine
navy blue card stock
border strips
chipboard embellishment
If you would like to see more of Karen’s wonderful creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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How to Make a Frame with Dew Drops

Hi There,
It’s Karen here today… to share how I embellished a frame for a little boy’s scrapbook layout. I created the frame using Black Diamond Dew Drops placed in a row to highlight the featured pocket card.  I used Silver Dew Drops as faux brads so they appear to be attaching the ribbon flags and also to embellish the little car’s hubcaps.  Let’s take a look!

Other Supplies:  plaid paper, black card stock, twill ribbon, liquid adhesive, black ink pad,
black embossing powder, heat gun, rubber stamps (car theme)


1. Matte 3 photos with coordinating card stock leaving a narrow border.

2.  Adhere a 4″ strip of brick background to the top of some ledger paper.  Add a 1″ border paper strip along the lower edge of the layout to make a street.

3.  Stamp and heat emboss some car themed embellishments with black embossing powder.

4. Select a 4×5″ pocket card and adhere the stamped edge to the top and bottom edge of the frame. Next, adhere black diamond Dew Drops in a line to form the edges of the frame.

5.  Arrange the photos and pocket card in an overlapping cluster and adhere.

6.  Cut 3 strips of ribbon and cut a notch out of one end to create a flag. Attach a cluster of 3 flags to the central photo. Carefully fussy cut some individual bricks and the stamped car image and adhere.

7.   Attach the bricks randomly on the background to create realistic dimension.

8. For the finishing touch, add Silver Dew Drops to appear as faux brads securing the ribbon flags, as well as, embellishing the little car’s hubcaps and along the top edge of the frame of the pocket card.

A Closer Look:





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If you would like to see more of Karen’s inspiring projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.

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How to Make Simple Minnie Mouse Embellishments with Dew Drops

Hello Crafty Ladies,
Make your own unique Disney inspired embellishments with Black Dew Drops. Two small round above a large Dew Drop is a simple way to make the iconic Mickey/Minnie Mouse silhouette that is instantly recognizable. This is an economical way to add Disney charm to your layouts without the expense of buying costly stickers or die cut embellishments.


1.  Adhere a piece of scalloped edge white card stock to a piece of black 12×12″ card stock.

TIP: You may notice that I removed a large bit of paper from the center of the scalloped sheet. It happened to be a double sided paper with a pretty pattern and since that area would be covered up, I could remove it and stretch my supplies further. Next, I carefully marked the area lightly with a pencil which could be removed. Then I used a craft knife to rescue that section of paper for use in a future project.

2. Cut a sheet of polka dot paper 10×10″. Next, create a frame by applying black glitter Washi Tape half overlapping the edge and then fold the remaining half to the back.  Repeat on all four sides or for an alternative, simply matte the polka dot paper with black glitter card stock leaving a narrow edge.

3. Crop the photos and then matte the main focal photo with coordinating card stock. Attach the two photos clustered together near the right lower edge.

4. Carefully trim around, the remaining head-shots. Adhere them to the layout. By tucking them behind other photos, it appears that the subject is peeking out.

TIP:  When you select a photo to fussy cut find an image with the least amount of fine details.
To prevent undue frustration, avoid profiles and those photos with intricate strands of hair.
My subject was wearing a hood which made it an ideal choice since there was no detailed hair
or delicate ears to carefully trim around.

5. Cut 3 circles (1.5″ & 3″) from black card stock and adhere them together to create a simple mouse silhouette. Add the subject’s initial letter to the center of the embellishment. Next, create 3 bows by using a needle and thread to gather a piece of tulle. Cinch it securely to form a small bow and adhere a gem to the center.

6. Attach some black Dew Drops to a sheet of glue dots. Assemble the tiny mouse silhouette using 1 large round and 2 small round Dew Drops. Adhere them to the layout randomly at slight varying angles to create a confetti like appearance.

TIP: To avoid disappointment, practice the placement of the Dew Drops before applying the glue dots. Also, take a photo of the layout so that you can refer to it when gluing the Dew Drops into the mouse head formation.

7. Add 3 additional medium circle embellishments to complete the layout.

A Look at the Details…

Other Supplies:
4 photos (4×6″)
pattern paper / scallop edge paper /card stock (black & white)
black glitter card stock, circle punch, chipboard alphabet
pink tulle, needle & thread
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How to Embellish Images with Dew Drops

Hi Guys,
It is Karen here today to bring my layout with stamped embellishments.  I took inspiration from my little niece’s cute dress to make this layout.   The little bee is visible which is why I stamped and fussy cut numerous chubby bees to embellish the layout.

Unfortunately, the little watermelon embroidered design on the dress didn’t make it in the photo so I added a sweet chipboard watermelon slice instead.


  • Trim a piece of polka dot paper 1/4″ and attach to a coordinating color leaving a narrow border.
  • Use a fancy edge punch to cut a strip of scrolled lacy border onto white card stock.
  • Create a 4″ border with paper strip and attach to the lower edge of the layout.
  • Matte 2 photos together with a narrow border of yellow card stock.
  • Adhere to the photo block to the center of the layout.
  • Use black ink pad to stamp bees onto white card stock, color yellow, and fussy cut.
  • Add clear varnish to the bee’s wings and set aside to dry.
  • For the title, add a scrolling sentiment along the bottom edge.
  • Attach a Round Black Dew Drop to create the bee’s head.
  • Adhere a random scattering of Black Tear Drops as faux watermelon seeds.
  • Finally, attach Yellow Tear Drops as the faux juicy lemon pulp.


Sunflower Seeds Tear Drops

Black Dew Drops                                                                                     Black Tear Drops

Supplies:  2 photos (4×6″)
pattern papers / borders
cardstock (yellow & white)
bee stamp (Stampendous)
black ink pad / yellow marker
lace edge paper punch / craft knife
chipboard embellishment / sticker word
liquid adhesive (Best Glue Ever – ScraPerfect)
transparent medium (Glossy Accents – Ranger)
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How to Make Cute Mini Strawberry & Bee Embellishments

It’s Karen here…to show you how I transformed Tear Drops into cute strawberries & bees.  All you need is a fine tip permanent marker and Tear Drops.  I used them to embellish a double page scrapbook layout and I can’t wait to see how they could be used on cards.  Please share your creations with us on The Crafty Nest Facebook Page.

             Red Tear Drops                             Black Dew Drops


                                        Yellow Tear Drops                    Yellow Dew Drops                                           

1. Matte 6 photos with black card stock leaving a narrow border.  Matte the focal photo with a white scalloped edge border. Add a scalloped edge frame to a 4×4″ photo.
2. Position the photos in an overlapping row with gentle angles. Add a large embellishment cluster in the left corner.

(TIP: Before I adhere anything to the background paper, I stage the layout without adhesive.  When a large section of the background paper is going to be covered by photos, I remove the pattern paper that will be behind them.  This allows you to make good use of your supplies.  I rescued two large sections of paper to be used for other projects by carefully marking with a pencil the outline of the section that could be cut away with a craft knife.  I wound up making some flags from the excess paper which were used as embellishments.  This would not have been possible if I had adhered everything to pattern paper when I first began to plan the layout.)

(after – attached the pattern paper to white cardstock for added stability)

(4×10″ paper section for another project)

3. Use a permanent black marker to draw seeds onto red tear drops.

4. Use green card stock and a paper punch to cut some small flowers. Fold small daisy flowers in half to create a leafy cluster. Adhere to the top of each strawberry.
5. Adhere Yellow Round Dew Drops to the centers of small white paper flowers. Adhere, small clusters with strawberries, leaves, and white flowers.

6. Create bees: Use a permanent black marker to add stripes to yellow Tear Drops to create bee bodies. Add 2 clear Tear Drops to form the wings. Add a round black Dew Drop for the bee’s head.

7. Adhere the bees to the layout. Odd numbers of embellishments are more pleasing to the eye. (example: 1, 3, 5)

A Closer Look:


Other Supplies:
7 photos (4×6″)
patterned paper
thin permanent black marker
small white paper flowers
green & black card stock
leafy branch paper punch / mini daisy paper punch
liquid adhesive
scalloped edge frames

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If you would like to see more of Karen’s unique projects, stop by her blog Art & Soul.

FUN at the Playground – Scrapbooking

Welcome back to the Blog! I hope you are enjoying your summer. These guys! My grandsons, bring me so much JOY. This scrapbook page is a 12×12 layout of them playing at a nearby playground.

There’s a lot going on here, but I’ll give you some shortcuts and tips.


Robin’s Nest Dew Drops (red and teal)
Computer and printer
12 x 12 background paper (Colorbok)
Photo paper
Aqua Cardstock
Natural colored Tag (3×5″)
Red Marker – IMPRESS Dual Marker #4 Poppy Red
Red Pepper dye ink pad – Adirondack (Ranger Ink)
Red ribbon
Skeleton leaves (green)
Red glitter glue (Stickles by Ranger Ink)
Cutting tools and adhesives


1. TITLE: Using a simple office program, (I use LibreOffice) select the “draw” option (verses writer or spreadsheet option) and create a digital Title.  Format your document to 12×12 size and insert TEXT BLOCKS and arrange them.  There are four text blocks:
a. “FUN” uses Impact (font) at 150 pt, bold with a drop shadow.
b. “@” is Arial Black (font) at 48 pt, bold. Although you can type in the heart shapes, I couldn’t get it centered where I wanted it.
c. “the” is Liberation Sans (font) 48 pt, bold.
d. “Playground” is Agreloy (font) 88 pt, not bold.
e.  The tool bar on the left has options for shapes, find the heart shape, create 2 approximately
1 1/2″ square.  Change the “area” color to red, if that’s not your default. The second heart with “the” inside it is rotated 45 degrees. Find this under “Position and Size” when you right click the image, then select “rotate”.

*YOU CAN SKIP ALL THAT! You’re welcome to use this image for your title, if you’d like to create this layout.

2. Print your title onto the background paper.

3.  Because I selected a colored background paper and really wanted the hearts to POP, I printed the title again on photo paper, cut them out and placed over the hearts printed on the background. Bright white card stock will work just fine, too. I used the red marker around the edges so no white of the paper would show.

4. Print photos and matte them on aqua card stock.

5. Adhere the matted photos to the background paper. The first photo only has adhesive on 3 sides, so I could tuck the tag behind it with journaling, names and dates.

6. Ink the edges of your tag, attach the red ribbon and journal to your hearts’ content.

7. Adhere the skeleton leaves to the left of the title. (I used Craft Bond, spray adhesive). Embellish with three aqua Dew Drops. 

8. Draw flourishes onto the background paper, lightly with pencil.  Use a liquid adhesive to adhere Dew Drops along your guidelines. Accent a few curves with red glitter glue. Let dry completely.

I hope you give it a try! I enjoy printing my scrapbook page titles directly onto the background paper. You always get the font and color you want. I don’t have good luck with alphabet collections. (smile) Printed titles can always be embellished, too!

With all of the fabulous Dew Drops colors available, you can really make this project your own creation. I selected red, because of the red in the photos.

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Craft on!

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How to Embellish a Sweet Baby Layout

Hello Friends, It’s Karen today here today to share an easy way to embellish a sweet baby layout. Cutting balloon shapes out of vellum paper really enhanced the appearance of realistic depth to the layout. When embellishing a layout, I always select the placement of the largest embellishments first and continue to embellish in decreasing sizes. Therefore, Dew Drops are the last finishing touch for a layout as they are the smallest embellishment.

I will warn you now, there is an over-abundance of cuteness ahead!
(FYI: I wanted to mention that I do not adhere pieces as I go. First, I design the layout so nothing is ever glued in place until the layout is complete. I learned not to be too eager to adhere things in order to avoid “Scrapper’s regret.”  I learned the hard way when I attached photos and then discovered my tittle wouldn’t fit in the space I left for it.  I do not attach the photos so my layouts are constantly evolving as I select and position coordinating embellishments.)
1.  Adhere 3 photos in a column about 2″ from the left edge.  (TIP: Rescue the paper underneath where you plan to put the photos to use for future projects.  I chose to cut out some of the balloons
and then use them as embellishments.)
 2.  Attach a scalloped strip 1/2″ wide along both sides of the photos.
3. Cut some balloons from the excess background paper or use a die cut or balloon paper punch. Also, cut some from vellum because the semi-transparent layer will add a realistic appearance to the layered balloons. Cluster some balloons together and have some overlap the photo.
4. Embellish with small circles in various sizes.
5. Add a random scattering of confetti like Dew Drops. Use various sizes and different shades of pink for added interest.  Finally, create a title with chipboard letters partially overlapping the photos.
A Closer Look:
Other Supplies:
pattern paper / vellum
scallop border strips
chipboard alphabet
3 photos (4×6″)
liquid adhesive
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Cropping in the Time of Covid-19 (a scrapbook layout)

Hello and welcome – Shelly with you today sharing a scrapbook layout that is the first of several I will  be creating to document my experiences during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


I decided to create this layout about the last crop I attended before we were hit with lockdowns, shut downs and mandatory mask wearing – we were doing the “6 ft social distancing” but we were blissfully unaware of what was to happen the following week!  So I kept the tone of this layout bright and happy.

Supply List:

Original Dew Drops
Mini Dew Drops
Tear Drops
Diamond Dew Drops
PhotoPlay Paper “You had me at Paper” collection
ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever
Tattered Angels Mists

Lots of layering, die cuts and stickers

I often decide after a layout is all glued down that I need some drips and sprays – so I just use a piece of scrap paper to mask off where I do not want the paint to hit

Now kick this layout up a notch with Dew Drops!

I like to dump out the Dew Drops and spread them around until it looks pleasing to my eye….


Mix in a few sequins, too

Thanks for stopping by the blog today – have a creative week!

How to Make Perfect Rain Drops with Dew Drops

Hello Girls,
If you need to create faux rain drops, go grab your Tear Drops.  They will make the perfect accent for your Spring-time projects. What do you do when you don’t have nice fancy shoes to wear with your pretty dress?  Well if you’re my niece, you grab your brightest little rain boots.  I created this layout totally around her cute rain boots.  (Apparently, for a couple of weeks these were the only shoes she would agree to wear and would even wear them in the house!)


1.  Trim off 1/2″ off 2 sides of a piece of pattern 12×12″ paper. Next, adhere it to a solid sheet of 12×12″ leaving a 1/4″ narrow frame. Add decorative border strips to the top & bottom edge.

2.  Matte 2 photos with coordinating color and adhere them to the layout at the extreme edge. Select a 3×4″ pocket card with a appropriate sentiment and adhere it between the photos.

3.  Embellish with die cuts & stickers. Add glossy varnish highlights to embellishments.  (owl’s eyes)

TIP: To stretch your supplies, make sure you rescue any paper that will be hidden underneath large sections such as where the photos will be. The raindrop paper was double sided with a cloud pattern so by rescuing it from the bottom layer, I was able to fussy cut the clouds and use them as embellishments.

Before gluing the layout together, use a pencil to lightly mark an outline of the main components to designate which sections of paper can be removed with a craft knife.  Simply stage the layout and take a photo of the placement of all the elements so you can reassemble it easily without frustration.

4. Use a white gel pen to add subtle details to the die cut umbrella and clouds.  Finally, add various tones of blue tear drops to appear as the raindrops.

A Closer Look:

Other Supplies:

  • 2 photos (4×6″)
  • patterned paper
  • embellishments- owl, umbrella, border strips, sentiment
  • tools- liquid adhesive / craft knife / white gel pen
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