How to Make an Art Journal Mixed Media Page with Dew Drops



Do you love mixed media art journals? This is a project for you.


Mixed Media Journal
Water color paint – I used Sakura Watercolor
Copic Markers – I used Wisteria and Yellow Green
Pitt Pen Brush in black bold
Distress Crayon in hickory smoke
Canvas – Dew Note
Dew Drops in green and purple (Iris Mix)
Scrap backgrounds
Liquid and dry adhesive
Paint a watercolor flower in your art journal. On the upper half of the page is important so you have room for the other elements.
Color your art canvas or paint it in colors you enjoy.
Assemble elements for your art journal page.  I used a background from a gelli print for the vases.
Cut pieces to fit in your journal
“Audition” pieces on your journal page and adhere with adhesive.
Finally, add Dew Drop Embellishments and add details to add depth such as bottom shading, which I accomplished with a hickory smoke distress crayon.
There you have it a super simple and fun art journal page!  I’ll be back the first Saturday in May with another fun project.  In the mean time, have a creative month!
~ Victoria

How to Create a Christmas Tree Card with Dew Drops







  • Protect your surfaces, using paper towels or other protective layer or misting box.
  • Construct a template to mask the Christmas tree design.
  • Protect the outside of the tree by adhering the template to your canvas and to the work surface with painter’s tape.  Mist with Emerald IZink Dye Spray.  Let dry completely.


  • Protect the tree with it’s mask, adhering it to the canvas and the work surface.  Mist the tree surrounding area lightly with Pomegranate IZink Dye Spray.  Again, let dry thoroughly.

  • Adhere the canvas to the card base.  Add sentiment, as desired.
  • Decorate the tree with Dew Drops, adhering them with fabric glue.  Let dry.  Create 5 x 7 envelope, as you like, with Christmas Themed paper.  Now you are ready to present this card with a gift.

Happy Saturday!  Have a fun and creative day!


How to make a Cowboy Hat Canvas with Dew Drops

Happy Saturday!  Can you believe it is November already?  Time to think about crafting gifts for the holidays if you haven’t already started.  My project for today is a cowboy hat canvas.  This simple project would make a wonderful gift for the cowboy, cowgirl or horse lover in you life.
Cowboy hat canvas  (this is the small 5 x 7 canvas, but they are available in lots of sizes)
IZINK Seth Apter Colors in Copper Buff and Gold Mine (both metallic)
Dew Drops
Liquid Adhesive
1.  Lay your blank canvas out on paper towels or in a spray box



2. Mist with inks.


3.  Add multiple layers of background inks and mists as you like.  Let dry completely.

4.  Adhere dew drops with liquid adhesive, and create diamond star.  Let dry completely.

Let your project completely dry and you have a wonderful quick gift to frame or add to a journal cover.
Hope you enjoyed this quick project!  Let me know what you think in the comments.
See you again soon!
~ Victoria

How to make a steam punk frame with Dew Drops

Halloween or anytime is a great time to make a steam punk themed frame!  For this frame I used a wooden frame from the one dollar store and went from there!  I hope you enjoy this project. 





  • Dollar Wooden Frame
  • Gears from Mike Deakin Art
  • Flower and Frame trim – Crafty Inspirations
  • Dew Drops – black (I used mine from the Classified Bottle!)
  • Black Matte Gesso – US Art Supply
  • Art Alchemy Wax – Metallique White Gold and Antique Brilliance Mystic Turquoise Prima
  • Liquid adhesive
  • Flat brushes – for dry brush technique




  • Paint the frame and all components on both sides with Matte Black Gesso.  If you need more than one coat, let dry thoroughly between coats.



  • Trial your placement of embellishments



  • Adhere all chip board embellishments, as desired.



  • Use a dry brushing technique with waxes of your color choice.  Remember to use the smallest amount possible for this technique.  I wipe my brush on a paper towel and then use it.  Your brush should be held as flat as possible to the surface and use the lightest touches possible.  You can’t subtract paint with this technique, but you always can add more!



  • When you are satisfied with the coloring, add Dew Drops embellishments, with liquid adhesive.



  • Let dry completely!
  • Your steam punk frame is complete!



Thanks for stopping by today, be sure to comment if you like the project!  Come back and visit often for more Dew Drop Love and Inspiration!


How to Make a Ballerina Mixed Media Canvas Using Dew Drops

Welcome to the first Saturday in September.  I am glad to see you!  Today we are making a beautiful ballerina canvas.  This canvas comes in a variety sizes, so you can make one to suite any project you might have.
Brusho Mists in Emerald, Leaf Green and Teal
Fabric flowers:  4 used for skirt and one for head piece
Dew Drops – diamonds in blue and green, blue teardrops
Needle and thread
Liquid Adhesive
  1.   Mist with Emerald Green, let dry
  2.   Mist with Leaf Green, let dry
  3.   Mist with Teal, let dry
  4.   Sew on skirt flowers using needle and thread
  5.   Adhere flower with liquid adhesive for head piece
  6. Adhere diamond Dew Drops in Blue and Green
  7.   Adhere tear drop Dew Drops for ballet slippers


Step 1 – Emerald Green Mist


Step 2 – Leaf Green Mist


Step 3 – Teal Mist


Step 4 – Sew on Skirt Flowers through the canvas



Step 5 – Adhere flower for head piece with liquid adhesive
Step 6 – Adhere Diamond Dew Drops on Bodice of Ballet Dancer



All Done!  Isn’t she pretty?

See you next time!

~ Victoria

How to Create a Mixed Media Love Hands Spotlight Canvas Using Dew Drops


Happy Saturday everyone!  It’s time for a Mixed Media Canvas using a Dew Drops canvas and metallic Dew Drops.  I also want to show you a spotlight technique that you can use to enhance your canvas.  I was inspired by recent spot light technique videos by Mike Deakin Art on his You Tube channel and thought I would translate it to a canvas design.

Dew Drop Canvas – Artsy Heart Hands
Metallic Silver Dew Drops
Brusho Mists (created with water and Brusho Crystals) – teal, ultramarine and purple
Liquid Adhesive
Round Mask

Creative Steps:

1.  Mist the canvas with teal mist and let dry thoroughly.

2.  Place the circle mask over the center of the hands, this will create the canvas spotlight.

3.  Leaving he mask in place mist with ultramarine and purple – again let dry.

4.  Remove mask to see spotlight (these mists are watercolors, so they rinse right off the plastic mask)

5.  Using liquid adhesive apply metallic silver dew drops and let dry.

6.  Enjoy your mixed media canvas!

Happiest of creating to you,
~ Victoria

How to Create an I Love You Canvas with Dew Drops

I love the Dew Drops Canvases! Today I want to show you how to make this easy canvas.

Mists:  Brusho watercolors in water – scarlet, bright red, and orange
Dew Drops Canvas I Love You
Dew Drops Red and Pink regular and mini
Fabric Flowers misted with Brusho mists
Tim Holtz Mask
Shimmerz Dazzlerz Dreamscicle
Liquid Adhesive


1.  Mist the canvas with scarlet, bright red and orange – let dry between each color

2.  Once dry, use a mask and stencil through with Shimmerz Dazzlerz in Dreamscicle


3.  Let dry completely, while drying spray fabric flowers with mists of your choice. Allow to dry.
4. Adhere flowers and Dew Drops. So simple and beautiful.  Have fun with Dew Drops Canvases!


Have a lovely and creative weekend!
See you on the 15th with another canvas!
~ Victoria

Art Journal Bubbles with Dew Drops

For a complete video tutorial on this project, visit my You Tube Channel.

Tissue with type
Image of sunken ship
Acrylic Paint:  Antique White, Hydrangea Pink, Brown Sugar and Pumpkin
Ranger:  Distress Collage Media Matte, Distress Oxide in speckled egg, Distress Ink in chipped sapphire and faded Jeans
Mediterranean Sea Salt
White Acrylic paint mister
Faber Castell Gelato in White
Stencils for mini dots
Liquid adhesive
Paint brushes
Credit card
Sentiment printed on card stock
1.  Select an art journal page of the size you like and cover with distress collage medium in matte.
2.  Add torn tissue to the background.  I used tissue with words (barely visible now).
3.  Paint tissue with antique white acrylic paint to push the type into the background.
4.  Add colors to the background – in this case to simulate an ocean I used faded jeans distress ink, chipped sapphire distress ink, and the more opaque egg shell distress oxide.  I worked adding up multiple layers and finally gave it a spritz of additional water to reactivate all the colors and sprinkled with Mediterranean Sea Salt to give a mottled look.
Tip:  Let the salt dry thoroughly prior to brushing off and it will absorb the most paint!
5. Add the white mini dots through a stencil with a white Gelato.
6.  I mixed a sand color using brown sugar and antique white paint
7.  Apply to the lower edge of the journal to simulate sand.
8.  Apply the focal image using liquid adhesive and let dry.
9.  Mix pumpkin and hydrangea pink paint to create coral.  I applied both
with a paint brush and with the edge of a credit card.
10.  Mist with the acrylic white mister for an opaque film.
11.  Dry thoroughly and add your printed sentiment with liquid adhesive.
12.  Adhere the water drop, dew drops to simulate bubbles from an unknown place.
13.  Sign and date and your art journal is done.
Have a great time with this project!  It is really fun to create your vision of the ocean and adding the mystery bubbles!
~ Victoria

How to Make a Artsy Namaste Themed Notebook with Dew Drops

Happy Saturday! Victoria here.  I am back with another wonderful Dew Drops Canvas and a notebook with a yoga theme.  This was such a relaxing project to do and I have a useful notebook to gift to a friend.

Here are the products you need for this project:

Dew Drops Canvas in Artsy Namaste

A composition book

Echo Park Paper from the Little Girl Collection Kit (Lilac strip)

Jacquard Lumiere Paints in Pewter, Halo Blue Gold, and Halo Violet Gold

Tim Holtz Stencil

Dew Drops
Razzleberry Dew Drops
Pool Dew Drops
Royal Blue Dew Drops
Lavendar Orchid Diamond Dew Drops

Prima Chalk in Branch Bark

5/8 inch Grosgrain Ribbon – ivory and gold chevron

Liquid Adhesive – Aleene’s Tacky Glue


  • Prepare the composition book by adhering paper to the front and back, inking the outer edges with branch bark chalk ink.
  • Prepare the canvas.  I stenciled along the left side beginning with the Halo Violet Gold and working down with the Halo Blue Gold doing transitions by mixing the two colors.  Toward the bottom I mixed Halo Blue Gold with Pewter to darken it.  Let this paint dry thoroughly.  Overnight is best.
  • Adhere Drops with Liquid Adhesive.  I found a Chakra Chart on line and followed that generally for the color placement, using a rainbow of Dew Drops colors.  (You really need them all).  This was such a relaxing project.  I use a wax tipped nail tool to  pick up and place the Dew Drops.  It makes it so easy and placement is exact.  It’s just like coloring a lovely picture.
  • Let your canvas dry thoroughly.
  • Adhere the canvas using liquid adhesive to the front of the composition notebook covered with paper and let dry.
  • As a final touch, I added the grosgrain ribbon with long tails so that the composition book can be neatly tied closed.  I used liquid adhesive here too.  You could also add a tie using eyelets and ribbon for a longer lasting book.
  • All done!  Give it a try and let us know what you think!
~ See you in a few weeks with another fun project using Dew Drops!
~ Victoria

Making a Mixed Media Tag with Dew Drops

Happy Saturday!  Let’s create a mixed media tag using just a few items that I had on hand.

#5 Manila tag
Brusho Colours – I used turquois, scarlet, ultramarine, and purple
Mini water spritzer
Shimmerz Dazzlerz in Foiled Again
Stencil with various size circles
Dew Drops in lovely shades of blue  (You need to get your favorite colors in a variety of shapes)
Tim Holtz Ideology Paper Dolls
A pen and straight edge
Rub on sentiment
Liquid adhesive and dimensional tape


1.  Spritz your manila tag with water and sprinkle with your desired colours of Brusho watercolour crystals.  Let dry.

2.  Add dimensional texture paste (dazzlerz) through the stencil in the upper left corner and on the right side.  Let dry completely.

3.  Add the rub on.  Notice if you look closely there was a tiny problem with adherence of the letters in two tiny spots.  I filled that in with a black pen.  Shhhhh! Don’t tell.

4.  Add the paper dolls with dimensional tape.

5.  Create a border with a pen and straight edge or whatever you choose.

6.  Adhere dew drops as is pleasing to you for accents with liquid adhesive.  Let dry and share your photo with us on our Facebook page!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little project.  It would really brighten any gift and was just the “art therapy” I needed to brighten my mood as we are staying home and staying safe in the US at this time.
Best wishes and happy crafting to all of you!
~ Victoria