How to make a Hauntingly Cute Decoration with Dew Drops

Happy haunting Saturday to you!  Now is the time to get started on Halloween decoration or you could modify the colors and make a cute fall themed shabby bird house for indoor decoration!
Here are the ingredients I used:
  • Tiny wooden birdhouse
  • Popsicle stick
  • Sparkling Acrylic Paint – Prima Art Alchemy Sparks in Raven Black and Iris Potion
  • Elmer’s School Glue
  • Clock from Chipboard
  • Purple Daisy type flower
  • Dew Drops in metallic silver and purple
How to Make:
  • Get your small bird house (I think these cost about $1.00 at a large hobby store)


  • Paint with your base color, until evenly covered.  I used two coats of Raven Black Spark from Prima, which I let dry between coats.


  • We’re going to pull out an old home made crackle technique to make the roof shabby and worn looking.  Cover both sides of the roof with Elmer’s school glue and let dry until tacky to the touch.
  • Paint lightly with your second color, shown here in Iris Potion over the not quite dry glue.  You see in the photo below the cracking has begun, but the glue is still wet.  Let dry completely and admire your shabby roof.
  • While the roof was drying, I painted a popsicle stick with an eggplant color and cut into two little boards to “hammer” part way over the opening.  Glue together and let dry.
  • Add four silver tiny dew drops to the “boards”.  These are my faux nails, in this case.
  • When the birdhouse has dried, adhere a finishing piece of paper on the bottom, or you could paint this (your choice).  Adhere the boards over the hole in the bird house.  Add any other embellishments at this time.  Let everything dry.
  • Now you’re ready to add your haunted birdhouse to your table decorations for Halloween.  These also can be made in any theme you like from cozy cottage to steam punk castle.  They make great hostess gifts for the holidays throughout the year.  Thanks for stopping by!

See you again for crafty fun, very soon! 

~ Victoria

How to Make a Ballerina Mixed Media Canvas Using Dew Drops

Welcome to the first Saturday in September.  I am glad to see you!  Today we are making a beautiful ballerina canvas.  This canvas comes in a variety sizes, so you can make one to suite any project you might have.
Brusho Mists in Emerald, Leaf Green and Teal
Fabric flowers:  4 used for skirt and one for head piece
Dew Drops – diamonds in blue and green, blue teardrops
Needle and thread
Liquid Adhesive
  1.   Mist with Emerald Green, let dry
  2.   Mist with Leaf Green, let dry
  3.   Mist with Teal, let dry
  4.   Sew on skirt flowers using needle and thread
  5.   Adhere flower with liquid adhesive for head piece
  6. Adhere diamond Dew Drops in Blue and Green
  7.   Adhere tear drop Dew Drops for ballet slippers


Step 1 – Emerald Green Mist


Step 2 – Leaf Green Mist


Step 3 – Teal Mist


Step 4 – Sew on Skirt Flowers through the canvas



Step 5 – Adhere flower for head piece with liquid adhesive
Step 6 – Adhere Diamond Dew Drops on Bodice of Ballet Dancer



All Done!  Isn’t she pretty?

See you next time!

~ Victoria

How to Create a Mixed Media Love Hands Spotlight Canvas Using Dew Drops


Happy Saturday everyone!  It’s time for a Mixed Media Canvas using a Dew Drops canvas and metallic Dew Drops.  I also want to show you a spotlight technique that you can use to enhance your canvas.  I was inspired by recent spot light technique videos by Mike Deakin Art on his You Tube channel and thought I would translate it to a canvas design.

Dew Drop Canvas – Artsy Heart Hands
Metallic Silver Dew Drops
Brusho Mists (created with water and Brusho Crystals) – teal, ultramarine and purple
Liquid Adhesive
Round Mask

Creative Steps:

1.  Mist the canvas with teal mist and let dry thoroughly.

2.  Place the circle mask over the center of the hands, this will create the canvas spotlight.

3.  Leaving he mask in place mist with ultramarine and purple – again let dry.

4.  Remove mask to see spotlight (these mists are watercolors, so they rinse right off the plastic mask)

5.  Using liquid adhesive apply metallic silver dew drops and let dry.

6.  Enjoy your mixed media canvas!

Happiest of creating to you,
~ Victoria

How to Create an I Love You Canvas with Dew Drops

I love the Dew Drops Canvases! Today I want to show you how to make this easy canvas.

Mists:  Brusho watercolors in water – scarlet, bright red, and orange
Dew Drops Canvas I Love You
Dew Drops Red and Pink regular and mini
Fabric Flowers misted with Brusho mists
Tim Holtz Mask
Shimmerz Dazzlerz Dreamscicle
Liquid Adhesive


1.  Mist the canvas with scarlet, bright red and orange – let dry between each color

2.  Once dry, use a mask and stencil through with Shimmerz Dazzlerz in Dreamscicle


3.  Let dry completely, while drying spray fabric flowers with mists of your choice. Allow to dry.
4. Adhere flowers and Dew Drops. So simple and beautiful.  Have fun with Dew Drops Canvases!


Have a lovely and creative weekend!
See you on the 15th with another canvas!
~ Victoria

How to Make Faux Marquee Letters using Dew Drops

Happy 4th of July!  Happy Birthday United States of America. Today we are going to make faux marquee letters and use them on a birthday card using fabulous strong yellow mini dew drops from the bubble collection!  You absolutely will love how simple and on trend this card is.

Wooden letters b, i (or an exclamation point), and g
Silver metallic acrylic paint (I used Delta Ceramcoat in metallic silver gleams
Mini Dew Drops – strong yellow
1 – 8 inch x 8 inch piece of paper from Echo Park
Scallop punch – mine is from Martha Stewart
Typewriter letter rub ons
Kaiserkraft ephemera – camera

1.  Paint your wooden letters and let dry thoroughly.

2.  Add the yellow Dew Drops using a liquid adhesive
3.  Let dry.
4.  Cut the paper to 8 inches by 6 inches.

5.  Score at 3 inches or the center of the six inch side.
6.  Fold.
7.  Cut a 1 and 1/4 inch strip from the remaining paper (two sided design) and punch with the scallop punch.  Adhere slightly above the edge of the paper.
8.  Rub on the word birthday
9.  Adhere the marquee letters.
10.  Adhere the ephemera and that’s it!

If you would like a video of this card to see how it’s all done, check out my You Tube Channel, search for Victoria Warren Mears!

~ Victoria

Happy (Inter)National Scrapbook Day – Mixed Media Embellishments With Dew Drops

Happy International Scrapbooking Day!  Victoria here with an embellishment project with a mixed media tulip theme.  I was inspired to show you this project from three things; 1)  A live video demonstration by Ken Oliver, where he was showing watercolor tulip painting, 2) photos I’ve seen on Facebook of the tulip fields in Washington State (especially Roozengard), and 3) I wanted to see if I could freehand draw and create a tulip with items I had on hand!
Supply list:
No. 5 manila tag
Acrylic Paints – yellow, orange, red and green (or your choice of colors – tulips are all colors)
Dew drops in neon yellowlimoncello and razzleberry
Black pen and a drafting pencil
Ribbon, I chose reds


1.   Freehand sketch loosely your tulip and stem.

2.  Add dimensional paste with a spatula, think frosting.

3.  Add acrylic paint and dry between each layer.  I used yellow, orange and red.  I used colors that I had on hand.  And then I painted stems with green.

These are the colors I used from my stash, since I can’t go to the craft store for new colors!

4. Once dry, add mini dew drops and dew drops to give additional dimension.

5.  Add final embellishments – I added red ribbons and a dashed line with black pen to ground the stems.

Have a wonderful National Scrapbooking Day and think about tag tuck ins for your journaling spots, behind photos or flipping open these add wonderful dimension to your projects.

In two weeks I will have a new canvas project for you!

~ Victoria

Making a Mixed Media Tag with Dew Drops

Happy Saturday!  Let’s create a mixed media tag using just a few items that I had on hand.

#5 Manila tag
Brusho Colours – I used turquois, scarlet, ultramarine, and purple
Mini water spritzer
Shimmerz Dazzlerz in Foiled Again
Stencil with various size circles
Dew Drops in lovely shades of blue  (You need to get your favorite colors in a variety of shapes)
Tim Holtz Ideology Paper Dolls
A pen and straight edge
Rub on sentiment
Liquid adhesive and dimensional tape


1.  Spritz your manila tag with water and sprinkle with your desired colours of Brusho watercolour crystals.  Let dry.

2.  Add dimensional texture paste (dazzlerz) through the stencil in the upper left corner and on the right side.  Let dry completely.

3.  Add the rub on.  Notice if you look closely there was a tiny problem with adherence of the letters in two tiny spots.  I filled that in with a black pen.  Shhhhh! Don’t tell.

4.  Add the paper dolls with dimensional tape.

5.  Create a border with a pen and straight edge or whatever you choose.

6.  Adhere dew drops as is pleasing to you for accents with liquid adhesive.  Let dry and share your photo with us on our Facebook page!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little project.  It would really brighten any gift and was just the “art therapy” I needed to brighten my mood as we are staying home and staying safe in the US at this time.
Best wishes and happy crafting to all of you!
~ Victoria

How to Make a Decorative Mixed Media Paint Brush with Dew Drops

Happy Saturday!  I am happy to show you how make this mixed media paint brush featuring dew drops.

Here are the ingredients you will use:


  • Paint brush of your choice
  •  Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • Clear Gesso
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Delta Metallic Gleams – Metallic Bronze
  • Plaid Enterprises Liquid Leaf – Florentine Gold
  • Art Alchemy Waxes – Opal Magic and Rose Gold
  • Tim Holtz Stencil
  • Texturez Dimensional Paste Gold
  • Sandra Evertson Cathedral Window
  • Dew Drops in black and white (diamonds, dew drops, and tear drops)
  • White Thick Cotton Twine
1.  Coat your paint brush  and embellishments with Gesso, as needed.  Allow to dry
2.  Paint your paint brush with acrylic paint.
  3.  Add gold texture paste to wooden part of brush through the stencil. Note that I also used vintage matte medium prior to stenciling.  This is totally optional and you don’t need to do it.  I also wrapped the brush with twine.  I found it helps hold the stencil in place.
4.  I painted the brush after the dimensional paste dried,  with the metallic bronze gleams.  Once that is dryBegin embellishing!  Sorry for the super messy photo normally I would not even show you this state of work!  Messy messy crafter!
Never be afraid to show your work in process!  I also glued the cathedral frame onto the upper brush next!
5.  This is the brush with all the embellishments glued with tacky glue to the brush.  Notice how the white gaps I had before are gone!  To do this is used the Florentine gold leaf.  It is super liquid and can cover all the little nooks and crannies!  Next I added paper flowers and a charm of Mary in the Cathedral window.
6. Finally I used royal robe and rose gold waxes on the Cathedral window and on other areas of the brush to add highlights.  I use my fingers to do this, but you can always use a make up sponge to apply and buff the wax.
Hope you enjoyed this project!  I’ll see you on the 18th for another fun project!
I really hope that you are weathering this difficult time well and having some time for creativity while you are social distancing.
~ Victoria

Making a Steam Punk Tag with Dew Drops

Let’s make a Steam Punk Tag using mixed media techniques, Dew Drops, paper and cogs.  First of all, lets look at what you’ll need.




#5 Manila Tag
Walnut Ink, mixed in water in a large spaghetti sauce container
Paper Towels
Brusho Watercolor powders in lemon, orange and dark brown
Distress Collage Medium by Ranger in Crazing
Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Stamps – Faded Type
Stayz on Ink – Black Onyx
Round punch – one inch
Vintage Paper – mine is from the late 1800s
Lazer Cutz Cogs by Mike Deakin Art
Distress Crayon Ranger Tim Holtz – Vintage Photo
Archival Seeds in Honey Passion
Let’s Begin:
1. Get a plain #5 Manila Tag and crumple it up.  Mix walnut ink crystals in a spaghetti sauce glass jar and warm water.  When mixed, drop the crumpled tag into it.  Leave to soak over night or 24 hours.
2.  Take Brusho water color powders in dark brown, orange and lemon yellow.  Sprinkle small amounts on tag and spritz with water.  The watercolors will spread.  If you like it, leave it, otherwise add some more and spritz again.  Let dry overnight.
3.  Once dry, paint with Distress Collage Medium in Crazing.  Let dry until crackled.

4.  Stamp randomly with the stamp of your choice, I used the new Stampers Anonymous  Tim Holtz Faded Type stamps with black onyx ink.

5.  Punch one inch circles from vintage paper, and adhere to tag.
6.  Add Lazer Cutz to the tag.
7. Embellish tag and circles with Distress Crayon, I used vintage photo.  Blend with your fingers or cotton swab.
8. Embellish with Archival Seeds and Mini Dew Drops using liquid adhesive.

9.  Let dry and enjoy!






See you next time for another fun project with Dew Drops!  Have a creative week!

~ Victoria

Mixed Media Tag with Watercolor and Dew Drops

Are you all feeling as ready for spring as I am?  Let’s make a mixed media tag to celebrate spring being around the corner.

#5 Manila Tag
Stencil of your choice
Stencil paste (I used gray)
Distress Crayon in Antique Linen
Gelato in White
Busho Watercolor Powders
Stamps of your choice
Ink Black Onyx
Fine Point Sharpie
Dew Drops diamondstear drops and mini circles
Liquid Adhesive
1.  Add texture to your tag, using your stencil and texture paste.
2.  Let dry and add circles of watercolor resist using distress crayon and gelato.  Sprinkle with watercolor powder and mist with water.  Dry with an embossing gun.
3.  Add two additional colors, mist and dry.
4. Select stamps and stamp with alcohol inks.
5. Embellish with dew drops and draw embellishment lines.
6.  Finally add ribbon and any other embellishments you like.
Hope you enjoyed this project.  Pop on over to the Robins Nest and experience some #dewdroplove!  See you next time for another crafty recipe!