How to Embellish a Photo with Dew Drops

Hey There,
It’s Karen here to show you how simple it is to embellish a photo with Dew Drops. Make a faux frame of Dew Drops along the edge of the photo. You can create various looks by changing the closeness of the Dew Drops. I chose to space the white round Dew Drops about .25″ apart in order to reflect the design on the background paper.

White Dew Drops

1. Trim .25″ off 2 sides of patterned paper. Matte the trimmed paper with white card stock.

2.  Mimic the design element on the scrapbook paper by creating a similar circle frame. Snip 2″ along the edge about every 1.25″  Next, matte the sliced circle with blue card stock.  

3.  Crop 2 photos into circle shapes. Adhere the large photo onto the blue and white circle.

4. Then, adhere the photo to the layout.

5. Place the photo onto the layout and lightly mark with a pencil the area of paper that will be hidden behind the photo and can be removed. Cut out that section with a craft knife. Carefully cut out any elements in the paper that can be used to embellish the layout.

6. Create a cluster in the upper right corner with a small circle photo.  Add a large title and summer embellishments.

7. Finally, adhere white Dew Drops with liquid adhesive along the edge of the large photo.

Other Supplies:
photo 8×10″ & 4×5″
patterned paper
white & blue card stock
circle punch
embellishments: title & flip flops
liquid adhesive
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How to Easily Embellish an Embossed Design

Hey Girls,
It’s Karen…and I’d love to show you how easy it is to embellish an embossed design with Dew Drops. I embossed a floral texture onto pattern paper which doubled the depth and improved the wow factor. By simply adding Dew Drops to the center of flowers, it is easy to create stunning feminine cards for any occasion. Grab a cup of coffee and follow me!


1. Select a patterned paper with a floral design and use a die cutting machine to add an embossed texture.
2. Use a black permanent marker to enhance part of the design. Matte the aperture with a piece of white paper to contrast with the black greeting.

3. Attach the embossed paper to a black square card base.
4. Adhere pearl Dew Drops to the center of paper flowers. When they are dry, use the pads of your fingers to gently bend the petals up to add more realistic dimension.  Attach the flowers vertically down the right side of the card.
5. Create a frame around the opening of the aperture with pearl Dew Drops.
6. Finally, adhere silver Dew Drops to the center of the black flowers.
Other Supplies:
black card base
die cutting machine
floral embossing folder
pink floral paper
black permanent marker
liquid adhesive


If you would like to see more of Karen’s lovely creations,
visit her blog at Art & Soul.
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